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"Xia Qing Cup" Sichuan Division finals and awards ceremony was successfully held

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On July 4 and 5, the Fifth People's Broadcasting Station "Xia Qing Cup" Reading Contest The Sichuan Division Finals and Awards Ceremony was conducted at the Sichuan Broadcasting and Television Studio S1. The finals were divided into youth groups, adult groups and voice-over groups . The participating works of diverse styles, the overall strength of contestants stronger. After two days of intense competition, the final group and dubbing group of the first, second and third place awards and excellence award. Participants in the recitation and dubbing excellent performance and persistent pursuit, to the judges left a deep and unforgettable impression.
    Officers attending the award ceremony were Zhang Feng, deputy director of Civilized Affairs Office of Sichuan Province, Liu Jiangang, deputy secretary of Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles groups, Liu Meng and Liu Yaohui, deputy chief editors of Sichuan Radio and Television Station, and leaders of provincial TV and Television Artists Association. Wang Jing, secretary general of the organizing committee of the fifth "Xia Qing Cup" reading contest of the Central People's Broadcasting Station and Hong Yun, a judge of the national finals, came to the stadium for guidance.
    Sichuan Division events from March 15 this year, the official start, the whole Sichuan total of more than 7,000 people participated in the competition, the number of participants a record "Summer Cup" Sichuan Division record high. The organizer Sichuan Broadcasting and TV Newspaper, in strict accordance with the organizers of the Central People's Broadcasting Station on the activities of the requirements, conscientiously do contestants selection, recommendation and other organizations to implement the work. After the preliminary round, semi-finals, the final selection of the final, a total of 195 groups of works into the finals.
    The successful holding of this contest not only set a platform for fans of reading in our province to display their own demeanor, but also demonstrated the highest level of reading art in our province and the good image of beautiful, prosperous and harmonious Sichuan.
    Players must shine stage
    In the finals, the performance of each group of players are remarkable, all players have come up with their own "unique skills." Players full of passion, a little nervous look behind is filled with confidence. "Military car" "Tsing Yi" "Ode to the Yellow River" "Motherland ah my dear motherland" and other famous classic, and the original poetry "once" "waiting for daddy", etc., with high spirits recitation, either impassioned soul-stirring, but also Gentle soft tempting chic, but also fresh and sweet warm heart, the players a solid professional skills demonstrated most vividly. In the dubbing competition, dubbing players won the applause of the judges and audience bursts of applause.
    He said: "I usually like ancient poems very much. I have a deep feeling of Du Fu's caring about the country and the people in the" Car dealership "very much. Feelings, I began to prepare the poem to participate in the game 3,4 months ago.
    "Xiao Yanqiu is a born Tsing Yi embryo .20 years ago, Peking Opera" Benyue "performance, let people know a real Chang E. Can create good people, then she was silent for twenty years ... ..." From the High-tech Zone Li Xinrong Xinhua School dressed in a cheongsam, accompanied by a secluded background music, only 12-year-old her passionate, the     wonderful and lost Xiao Yanqiu deduced most vividly.
    Judges: bright flashing colorful
    The organizing committee hired a national level screenwriter Jin Naifan, Sichuan Conservatory of Music Master Instructor Professor Wang Shicai, Sichuan Radio and Television Station announcer, the national radio host "Golden Microphone" Award winner Zhao Lanlan, China Television Broadcasting Association presided over the Deputy Director Han Lu, China broadcast presided over the "Golden Microphone Award" winner, well-known children's TV host Chen Yue, Sichuan art talent at the national level, Chinese poetry recital singing expert committee Dong Fan, Sichuan radio and television broadcasting guide, Sichuan TV artists Li Rong, director of the Association's radio host committee, Chen Xumei, host of Sichuan Radio and Television, Xia Jia, host of Chengdu Television's top PARKnSHOP press, and Guo Yue, vice chairman of Chengdu Federation of Literature and Art Party members, together with academic experts Competition jury.
    Jin Naifan told reporters: "This time the overall level of youth group recite well, completely beyond my expectations.I participated in the preliminary round of the preliminary examination lot, when I feel not strong, now the level of the finals surprised me."
    Talking about the areas where recitations need to be improved today, Jin Naifan felt a lot: "Both Du Fu," Wen Guanjun receives Henan and Hebei Provinces, "wrote that" Written in Li Bai 'boat will want to do, suddenly heard onshore singing song' These are the things the poet recites, with Xing blurted out, not to mention a performance reading. Players on the stage reading should pay attention to emotion , Take full advantage of the advantages of the stage, but can not be overwhelming. "
    Judge Zhao Lanlan fully affirmed the performance of the athletes: "The highlight of the reading contest is twinkling and colorful. All the contestants can select their works according to their own qualities. Most of the recitals chosen by the contestants and the contestants themselves Sound quality, image, tolerance, etc. The recitation of the choice of well-thought-out, and can be created with music, pictures and other scenarios organically integrated, the implementation of personalized reading, leading us to enter, entry, affection, resulting in strong resonance."
    Judge Dong Fan said: "The material selection is not necessarily unconventional, but we must take the heart .Selection of some players are not suitable for children, they can not understand can not control .A little red dress in the little runner is very good, her original work tells her Dad, this is her side of things, writing is closest to their own people, especially the atmosphere, so that the audience is very easy to resonate, the atmosphere was mobilized, hoping to see some of these works in the future.
    CCTV broadcast guidance Hongyun as a guest of this contest, the performance of the contestant was full of praise: "I thought the players will have the problem of Sichuan accent, but did not see the game. The players are particularly good selection, give me the impression The more profound is the "big artisan" program, which expresses the eternal spirit of the working class. "In addition, the righteousness shown in the competition has also been appraised by Hong Yun.
(Reporter Xie Yingchun Mu Wanrong Wu Yu Bei Wang Yanli Intern Bao Lingli text reporter Tan Tao Intern Bao Lingli / photography)