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Qin jingen main achievements

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Xinhua, China's scientific network, "proceedings in China" "Chinese discipline inspection report" people's artist magazine, journal of Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese painting and calligraphy newspaper, the youth calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy, anhui radio and TV station "in the first place" on its calligraphy art achievement all do feature story, art net, baidu, the Chinese love art net, China online art network have Qin Jingen individual's official website.

Calligraphic artworks have been invited to national and provincial exhibitions for many times. He has published more than 70 professional papers and reviews in core and professional journals such as literature and art review. Published studies of calligraphy seal cutting Wen Cong - are > < art, sketch books, relief "(people's fine arts publishing house), the book, yi - Qin Jingen calligraphy and painting theory. Essays free copies of books, yi - Qin Jingen calligraphy (Chinese literature publishing house)," Chinese calligrapher, complete banqiao, "(hebei education publishing house), letter gentleman's motto of contemporary calligraphy (anhui province fine arts publishing house), and other 10 monograph.