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Gildardo Zambrano Pantoja works exhibition situation

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Collective exhibition "vision of colors" II, city: Santiago, Chile - location: cultural centre "GABRIELA MISTRAL" date: January 4, 2018 solstice February 23;

Collective exhibition IX art salon 2007 city :Barichara, Santander - republic of Colombia December 29, 2017 solstice January 20, 2018

Collective exhibition "view of colors" city: republic of Chile - republic of Chile - Arlegui street 68, date: July 17, 2017 solstice August 19;

Collective exhibition "contemporary image" city :Cali, colombia-domo library, "Jorge garces Borrero," date: June 1, 2017 solstice 30;

Contemporary art masters, virtual exposure on Facebook, today's top art masters;

BEATRICE CLOAKE from the UK, 59 exhibitors from around the world, works of art, opening: April 21, 2017;

Second international conference, horse art Colombian city: Bogota colombia-showroom: auditorium at Narino agency in Bogota, date: 10 solstice 31, March 2017;

Cosmetic EXPOCOLECTIVA national city ", "Gualajara 2016, miss bunny city: guadalajara, rabbit, columbia-atrium, railway station audience contact, rabbit, date: September to December 2016;

A large exhibition in France, "classical to contemporary" city: BOURGES, France - exhibition hall: prieuri D 'allichamps, France bull day (France), date: 5 solstice 30, September 2012;

The 52nd anniversary of the "collective" MULTIFORMES contact leakage of Esc, Alexandria gutierrez city: -- manitales, republic of Colombia at court esagu-3 solstice 10, May 2004;

Exhibition at book fair, city republic of Colombia Bogota, facilities, CORFERIAS - date: April 1999;

University collective exhibition anniversary valley city: Tulua valley room, exhibition, headquarters Tulua valley university, June 1, 1998.

Art exhibition - 106-year-old collective "Colombia national city police, police school Tulua valley" - "Simon date: October 30, 1997 solstice November 10;

"Hundred collective even - Colombian police" city Tulua valley room, exhibition police academy Simon. Date: April - November 1991;

Collective exhibition - "the street of the arts," manilis city - 5 January solstice 15 Columbia this year book fair - 1984 manilis;