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"Jialing River Spring" pop music festival closes

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Original title: "Jialing River Spring" popular music festival closed three singers award
The first "Jialing River Spring" C-pop Popular music festival, attracted more than 200 experts, musicians, singers gathered. In the Chinese pop Music Invitational Tournament, Huimin show, China pop Music Summit Forum, awards ceremony, collecting folk songs and other series of activities, the recent closing in Nanchong.
The Summit Forum explores the development of Chinese pop music
June 11 to 17th, by the Sichuan Provincial Musicians Association, the CPC Nanchong Municipal party Committee, hosted by the Ministry of Nanchong Federation, the City Musicians Association of the first "Jialing River Spring" C-pop Popular music festival held in Nanchong, more than 200 experts, musicians, singers gathered in Nanchong.
During the period, the Chinese pop Music Summit Forum has brought together a number of experts, musicians. Centering on "The thinking of popular music creation and Marketization", "the integration and development of pop music industry and the cross-border", "talent cultivation and employment in pop music industry" three themes, from the Chinese Musicians Association, the Chinese Musicians Association popular Music Society and Sichuan, Yunnan, Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong and other musicians Association of relevant experts had a heated discussion.
Sichuan Province Popular Music Association vice President, Secretary General Liu Paqing pointed out that pop music must be close to the times, innovative forms of expression, constantly pushing people to push songs, to create music brand activities, to form industrial influence.
Some famous musicians, Xiao Ke optimistic about college students in Nanchong
16th night, the first "Jialing River Spring" C-pop Popular music Festival Awards party held. Sichuan team's Gan, Zhang Qiang, Beijing team's Huang Jiaxin won the personal singing Group grand prize, the combination singing group grand prize is the Sichuan team "Yi Mengshan combination" obtains. As the host of the Nanchong team, in the music festival performance, Gish You SIP won a personal singing group gold, He Yilei, Wang Rui won personal singing group silver.
This festival, attracted a lot of "big coffee", once for the Beijing Olympic theme song "Beijing Welcomes You" composition of the famous music people Xiao Ke came to Nanchong. "It feels like the overall performance of this pop festival singer is great." Singers in the interpretation of some difficult songs, grasp also more and more good, this is a trend of development. When it comes to the music festival, Xiao Ke keeps on praising. This is the first time he came to Nanchong, the impression of Nanchong is very good. "The city is very good, the people are very warm, the city architecture and cultural atmosphere are more characteristics, is a very cultural taste, very casual city." ”
At the awards party, Moone, a female college student from the Music Institute of Xihua Normal University, was favored by Xiao Ke for her excellent performance. Xiao Ke through the organizing committee to get in touch with Moone, and meet for a brief conversation, finally the two sides left contact with each other.
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