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For the first time, the screen focuses on controlled fusion research

Article source:chengdu commercial daily

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Reporting time: April 3, 2018

Source: chengdu commercial daily

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For the first time, the screen focuses on controlled fusion research

At the southwest institute of physics research in the nuclear industry, not far from chengdu, a group of scientists are quietly pursuing the peaceful use of nuclear energy and developing new energy resources.

The story of this group of scientists is about to hit the TV screen. The TV series my dear motherland, adapted from chengdu writer moran's novel fusion (tentative), has been approved and is expected to be launched in chengdu after National Day. Yesterday, as the play writers (and the author of the novel) moran said in an interview with the chengdu commercial daily reporter, compared with urban emotional now fantasy, drama, "my dear motherland" may appear a little heavy, but I hope through this, let everybody know about the works of a group of people is such a life, struggle, even in the adverse circumstance still stuck to his post, stirs the audience patriotism, increase our sense of national pride.

Accident/accident 20 years ago

Triggering moran's passion for writing "the show I wrote is finally seeing the light "This is a few days ago, chengdu writer, scriptwriter moran in the circle of friends sent a message. The TV series, titled my dear motherland (tentative title), focuses on controlled fusion research for the first time. It is based on several generations of scientists from the southwest institute of physics of the chengdu nuclear industry. It tells the story that they did not stop their pursuit of nuclear fusion and devote themselves to their ideal career in different times.

My dear motherland is based on the novel fusion, published by moran 10 years ago. Moran recalled that in the mid-1980s, she was still working at the provincial science and technology commission. She once attended the meeting of the southwest institute of physics in the nuclear industry. The institute just developed the Chinese circulator no. 1, which represented the highest level of fusion research development in China at that time. The institute of nuclear physics in heilongjiang province was established in 1958. In the 1960s, the institute moved to sichuan from the remote city of Harbin.

At the time, the institute was in an isolated mountain gully, moran recalled, and it required climbing 108 stone steps to enter the institute. "the room of the institute was like a cave." What is more shocking is that when the institute first moved here, it was completely deserted. Researchers needed to cultivate their own land and build their own research rooms with hoes and bricks. On Sunday, people also went to town with baskets on their backs to buy rice and oil.

Twenty years later, a friend took moran to the institute again. However, the institute has been moved to a new location and a new Chinese circulator 2 has been developed, which has a place in the world. He was touched when he saw the new base and the scientists. "I think of everything I saw in the valley more than 20 years ago, and I really understand the meaning of the spine of the republic. A word came to my mind: "come and go, come and go". At that time, I thought of writing a novel called fusion, which has the meaning of "fusion" as well as the meaning of several ups and downs to create a brilliant future.

It takes one year /

First fusion fiction

Fusion, as one of the world's top science subjects, has too many obscure technical terms, and boring research doesn't seem to inspire much in writing. For this reason, mo ran an interview for more than half a year, from the initial institute (institute) to the data access of that year. Finally, it took more than one year to write the 520,000 words novel fusion, which is the first full-length novel with controlled fusion as the theme in China. At the same time, the Chinese writers association was included in the 2006 key works creation support list, at that time, the sichuan writers won this honor only one.

Mo ran told chengdu commercial daily that there are too many people and things worth remembering in her interview. For example, a scientist who was seriously ill told his family to take him to the main hall to check the newly installed transformer when he knew his days were numbered.

As moran recalls, the construction of the institute's new fusion research laboratory, the China circulator ii A, in the early 2000s was also dramatic. In the early stage of the project, an important information was obtained: Germany's experimental device of axisymmetric biased filter (ASDEX) was intended to be transferred to countries with research strength for free. If the equipment can be obtained, it can save research funds and speed up the research. Soon, the nuclear industry's southwestern institute of physics held talks with Germany over China's ability to make the device work in China. In the end, China gained the trust of the German side and defeated other competitors, becoming the last country to apply but win the final victory.

Adapted screenplay /

I couldn't write a word in three years

After the novel was published in 2007, moran gave it to several female friends to read. What was supposed to reflect science may have been a tepid response, but to their surprise, many of the women were moved by the characters' experiences and suggested "why not make a TV series?" Inspired by his friends, moran handed over "fusion" to the Chinese TV drama production center, but the burden of adapting the script fell on moran.

Moran said that Chinese TV dramas have developed for 60 years, but few reflect industry and technology. Even more embarrassing to her, the TV production center made a request to write about nuclear fusion as a theme. But to her surprise, she spent three years and wrote the story outline eight times. She even asked a group of writers and scriptwriters for help, but the script could not write a word.

Three years later, watching a documentary about the bombing of an atomic bomb, moo suddenly had an idea why he didn't extend the story line a bit. In fact, since the 1950s, Chinese scientists began to study nuclear fusion, especially after China successfully exploded the first atomic bomb and the first hydrogen bomb. The pace of peaceful use of nuclear energy and development of new energy resources has never stopped for a day. For this reason, moran began to write with a group of college students, when they saw the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb explosion, their goal of peaceful use of nuclear energy began slowly. Three years later, the script was finalized. The CCTV film and TV drama department also replied to moran after reviewing the script, believing that the story shows the ideal feelings of several generations of scientists, whose dreams and passions reflected in them are the historical manifestation of the current "Chinese dream".

A bumpy fate /

Several investors have pulled out

Just when moran thought the series would finally begin shooting, the production center was unable to invest for some reason. In desperation, moran started the journey of seeking investment again. Just like the popular "no war in Peiping" and "the name of the people", "my dear motherland" also encountered the same situation, encountered several investors pull out. Moran recalled that she contacted three or four investors, and even the director had been appointed twice. The director even went to the southwest institute of physics of the nuclear industry for research. However, she could not get it.

Since last year, works on realistic themes such as the flying feathers of chicken and the name of the people have been popular, giving moran new hope. Last year, launched "my secret life", "anti-terrorism command" and so on the film and television play the famous producer of yoko find moran, who told her, willing to "my dear motherland" on the screen, "he said after watching the novels and the script is very touched, he was once a soldier, there is also a patriotic feelings, hopes to spread the story that scientists devote quietly." Yangzi said the theme of the work may not make money, but there should be such works on the screen, hope that "my dear motherland" as a gift to the motherland, they will also broadcast the platform targeted CCTV.

Just a few days ago, Yang zi and mo ran contacted CCTV about the work, and the other side also said that the work is good, but it still needs to be revised to win the recognition of the young audience, and sent two young scriptwriters to participate in the adaptation. Compared to urban emotional now fantasy, drama, "my dear motherland" may appear a little heavy, but in moran's view, this is a work of a similar "no ask seton hall" in the blundering now, still have so a group of scientists in pure and persistent in silently, "without a doubt," my dear motherland "is a theme of works, may not be happy, relaxed, like most of the TV series but I hope that through this, let everybody know about the works of a group of people is such a life, struggle, even in the adverse circumstance still stuck to his post, stirs the audience patriotism, increase our sense of national pride, Infect the audience."

"Many people want jin dong and wu gang to play the role. If that's good, of course. We have good scripts and of course we need good actors to write them again. We also hope that the show will move the actors and lower their pay.