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Named for the CCTV children's talent talent contest platform

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    Cover News (Reporter Duane Lake) "Seven, one on the eve of the founding party", Chengdu "Classic Meeting" art performance hall, laughter. Hosted by the Chinese Young Talents Working Committee and jointly supported by CCTV, "2017 First CCTV Starlight Youth Talents Competition" was officially launched here. What is of concern is that the former war banner Repertory Theater famous director, Liu Xiaoqing's old comrade-in-arms Kim Nae-fan to guide children's talented mentor, platform for the children. Jin Naifan scene said that Sichuan art talent from the baby started, is correct. It is a strategic need for talented people to take advantage of the summer vacation time to step up the cultivation of literary and art rookies in Sichuan and to help children and young children with artistic ability to step into the stage of literature and art and realize their dreams and move toward the sacred art hall. "I'm willing to green leaves for children and help them grow."
    Hosted by the person in charge Li Qing election to reporters, the children's talent contest is to cooperate with CCTV. Organizing Committee invited Li Shuangjiang, Deng Yuhua, Zhu Mingying, Chen Ailian, Zhang Huamin, Hao Aiming, Zhu Lin, Yin Zhiguang and other old artists and cultural celebrities, singers rookie guest judges. Li Qingxuan also introduced: This talent contest is divided into juvenile group 5-17 years old, youth group 18-35 years old two groups, with vocal music, instrumental music, dance, language class four talent categories. Through talent show, inspire the stage performance of young people, will be happy, healthy and harmonious young talents image displayed in front of the audience. Competition produced by the best players, may sign a movie company, conservatism conservatism, becoming a signing singer, the formation of bands, etc., but also to push the CCTV three sets of various variety shows, as well as to participate in the national six major ministries and CCTV organized by the Public welfare activities, more with stars, artists perform on the same stage.