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Music talk to 丨 Cho Jianzhong: Only endless inheritance, can demonstrate the spirit of Chinese music!

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Music talk to 丨 Cho Jianzhong: Only endless inheritance, can demonstrate the spirit of Chinese music!
Time: July 17, 2017 Source: National Music Art
The ultimate goal of the "music" scheme is that we should bear the responsibility of the Chinese cultural heritage. Any culture of a nation, is through the generations of the nation's achievements, but the endless succession of activities, can support the Chinese culture of the building, can highlight the Chinese music spirit! ”
--Cho Jianzhong
Music Talk to
It is a folk music old man to discuss his decades engaged in the artistic creation of national instrumental music, education, performance of a collection of essays, and later by the "Chinese folk music," the person in charge of the award, and decided to extend it to a number of elderly folk music artists to participate in large-scale interviews and cultural activities, after more than a year of brewing, planning, This creative plan, designed to comprehensively summarize the Chinese folk music's own heritage and practical experience, was finally released to the whole society on June 30, 2017 and began to be implemented.
I personally understand that, in the choice of ideas, and the current national instrumental art "A forward" of the ecological opposite, the plan more emphasis on "look back" and pay attention to "individual experience" in the historical tide of the significance. As we know, the modern journey of Chinese national instrumental art has started from the beginning of the last century to the middle of this century, with the change of system and economic culture of Chinese society, the Art of national instrumental music has stepped into a continuous prosperous period (except the "Cultural Revolution"), and in the long history of over half a century, The practice of a large number of folk music artists is synchronized with this history, they not only witnessed the prosperous times of this folk music, but also integrate their musical life into them, for example, "Music Talk to" the first quarter of the four folk music invited to the elderly, there are more than 60 years of participation and practice, their folk music life, has become the second half of the 20th century to the new century, the epitome of Chinese folk music art. Their experiences and experiences, has long been a great wealth of Chinese national instrumental art, the interview, not only let the contemporary audience understand their personal "past", can also comb out the Chinese national instrumental Art "Past", this is the plan so to "look back" the root cause. Ancient cloud: Think of the past, chasing newcomers, not serious "think to", "Come" Can not "chasing"! Finally, I would like to say that the ultimate objective of the "music" scheme is that we should bear the responsibility of the Chinese cultural heritage. Any culture of a nation, is through the generations of the nation's achievements, but the endless succession of activities, can support the Chinese culture of the building, can highlight the Chinese music spirit! ”
Wish "Music Talk to" plan to open "talk" auspicious, steadily smooth, complete success!
"Music Talk"
General Advisor of Large music cultural interview and exchange activities
--Mr. Cho Jianzhong
Born in 1941, Zeng, Director of Music Institute of China Academy of Art (1988-2001), researcher, doctoral tutor, has served as Fujian Normal University, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Hangzhou Normal University, China Conservatory of Music, Xi ' an conservatory, Taiwan Tainan Art University, president of the Chinese Traditional Music Society (2006-); "Music Research" deputy editor, "People's Music" "Music art" editorial board; Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra consultant; 1992 by the State Council has outstanding contribution expert title. "On the division of the approximate color area of the Han folk song" (with Miaojing) "Folk Song of Yao" (with He Yin, Wu Guodong "land and song--the study of traditional music culture and its Historical Geography" (1998, first edition; 2009, revised edition), "Sigh Wing Hundred Years", "Chinese classic Folk Song Appreciation Guide", "Chinese Music", "Music", "Joy Wen Xin", "Wang-an old peasant 28 years to protect a folk music society's oral History" "The Water of the Yellow River-Yellow river basin folk music Parade" and so on, edited, edited "Chinese Music Yearbook" (1990-1992) "China Music Collection Department" (CD total of six sets of 12), "Chinese gongs and drums "Chinese Music" "Introduction to Musicology" "Chinese Music Classics Reading guide--Traditional Music volume" "Hua Le ceremony · erhu volume" and so on six kinds, "Chinese music geography-Shanxi-Shaanxi Loess Plateau area", "Chinese Traditional Music Society 30 on the selected works", "the first National Advocacy Music Symposium" and other Dictionaries, academic anthology, such as more than 20 kinds.
The main social honors are: Hong Kong University Huang Lectures 1998, 2009, 2012 China Federation literary Criticism Second Prize; Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the first lecture of the Qian Renkang Lectures (2004), the Chinese National Orchestral Society "Lifelong Achievement Award" (2010), China Conservatory of Music "Special Award" (2014) and so on.
About "Music"
The "music" activities of the Chinese folk Music Hall of Dunhuang Cultural Forum by the Chinese Folk Orchestra Society musical Instrument Reform Production Professional Committee, the Tian Bo and the sound International Culture dissemination Organization, the Shanghai National Musical Instrument factory jointly launches, is a document in line with music culture inheritance "selves" the Faith, Focusing on the contributions and experiences of many contemporary music predecessors and the music historical development and academic achievements, the objective of the interview is to locate the music cultural Exchange Heritage Project launched by the senior music of the 80-year-old for the interview, with a unique humanistic perspective and heavy academic atmosphere, aiming to promote Chinese traditional culture, Bearing in mind the outstanding contributions made by our predecessors to the cause of national music, we give further enlightenment. The project is a quarterly, 4 each season, 4-6 lectures per person, is an important measure of the protection and transmission of folk music and rescue operations.
"Music," the first quarter of the four music masters were 81-year-old pipa artists, educator Mr. Liu Dehai, 82-year-old guqin performing artist, Guqin National Heritage Person Mr. Wu Yu, 85-year-old erhu performance artist, educator Rouges, 85-year-old guzheng performance artist, Shandong Zheng Faction Representative Zhao Denshan Mr. These old artists have made great contributions to Chinese folk music in their years of artistic life. Four music masters in September will be in the Koep National Library Venjinja set official lecture, they will be different instrumental categories, unique artistic experience and insights, bring us more life thinking.
China folk music Dunhuang Cultural Forum interview Exchange Project "Music Talk to" people-oriented, with the way of conversation, integrated half a century since the development of music, pay attention to ideological, academic and interactive. As a communication activity with dictation as the content, its primary guarantee is readability and academic value. In order to accurately record the ideas of each interviewer, in addition to the rigorous and pragmatic preparation of the desk, a strong planning team is also the fundamental guarantee of the successful implementation of the project. Mr. Liu Xizin, President of the Chinese Folk Orchestra Society, the famous music historian Mr. Liu Geosheng and CEO of the International Communication organization of Tian Bo and Yin Culture, general advisor for the famous national musician Cho Jianzhong, Mr. Feng Yuankei, President of the Chinese National Orchestral Music Society, the musical Instrument reform Production Professional Committee, Director of the Shanghai National Musical Instrument Factory Director Mr. Wang, as the mastermind of the People's Music magazine deputy editor Zhang Meng, music and cultural scholar Baixiaowei, "Central Conservatory recital Journal," deputy editor of High Dawn, Dr. Si Lin, associate professor of music School of Capital Normal University.