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Original musical " Shu nu Zhuo Wenjun" debuted in Cannes, France

Article source: Chengdu evening news

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Original musical " Shu nu Zhuo Wenjun" debuted in Cannes, France
Time: 2018 - 06 - 08 10: 40: 17 source: Chengdu evening news editor: Chen yue
On June 5, local time in Cannes, France, supported by the national art fund and directed by the propaganda department of Chengdu municipal party Committee, Chengdu media group co-produced with the people's government of Chenghua district and Sichuan national song and dance troupe a large original musical " Shu nu Zhuo Wenjun", introduced by the memory music park in the eastern suburb of Chengdu national music industry base, was promoted and performed live at the Cannes international music industry Expo in France. This original musical " made in Chengdu" is based on the love story of Zhuo Wenjun, daughter of Zhuo, a wealthy businessman in linqiong, western Han dynasty, and Sima Xiangru, a famous cifu writer and musician. it is a poignant musical epic of fengqiuhuang.
Zhuo Wenjun, the daughter of Zhuo Wang sun, an iron smelting magnate in linqiong, Shu county, is one of the four talented women of ancient China. The classic sentence in " white head songs" is just from her hand: " I wish to have one heart and one heart, and I will never leave each other." A love story between her and Sima Xiangru, a famous scholar in Han dynasty, has been talked about so far. Sima Xiangru's poem feng Qiu Huang for her has also become a classic work handed down from generation to generation. The play is based on the romantic and turbulent love story between Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru. In the play, the representative poems, songs and cultural symbols of Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru are naturally and cleverly incorporated into the plot of the characters' story. the essence of the story is displayed in a concentrated way, which enables the audience to appreciate the Excellence of excellent traditional Chinese studies. According to sources, the play is divided into five chapters, namely, green yee's love affair, night rain, wine selling, piano playing, and hoary head singing, as well as prefaces " phoenix flies in the air" and " phoenix and singing" at the end.
The reporter learned that the production of the play was started in September 2017, with the head of Sichuan ethnic song and dance troupe, LAN kabuki, as the chief director, the national-level screenwriter Lin Jie as the screenwriter, the national-level composer and famous musician Liu dangqing as the music director, and the young actor Wang Qian as Zhuo Wenjun. At present, it has entered the stage of rehearsal. it is expected to meet the audience at the performance center of memory music park in the eastern suburbs in September this year. after the first performance is completed, it will tour at home and abroad. ( reporter rose )