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Looking forward to Zuying Song saying "to get"

Article source:Chengdu Daily

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    On November 26, "2011 Song Zuying Large-scale Personal Music Festival in Chengdu 2011" will be held ceremoniously in the adult center. Yesterday, the newspaper published Xu Pei-dong's composition and lyricist's lyrical lyrics. Song Zuying's first song at the festival will be composed by Chengdu Song "booming fire", aroused strong repercussions among the readers, many enthusiastic citizens have scored newspaper hotline, expressed his love and expectation of the song. "This song is very Chengdu characteristics, our colleagues in the office are singing along with the spectrum of music.I believe Song Zuying's voice, there will be more people like Chengdu, Chengdu travel, feel the fire of Chengdu 's booming fire, booming fire People / booming fire of laughter, thriving city '.I am curious now is that the words of Zuying Song Chengdu' get 'authentic not? "Yesterday, Ms. Wang worked in a travel agency excitedly Reporter said.
    Sing out the hearts of our people in Sichuan
    In addition to the general public on this song "booming fire" full of expectations, industry experts also praised. Chengdu Military Region Battle Banner famous theater director Jin Naifan is the organizing committee launched the "I wrote lyrics for Song Zuying activities" judges. For freshly baked this "booming fire", Jin Naifan gave a high rating. "This is a very good work, it is a typical style of folk songs, singing our people in Sichuan, the voice of the audience can make a profound resonance." For the "Chongqing cub" Run lyrics written lyrics, Jin Naifan also impartial evaluation Although the lyrics are simple, they are full of Sichuan features. "Out of touch to outline the life of the Sichuan people, which is good for a newcomer." In Jin Naifan view, "booming fire" style and Song Zuying Song Road fit, very suitable for the Song Zuying concert. "I was fortunate enough to hear the Song Zuying singing this song in advance, personally feel very good .As for where is good, here sold first off, when we arrived at the scene to know."
    Jin Naifan also mentioned the "prosperous fire" deficiencies, hoping to make this song more perfect. "I think the lyrics of this song are a bit straightforward and plain, and it would be even better if I could portray this heavy historical and cultural city in Chengdu with more meaning." Kim Nae-von said that Xu Pei-dong's music compliments the lyrics Of the deficiencies, will certainly become a popular classic song.
    Adult Center in the history of the biggest stage
    Reporter also learned that the music festival yesterday has begun to take the stage. From 8 am onwards, there will be a "large force" entering the adult center and intense efforts will be made to set up a platform. Song Zuying series of touring events this year, with its gorgeous stage effects, brilliant swaying light performance conquered a lot of viewers. 26th Chengdu Festival is no exception. It is understood that this is only the use of the Taiwan station to work on the use of more than 400 staff, rarely seen in other concerts cranes also appeared on the stage and set up as many as 3 Taiwan, which shows the stage of the music festival scale Great.
    Organizing Committee officials told reporters that the entire stage width of 120 meters, nearly 30 meters high, the stage height of about 2 meters from a main stage and two deputy stage combination of "This is the history of Chengdu Sports Center The biggest stage. "The reason why so many people work hard to build a large-scale stage, in addition to the performance of the team Zuying Song Strict requirements, but also dedicated to the audience a audio-visual feast:" Song Zuying mild and gentle voice, win universal praise Golden melodies are all familiar, but the concert is the stage of the overall art of the show, the audience is not only full of fun, but also to feast for the eyes, a worthwhile trip! "To achieve this goal, just take more time to build Taiwan The concert will be much longer: "A lot of concerts will be enough to enter the show two days in advance, but we will not work. Starting from this morning, the project will need to be completed by the evening of the 25th and a full five days to do this Stage, hoping to achieve the most perfect results. "
    It is reported that the music festival by the well-known lighting designer in China, the Beijing Olympic Games lighting design Sha Xiaolan lighting team, the famous Chinese audio system He Biao audio production team, as well as participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Wu Mei production, LED screen and other teams together Create. The performance team includes nearly 200 people including symphony orchestra, choir and dance troupe. The performance lineup can be described as high-end quality, luxury team, peak performance, a domestic variety of concerts.
Reporter Chen Hui Ru