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Moran's new book, "the age of the liquid gold", begins with a new epic of financial reform

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Moran's new book, "the age of the liquid gold", begins with a new epic of financial reform

On April 23, the world reading day, a book fair and reading sharing session was held in chengdu. It is understood that the age of liu jin is another masterpiece of the famous writer mo ran.

The book is divided into two volumes, totaling 790,000 words. As the first epic novel to describe the financial reform in China, it focuses on the financial reform in the 1980s to the late 1990s, and describes the remarkable contribution made by a group of intellectuals with different characters to introduce the capital market into China. The whole work is ambitious, magnificent and magnificent. It is a magnificent book that reproduces the establishment of China's capital market, reflects the development of the stock market in the past decade and demonstrates the large-scale international business war.

The unique literary charm and zeitgeist presented in the age of liu jin comes from the writer mo ran's persistent pursuit of life and writing. He served as a soldier, a worker, and worked for several years in the government office. After that, he went into business and devoted himself to writing. This legendary life experience allowed her to accumulate a lot of real and vivid material. As soon as her works, "alone at the top" and "the wind comes from the east" were published, they caused quite a stir and established her position in the field of Chinese economic creation. Since then, many works have been published, such as the ups and downs of the business, the south with style, the grand hotel, man 40, love in Japan, yan ying and eve action, etc., which initiated the literary road of "commercial war romance novels" writing the great era, industry, human nature and love in the mainland. Mr Chen luancoal, a leading literary figure, praised her for "opening a new chapter in the history of commercial warfare".

The era of liujin continues the style of "business war romance novel", which renders sentimental feelings in the fierce conflicts. The work unfolds in the background of financial reform and the complicated business war, but it does not avoid the emotional love entanglements when describing the characters' character and fate, and reproduces the artistic appeal of moran's "business romance novel". In his debut, the reader reads the novel's best bits, "Wall Street with gold" and "the financial prophecy of the new century." Tiandi press Shared the publishing situation of books and donated books to libraries in sichuan province and chengdu city.