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Chain of love movie award announces that skrjgowa " shows love" from afar

Article source:Netease entertainment

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Chain of love movie award announces that skrjgowa " shows love" from afar
2018 - 05 - 12 16: 50: 58 source: Netease entertainment
Netease entertainment reported on may 12 on the afternoon of may 8, the award ceremony of the first love chain film award commemorating the Wenchuan earthquake decade was held at Chengdu Jinsha theater. The reporter learned that this is a new list of public welfare movies in the world. The preparation of the first love chain movie award took two years, with more than 500 Chinese and foreign movie works participating in the competition. in the end, 32 won the award. the elimination rate was so high that only " Excellence" works were selected.
The awards ceremony was full of stars and love. dieter, miuskone brand official, Ningxia and Chen jun, Li zhongyou, director Lin Hong of the film " oriental girl country", Xu Geng, Xu bo, Ma Lun, Chen Guojun, Zhang Huicang, yin yue, Zhang Li, Chen weilin, Liu dangqing and many other leading corporate, film and television and music circles joined hands to witness the birth of " wonderful time and space of love" and dozens of individual awards, unit awards and comprehensive awards for love chain movies in the name of love. In addition to the hundreds of guests present, the organizing Committee for the love chain film award also received congratulatory messages from many well-known filmmakers who were unable to visit the scene for some reason. renowned artist skrjiko even " expressed love" from a distance.
As the best actress winner of many awards such as hong kong film awards, China golden rooster award, and the hundred flowers award for popular films, and as an artist of the older generation, siqin gaowa attached great importance to the development of the new generation of film and television arts. she was deeply regretful that she was unable to attend the awards ceremony of the first love chain film award on the spot due to work reasons. For this purpose, a video was specially recorded to express my blessing and support for this love chain movie award.
" ten years after Wenchuan earthquake, this land can rise again and hold the love chain movie award ceremony. this is a blessing and a thing that makes me extremely proud as a filmmaker. I hope that such commemorative activities will continue to be held so as to inspire more people to regain their new life. " skrjiko expressed sincere wishes for the award ceremony in the video and hoped that the award ceremony of the" chain of love movie award " would be a complete success. At the same time, she also thanks the audience for their support for the famous director Lin Hong and director of Jinchuan dongnv culture company, Li zhongyou, who is the producer of the movie " the oriental girl country".