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A lecture on the "Historical acoustics and the cultural construction of the 20th century Erhu art" held by Cho Jianzhong, a string teaching department

Article source: Xi ' an Conservatory of music

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A lecture on the "Historical acoustics and the cultural construction of the 20th century Erhu art" held by Cho Jianzhong, a string teaching department
Time: December 19, 2014 Source: Xi ' an Conservatory of music
On the evening of December 17, 2014, Professor Cho Jianzhong, who was hosted by the Bow Teaching section of the folk music department, held a lecture on "The history sound and the cultural construction of the 20th century erhu art" in classroom Building 417, No. 5th. Xi ' An Conservatory of music discipline secretary Wang Ping, folk music Department party secretary Zhang Jinbo, Deputy Dean Huyan Melvin (presiding), deputy Dean Fang, etc. attended the event, Xi ' an Conservatory of music professor Rouges was invited to come to the lecture site.
Professor Cho Jianzhong is a famous national musician, director of the Institute of Music of the Chinese Academy of Art, and president of the Chinese Traditional Music society. The topic of this lecture was strongly echoed by the "second Beijing Erhu Art Festival" held by the Central Conservatory of Music on November 21. Since many students did not have the opportunity to listen to teacher Joe's first lecture, Professor Jinwei, director of the Bow section, specially invited Cho Jianzhong to do another lecture with the original question.
This topic has a very novel angle of choice. In recent years, erhu art and cultural exchanges, often talk about "erhu technology" more than talk about "erhu art", talk about "erhu art" more than talk about "erhu culture." Perhaps, not everyone is unwilling to talk, but really "talk bad", can not talk about depth. And this topic by Professor Cho Jianzhong, it seems very appropriate. Teacher Joe is also a professional erhu, division from the Rouges professor, which makes him a more profound understanding and understanding of the erhu. And his deep knowledge of national music, and enable him to "erhu art and culture construction" of this proposition is detailed and in-depth.
Teacher Joe will be the art of the culture of the construction of a detailed nine systems, this formulation has a strong theoretical guidance. In the previous "Erhu circle", always with "So-and-so faction" to name different styles of the erhu art, mainly perceptual understanding, lack of rational induction and summary. In the lecture, Professor Cho Jianzhong the appearance of "erhu art" and the essence of "erhu culture", and carefully pointed out its intrinsic relationship. This has made the forward-looking guidance and the revelation to the posterity from the theory aspect reorganization erhu art and the erhu culture.
In the lecture, we heard a lot of 20th century masters of the original audio data, very intuitive experience of different erhu art of their unique charm. This kind of feeling is original, it is the source of root-tracing. Teacher Joe also more than once prompted everyone to "look back." I understand, "look backwards" is to the "root" look, to the "root" of the national music culture to draw nourishment; "Look backwards" is to the history, in the process of development to clarify the context of erhu culture; "Look Back" is "forward-looking", only the continuous summary can better growth.
"Ask the canal to be clear so?" For a fountainhead to come. " In order to make "The art of Erhu" become "the source of water" and "The Wood of roots", we must make a thorough study of "erhu culture". In the "culture" under the guidance of "art", in the "art" of the development direction to improve the "skills."