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Li Ting, caoping and Liu dangqing on Yi Red

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Sichuan Liangshan state song and dance troupe staged the opera "Yi Red", in November 8, 9th night in Hongshan Auditorium.
Writer Li Ting said, in the "Yi Red" creation process, I put a lot of emotion. Several reasons, I 16 years old to participate in the work is Liangshan ensemble actor, I carry luggage on the tractor with the teacher in the size of Liangshan left a youthful footprint. The story of Shanhai Alliance was heard in childhood but did not understand the profound significance of this legend. To the Yi nationality I have my angle of view--the angle of the sentiment. I have my interpretation--the reading of mountains outside the mountain. So this creation "Yi Red" although difficult, because we want to present such an epic story on the stage, finally I choose small also have my reason, write true our enemy but reportage even documentary, so must write the character Destiny character emotion. In the process of folk songs, there is a real detail shook my heart, is the small Dan was killed, his wife in order to protect the red flag left by General Liu, hiding, and finally the red flag sewn in their own pleated, so this red flag into the whole story of the soul. Regardless of Red Army warriors, Yi Youth Latie and Nicole Rikissa all for this red flag gave life. Small Dan grandson Woolong said his grandmother regardless of life to protect the red flag is to his grandfather to Liu General's commitment, "Rosy clouds drift wild geese fly, Shanhai Alliance write Immortal Carol, the generals left the flag Yi people took over Yi Family Brother collection reunion commitment." Yi has a lot of special customs, such as changing children's skirts, pole-bar wine, torch, crying, and cutting the threshold, etc. The advantage of the Liangshan ensemble is that there are a group of excellent singers and dancers who have the songs and dances to express these customs. When I put these customs organically in the fate of the people, the stage is more abundant.
At the same time, I think the current management of the culture in Liangshan is very open-minded, they did not force me to write this writing that, but very respect for the creation of art, so I have a lot of space to through the little people's emotional fate to show this historical figures and events.
Director Caoping stressed that "Shanhai alliance" is a heavy historical theme, involving a lot of historical figures, "Yi Red" to choose to fictional little people, Yi Girl ni Zahan, Red Red and the Yi Young man Latie 3 people between the family, friendship, love story to present, in fact, can well reflect the times of humanity and emotion, Reflect the spirit of that great age.
All the actors in the show are vocal or dancers of the Liangshan State Ensemble, previously did not have a professional musical performance skills, most people are basically from zero to learn the stage performance of musicals, just rehearse, they can not even talk, walking, in these, the Yi actor Many people usually communicate in the Yi language, Mandarin is not standard. This May, after the play into rehearsal, the first is to arrange 1 hours a day to teach them to recite tongue twisters, a sentence to learn Mandarin. And although they are good at Yi Folk songs, but some people do not know staff, which also allows us to give them emergency lessons. When the actors first saw their lines, they laughed and let go, not accustomed to the expression of the opera. As a result, no one can read the script until the rehearsal begins. As a result, I did not think that the first rehearsal of all the actors really threw out the script, seriously really played up, so that the actor on the stage is a real feeling, the original ecological performance, so that the audience more sense of generation.
Composer Liu Paqing says as the music composing of Yi Red Opera, I was very excited when I first received this script, because Yi is a dancing nationality, has rich folk song and dance and folk art, Yi's musical is gorgeous, I have contacted Yi Music many years ago, the Yi People's music element is very rich, There are many classical folk songs sung widely in the Southwest, torch torches, 赶圩 return ah miles, Yi song cousin, Luo Lotus, a Girl, Cry wedding song, bi-mo chanting, Bhutto Gaoqiang and so on, singing simple, emotional open, broad range, rich, strong national characteristics, special instruments have mouth strings, yueqin, vertical flute, Bite flute, gourd sheng, horse stance, etc., for the Yi Red Opera composition provides a lot of music material, laid a good music foundation. It was the first time I tried to create a national opera, as a standard opera body, in people's impression, or stay in the western traditional style, can grasp the national characteristics, write beautiful melody, catchy, so that ordinary people can understand the style, is my creative key idea. After a short period of folk songs in the Yi area, I decided to use the Long march of the Red Army across the Yi area, and the Yi people knot deep friendship famous song "Multicolored Rosy Clouds" variation as the opening and ending, Yi Authentic original ecological singing as a whole play through, with mouth strings, Mabul, yueqin, bite flute, Miss Bhutto Gaoqiang, cry to marry song to Dot, To create a life scene for the Yi people, play with a national style of the melody of the narrative creation, which also adopted a number of fashionable elements as a polishing, the actor also used the Liangshan national song and dance troupe of the people who are good at the folk singing, and strive to achieve the effect of popular tastes, of course, as a modern national opera creation, a trial Also hope to be able to get experts and peer recognition, in order to create a Chinese opera with national characteristics.
(Feeds by Sichuan Liangshan state song and dance troupe)