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Carry forward the traditional culture "erhu music talent Training" in Southwest University of Nationalities officially opened

Article source:Chengdu Business Daily

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Carry forward the traditional culture "erhu music talent Training" in Southwest University of Nationalities officially opened
Date: March 19, 2018 Source: Chengdu Business Daily
19th morning, the National Arts Fund 2017 annual funding project "Erhu Music talent Training", the Southwest University of Nationalities officially opened. Professor Zeng Ming, president of the Tang Dynasty poet Cen of the famous "Snow song sent Wu judge to Beijing," for the students to describe the image of the cultural history of the erhu.
Qin began in the Tang Dynasty, including the well-known erhu, such as more than 60 kinds of styles, is a big family of musical instruments, "Erhu music talent Training" for the first time the minority music in the erhu art into the discipline system level, focus on Tibetan, Yi, Dong, Zhuang Ethnic multiple forms of erhu music, from teaching, performance, creation, It is of great significance for the development of Chinese national music culture to cultivate students in four aspects of theory, "this project is an important breakthrough in the art history of Erhu, and also a significant measure to change the art history of Erhu." Cho Jianzhong, a researcher and famous musician at the Institute of Music Studies of the Chinese Academy of Art, said excitedly at the opening ceremony.
Carry forward the traditional culture
China's vast land has more than 60 kinds of erhu style, in the long history of Chinese music, mutual integration, but and different. Cho Jianzhong has been working on traditional music for many years and has achieved remarkable achievements. He said, Erhu, the great family of musical instruments, Banhu active in the arena, known to the world, but there are a lot of members in the civil, not very good excavation and utilization, "erhu music talent Training" This project gave him a great surprise. "Fei Xiaotong said," The United States and their beauty, beauty, and the United States, the world Datong, "This project let me see the excellent culture of each nation and mutual tolerance, learn from each other, show a colorful world, multicultural culture. We hope that this project will continue, accumulate experience, and carry forward our beautiful cultural tradition. ”
"Erhu Music talent Training" to traditional culture inheritance and promotion, Southwest University of Nationalities, President Zeng Ming deep feelings, he used to lonely for nearly 300 years of the little poem "Moss" because CCTV set of the Spring Festival broadcast "classic chant" One night to brush screen example, "The teacher Liang Jun with a group of Guizhou mountain children sing Yuan Mei's poem, ' Day not everywhere , youth just. The moss flower is as small as rice, also learns peony to open. ' Let me have a profound resonance, this poem exquisite and dexterous, such as Rice Moss, for the dream of blooming, this is Yuan Mei to the Ancients, is also written to you, I his every ordinary life, like the moss, brave to realize their own value. This is the traditional culture penetrating the age of the times and the deep appeal force. ”
Famous experts gathered
Mulan, dean of Art College of Southwest University of Nationalities, introduced the characteristics of folk music to the training of musical talents, which is a big comb for the inheritance and development of the Western minority's string instruments. The project focuses on the Tibetan chord hu, Yi string hu, Dong New, Zhuang horse bone Hu and other forms of erhu music, from teaching, performance, creation, theory four aspects of the students to cultivate. The curriculum combines theoretical system, the characteristics of nationality, folklore, artistic practicality, trans-boundary innovation and timeliness, with the results of high-quality works creation and performance, focusing on the interpretation and understanding of the multiple visual angles of the art and culture of erhu, have changed the one-way nature of talent cultivation and stress technique, and the artistic development of erhu has a landmark meaning.
"Erhu Music Talent Training" project academic and technical leaders, Southwest University of Nationalities Professor Mr. Tan to reporters, "Erhu music talent Training" Teachers are abundant, gathered 42 famous experts, they have long been engaged in national music education Research, teaching, theory, research and performance creation has a rich accumulation. The reporter learned that the team of experts both the Chinese National Orchestral Association president Liu Xizin, the honorary president of the Chinese National Orchestral Society Rouges, Professor Cho Jianzhong, Professor Zeng Ming, and so on, there are Mr. Tan professor, renowned erhu musician Cairu and other artistic accomplishment comprehensive, innovative spirit of the performer, as well as the Dong New inheritors Shang, Yi Hu provoked the inheritance of people such as Ji-Da.
Pay equal attention to students ' theory and practice
Professor Mr. Tan, the project team started enrollment this January, causing widespread concern inside and outside the industry, after the enrollment of students on the erhu playing, creative, theoretical aspects such as strict selection, and finally determined from the National arts colleges and universities erhu professional teachers, engaged in Tibetan, Yi, Dong, Zhuang erhu performance, creative, Musical instrument Improvement Professionals 20 people for project trainees. "Through two months of study, and strive to enhance their professional skills, broaden the horizons of art, cultivate innovative ability to rescue, protect, organize, promote and popularize the Western form of the many forms of erhu art." More importantly, the project is sustainable. China has more than 60 kinds of erhu style, the project team to the Tibetan, Yi, Dong, Zhuang nationality on the basis of the national erhu, and constantly tap the types and forms of minority folk erhu, in order to establish a minority erhu art research Center for the Minority Erhu Special research. ”
Chengdu Business News reporter noted that the project's curriculum is fully enriched, "historical acoustics and the cultural construction of erhu art in the 20th century", "the development of the erhu of Shu School", "Southwest National Music Research", "Tibetan string and Tibetan folk music material Collection", "erhu students creative works analysis and improve training", theory and practice. It is reported that the project will be the concert form and paper, music integration and other content as a result of the knot. The concert shows a total of 16 pieces, including the students innovative repertoire, very Tibetan, Yi, Dong, Zhuang and other ethnic minority style, and strive to showcase the "Southern Silk Road" a long history of music and cultural spirit, showing the Chinese erhu pluralistic one of the beautiful pattern.