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100,000 yuan per year to support excellent local "music talent studio"

Article source:The chengdu evening news

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Liu party qing music studio.

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Yesterday, in the star (China) music dreamworks exhibition hall at the 2017 chengdu "music talent studio" opening ceremony, the music industry promotion office of chengdu to liu party celebrating music studio gave nameboards studio 6 music talents, and 100000 yuan annually.

It is conducive to the gathering of music talents.

, deputy director of the music industry promotion office of chengdu Li Tianhao, said the campaign is the government of chengdu's opinion on support for the development of music industry since another achievement, is advantageous to the music talents gathered with more excellent work, music industry development has brought new power for chengdu. Strive to build music talent studio into the core incubation project of chengdu music culture industry. The first batch of "selected six music talent studio outstanding achievements in the development of the music industry, music can drive the chengdu optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in typical demonstration, innovation, leading role in the industry. The studio is located in chengdu, with 1, 2 high-level music professionals and leading role in the development of music industry.

A professional training course every two months.

It is understood that the music industry promotion association of chengdu will hold a series of training on music production, music education, music literacy, music management, etc. It will also carry out activities such as music studio salon, excellent studio roadshow recommendation, music studio excellent works exhibition, etc. Every two months in the future will also carry out a business and management of studio professional training courses, for music training, music business promotion, music works comment on various aspects such as training guidance. Will invite experts, outstanding musicians, music studio founder and music for their power and training programs, to carry out the discussion at the same time, in order to "study, research, production," trinity, the way for "chengdu music talent studio" to lay the foundation. Chengdu evening news reporter teng Yang.