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Longquanyi District won the four cities of Southwest "Wind • Ya • Chung - Guoxue Classics Reading" Chengdu Division second prize

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Recite ancient and modern Chinese classics, heritage thousand years of Chinese context. November 4th, 2017 The Fourth City of Southwest China, "Elegant Elegance - National Classic Reading" The Chengdu Regional Finals was held in Qingbaijiang, Chengdu. Nearly 100 top athletes from 23 teams in Chengdu Division competed against each other in Chengdu. Guoxue recite the peak duel. After field rematch, the finals fierce competition, Longquanyi District sent the group sent reading program "Eternal Love to send hometown nostalgia" to the audience fourth place, won the fourth Southwest four cities, "elegant style - Guoxue Classics Reading" Chengdu Regional finals second prize.

Chanting classical communication Wen Jiaotong a total wave of Chinese studies boom

From the graceful charm of the poem "蒹 葭" to the "home-from-home" feeling of "serving the country loyally", from the fierceness of "going to wine" to the majestic, indignant, or expensive melodious of Tengwang Pavilion, nearly one hundred readers The audience led the audience through time and space obstruction, a taste of Chinese culture thousands of years of classical Chinese learning essence.

"The sea of the moon, the end of the world at this time ... ..." With the LED screen Haoyue sea slowly rising, the group read the program "Eternal Love to send hometown nostalgia" officially unveiled. Month as a medium, with love as a reference, "Today, people do not see the ancient month, according to the ancients this month," round the moon, wild uninhibited wine Li Taibai, indignant Nanli Tang Li Yu, hard to worry The solution of the erudition of the talented woman Li Qingzhao, unscrupulous Su Dongpo one after another onto the stage, the program shows both the "ridiculous go out" bold and arrogant, but also allow people to experience the hateful country's hateful heart, both fresh and meaningful ladylike also have Open-minded to see the open-minded, guzheng long, the moon missing, interspersed with scheduling, the program in the "ancient difficult things, thousands of miles total Chan Juan" repeatedly over the concert suddenly ended, the end of the scene so much to the surprise.

Big coffee franchise strength to help send a total of Sinology "nostalgia"

It is understood that the "eternal memory of the nostalgia hometown," groups recite the national level screenwriter, director Kim Nae-fan's guidance throughout the script from the creation, the performer scheduling to its choreography by its well-choreographed and designed.

The creative team also absorbed many folk reading enthusiasts, including both Longquanyi local recite "enthusiasts", as well as "practicing children" from folk reciting performing organizations Shu people, as well as enterprises involved in cross-border friendship " Hard work. " Creativity from different industries, different areas, but all because of love of Chinese learning, keen classic together together, a common interpretation of the eternal life of the nostalgic plot.

When talking about the original intention of this program, Mr. Jin Naifan said that "nostalgia" in the "Eternal Love of the Moon" is not the nostalgia for the hometown in a narrow sense but the sum of all the emotions that people yearned for for thousands of years. The image of "Moon", which can provoke people's emotions, organically connects the common emotions of mankind throughout the ages. All emotions such as affection, love, friendship, home conditions and so on can be expressed in the next months, The sincere and beautiful emotions left over from the next month have added a touch of elegance to the broad Chinese learning tradition.

Promote the national heritage lead Longquanyi District out of cultural tradition of a new path

"Culture inheritance in the new era needs continuous development and innovation and encourages a more diversified way to interpret the long tradition of Sinology in China," said Peng Hongmei, curator of Longquanyi District Library. At the party's Xi Jinping general secretary's report In the full text, the relentless pursuit of "Green Castle" mentioned in this article emphasizes ecological construction and the construction of beautiful China. This can also be seen as a manifestation of "hometown affection". It can be said that the "eternal love of the moon" Creative arrangement is a brand new attempt to interpret multiculturalism in the new era.

Since September this year, the 2017 Longquanyi District read the official season and all the people in the region to meet, "pass the classic reading Longquan" to find Longquan reciter activities Q3 trials in the region set off a heat of learning, urban forest reading tour " Read the bus "to lead the people to experience the fragrance of Longquanyi bird insects and scholarly book sounds," Longquan Memory "drama was launched, the little stage can interpret Longquan wonderful ...... Longquanyi District Library is still building more and more for the whole people Reading platform, and strive to more yuan and new forms to demonstrate the ancient heritage of Longquan the traditional Chinese culture carry forward the heritage.

Chengdu Business Daily client reporter Chen Xuezhi