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Cho Jianzhong's magnificent masterpiece--"Chinese music geography, Shanxi-Shaanxi loess Plateau" 丨 Shi

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Cho Jianzhong's magnificent masterpiece--"Chinese music geography, Shanxi-Shaanxi loess Plateau" 丨 Shi
Time: August 11, 2017 Source: personal library
"Blind to live this generation" from the Chinese folk music magazine
Album Audition: Flowering Tune "Blind to Live This generation" ("Peach blossom red apricot White" tune)/Liu Hongquan
"Chinese music geography, Shanxi-Shaanxi Loess Plateau" in April 2014 by the Jiangsu Literature and Art publishing house and the Oriental Audio-visual publishing house jointly published. This project takes the famous scholar of Chinese traditional music research, Cho Jianzhong, a long-time expert on Chinese music geography research, is the latest achievement of the research on Chinese music geography, which divides all folk music of China into 15 music cultural areas according to different landforms, which is one of the " The first project to be completed in China's music geography. Professor Cho Jianzhong/Chief Academic Officer/master plan, composer, Huanghu, recording division, Liu Xing as music director, China Conservatory of Music, deputy dean of the author/Master planning, in Shanghai Zhangjiang Digital publishing funds and Societe Generale Global Fund, united a group of different regional music culture has in-depth study of scholars, Combined with Shanghai half degree culture and Art Co., Ltd. Mature original music recording, production and distribution experience, comprising the academic group, audio recording and photographic group of investigation, recording, production team, more than 6,000 kilometers along the Yellow River, collections researches more than 30, involving more than 300 folk artists, lasted more than three years to complete.
The specific contents are as follows:
"Chinese music geography, Shanxi-Shaanxi Loess Plateau area" by the audio and video collection and anthology two volumes of plastic packaging, the audio set contains 3 CDs and 2 DVDs, the text set for 200,000 characters and 240 copies of the actual photos and documents, details are as follows:
(a) A total of 31 tracks 205 minutes of three Fever level CD. This is a 1200-minute audio profile from the field collections researches, the most representative of the music culture style characteristics of the Jin-shan Loess Plateau, the most "listening" significance, the best recording quality of the 31 fever-level sound, is also currently seen more systematic, comprehensive reflection of the Shanxi-Shaanxi Loess Plateau music Culture area of the current music form of the complete set of recordings.
(b) A total of 36 tracks 213 minutes of two high-definition teaching DVDs. This is from the field record more than 1500 minutes video material, the selected most can represent the Shanxi and Shaanxi Loess Plateau music cultural style characteristic, most has "the ornamental" significance, the best audio and video quality, the most complete subtitle information 36 first DVD video, is also at present more systematic, It comprehensively reflects the complete video of the present live state performance in the music culture area of Shanxi-Shaanxi Loess Plateau.
(iii) 200,000-word copy and more than 240 photographs of the actual photo and literature. The "set" through the current reading map of the mainstream mode of the Times-graphics and text, divided into two, on the Shanxi-Shaanxi Loess Plateau music and culture of the natural humanities and music culture, on-site investigation process and the selection of 28 music varieties of the basic conditions of the overall description and picture Show.
Editor-in-Chief/Cho Jianzhong editor/Kenny former academic director/Cho Jianzhong Music Director/Liu Xing Master plan/Cho Jianzhong Huanghu Executive Director/grass project coordinator/Yang Wenliang recording, editing/Liu Xing Photography/songtao Hu Yu video clips, subtitles/Songtao Huanghu Photography/Tiver copywriting/Huanghu cover design/Han Jie typesetting design/Huang Jin translation/Liu Yinyi
Cho Jianzhong: What are our academic pursuits?
If used in one sentence, we are to use audio and video as the main, text, pictures as a supplement (can be summed up as "a main two auxiliary") expression, intuitive display of Chinese traditional music in different natural, geographical factors under the constraints of the formation of regional personality, style and cultural charm.
The distribution of folk songs is extended to the whole folk music category, and the topic is extended to the theory construction of the interdisciplinary subject, all of which is to introduce some concepts and methods of historical geography and cultural geography into the traditional music field, in order to grasp more deeply Explore the Chinese traditional music composing system to open up a new research field, find a new academic path.
In the past hundred years, through the field visits of several generations of musicians, we have dug out all kinds of traditional music which are very vivid, rich, exquisite and have the charm of regional culture. They are the embodiment of the diversity of Chinese traditional music and also the starting point and basis for us to put forward the theory of "Chinese music geography" and seek to reveal its cultural charm.
In short, the "China Music Geography" project, both humanities and modern science and technology, both academic and artistic, in order to preserve the traditional cultural treasures of the Chinese nation, in order to modern heritage education, but also for a new discipline of construction, we will do our utmost, in the relevant community support, attention, Be sure to finish it, do it well, do it fine! Also for the real revival of Chinese traditional culture, do our little bit of thin power!
Liu Xing: half-degree lucky
No matter what nationality, no matter what the situation of this nation, there are always some people in the quiet work for the nation. The ability to participate in the production of the magnificent masterpiece of Joe's old nausea is half the battle.
Huanghu: The origin of originality
In China, the record and collation of music culture has a long tradition, known as "chant 300, String poetry 300, Psalm 300, dance poem 300" ("Mexi Gang Meng") "Book of Songs", although the song, the music can not be, it is still the Zhou and Qin State "hunger song its food, the workers song its" rich and colorful text records.
The time is different, the record means is different, however, the tradition of record, collation should still be in.
Taking into account the following:
In the context of economic integration and cultural globalization, the regional and local expression of culture will become more and more important; tradition is a river, the contemporary development of Chinese traditional music culture must be closely combined with capital and high technology, so, the system, high-quality holographic (sound, image, picture, text) video recording and audio data, will become an important basis for the inheritance and dissemination of Chinese traditional music culture;
In the academic Practice of music geography research of Chinese music academia for more than more than 30 years, there is still a lack of high-quality audiovisual materials with regional units;
The Chinese Traditional music teaching in the National High School of Music lacks the holographic high quality audiovisual teaching resources.
Therefore, the "Chinese Music geography" creative projects should be wind up, Shun and then born.