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Sichuan musicians association holds 8th provincial congress and Ringo is elected chairman of the provincial musicians association

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Sichuan musicians association holds 8th provincial congress and Ringo is elected chairman of the provincial musicians association
2018 - 05 - 1206: 28 cover news commentary
On may 10 and 11, 2018, the 8th Sichuan musicians association provincial congress was solemnly held in Jintang county, Chengdu city. 156 representatives and special guests from Sichuan music circle gathered to seek common development plans for Sichuan music. The conference elected the 8th presidium of Sichuan musicians association ( hereinafter referred to as " Sichuan musicians association" ). The chairman is ringore; The vice-chairmen are LV xiaoqin ( female ), Liu dangqing, an bingbing ( Manchu ), sun hongbin, Wu yongbo ( yi ), Luo Rong ( female Tujia ), Zhao xiaoyi, Peng Tao, Zeng Qing, and Mulan ( female Tibetan ); Employ Ao Changqun as honorary chairman; Yang xiaolan was appointed deputy secretary general.
The conference carefully listened to and considered the report of the 7th chairman of the provincial music association, Ao Changqun, on behalf of the 7th Council and the presidium of the provincial music association entitled " carry forward the past, carry forward the future, forge ahead, forge ahead and create a new chapter in Sichuan music industry". Explanation by vice chairman Zhao zhengji on amending the articles of association of Sichuan musicians association. All the delegates had a heated discussion on the contents of the work report and the revised draft articles of association, and actively offered suggestions on the development of music work and the development of music industry in Sichuan province in the coming period.
In recent years, a large number of works showing Bashu's regional characteristics and humanistic features have emerged. These works vividly reflect Sichuan's beautiful mountains and rivers, local conditions and customs, people's life and development changes. Not only that, Sichuan composers have created quite a lot, and the holding of individual works concerts has shown a boom. For example, the concert " I love you and China" by Ao Changqun was held in Shanghai and Chengdu respectively. The symphony " reflections on daliangshan" is performed by the Iowa symphony orchestra in the United States and so on. Ao Changqun said, " under the new form of comprehensively promoting the music industry and the prosperity and development of the music industry in Sichuan province, it is the duty of our Sichuan musicians to dig deeply into the extensive and profound traditional culture, colorful national culture, and uplifting red culture in Sichuan province, and to use music art forms to tell Sichuan stories and display Sichuan charm. "
At the meeting, the newly elected chairman of the provincial association, Ringo, gave a systematic exposition of the work of the provincial association in the next stage. " first of all, we must organize and create more outstanding music works that eulogize the times and the motherland and reflect Sichuan's economic and social development; Second, innovate the mechanism and increase the exploration and cultivation of music talents, especially talents from new literature and art groups. To treat new literature and art organizations, new literature and art groups, new literature and art settlements, and new literature and art individual workers, we should treat them with a new zeal of " not sticking to one pattern and using talents". we should extend our working arms, provide them with care, service, and help around the difficulties and demands of the " four new" groups, unite the whole social forces that climb the peak of literature and art, and jointly make new contributions to the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art in the new era in our country. Thirdly, we will strengthen the construction of music positions and use the association's bulletin " le yuan", website and wechat public number to widely publicize musicians and extensively report music events. " Lin gore said.
Ringore also stressed that it is necessary to create authoritative competition platforms such as golden bell award competitions and vocal music competitions, and to continuously introduce new musicians. To expand the scope of literature and art benefiting the people, send cultural activities to the countryside deeper into the grassroots, so that more people can share the fruits of cultural development; Finally, it is necessary to strengthen the association's own construction, build an organizational structure, vigorously develop, unite and rely closely on the vast number of sound association members to lay a solid foundation for the development of music.