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Professor Qiao Jianzhong's lecture report - academic month activity of music department

Article source:department of music, Xi' an conservatory of music

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Professor Qiao Jianzhong's lecture report - academic month activity of music department
Qiao Jianzhong of our hospital holds academic lectures in distinguished professor
Time: December 17, 2015 source: department of music, Xi' an conservatory of music
On November 18, 2015, at 3: 00 p.m. in the chamber music hall of the art center of Xi' an conservatory of music, professor Qiao Jianzhong, distinguished professor, doctoral supervisor, musicologist and former director of the music research institute of the Chinese academy of art, of the northwest national music research center of our college, was invited to give an academic lecture entitled " inheritance - experience and experience in the research of Chinese traditional music" to teachers and students of the conservatory of music.           
In this lecture, professor Qiao Jianzhong talked about some of his experiences in Chinese music research based on his own life experience, learning experience and academic research background. Born in Yulin city, Shaanxi province, professor Qiao Jianzhong lived in a closed traditional social environment in his early years and unconsciously accepted some local knowledge of music folklore, thus cultivating his interest in music. From 1959 to 1969, he successively studied music theory in Xi' an conservatory of music and China conservatory of music. from then on, he entered the stage of rational understanding of music and worked in Beijing and Shandong respectively. Professor Qiao Jianzhong has come into contact with three regional cultures from childhood till the age of no doubt. special opportunities and experiences have established such a high achievement in music research today. At the same time, professor Qiao Jianzhong reviewed and summarized his academic career in the study of Chinese traditional music in this lecture. his whole life's academic research covered three fields of " folk songs", " music geography" and " academic history of the 20th century". Professor Qiao Jianzhong believes that his life experience and academic research are inseparable. he overlaps self - study, administrative management and music education with academic research. he makes an academic self-view and summary of traditional Chinese music research and emphasizes the importance of research concepts such as " eyes down" and " going to the folk".           
In this lecture, professor Qiao Jianzhong not only brought spiritual food to the students, but also benefited the sitting teachers and students by explaining their own experiences in different stages of study, work and academic research.           
( author: national musicology direction, 2015 master's degree mei Qian )
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