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"Longquan Memory" initiated the establishment of the drama club about Millennium Guiyuan Longquan wonderful

Article source:Longquanyi District Library

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Search Longquan memory, interpretation of Longquan wonderful. October 20, Longquanyi District Party Committee Propaganda Department, Longquanyi style new and Tourism Bureau sponsored by the Longquanyi District Library, Longquanyi District Recitation Association 2017 2017 Longquanyi District to lead all the people to read the season "Longquan Memory" Theater was founded and the first The opening ceremony of the training course was held in Longquanyi District Library. The first training course composed of more than 30 theatrical performance lovers officially opened this longquan memory trip.

Longquanyi District's first folk "drama club"

Drama "enthusiasts" like this onlookers

At the scene, Longquanyi Cultural and New Canton Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Liu Hong on behalf of the organizers hired a national screenwriter, director Jin Naifan Longquanyi District "Longquan Memory" the first honorary president of drama, hired Longquanyi District Library Director Peng Hongmei President.