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Rooted in a good cultural soil, literary critic He Daxin topic hot topic!

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Where did human beings originate? I believe this is a question for many people? At 19:00 on August 19th at 3:00 pm, the "Classic Art Forum" 2017 the thirteenth speakers - the famous literary critic, the former secretary of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television Secretary, Secretary of Xinhua News Agency, Sichuan Branch of the former party secretary, president He Daxin, one by one for you to answer doubts.
       He Daxin, Southwest University of Finance and Economics doctoral tutor, visiting professor. He worked in Xinhua News Agency from 1983 to 2005 and successively served as a reporter and reporter stationmaster, director, deputy editor-in-chief, vice president and president. Between the 1980s and the early 1990s, the original invention and the first publication of "Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Bypass," "Referee should not play football," "Gold is not a brand name," "Firstborn Republic" and other articles in the People's Daily and Xinhua After its publication, it has become the national public language after many years of its spread. For more than 30 years, he has published more than 30 theses in magazines such as "Economic Studies" and "Chinese Journalists" in addition to news works. He won the first prize of China News Award in 1992 and the second prize of China News Award in 2004.
       In recent years, He Daxin has been committed to the study of cultural origins and characteristics. In the lecture, when it comes to "the origin of mankind" and "the soil of culture," he proposed: From a biological point of view, humans are animals and are advanced animals evolved from ancient apes; and from a cultural point of view Look, people are plants, what kind of cultural soil, there is what kind of person. The company is located in:
What kind of cultural soil, what kind of people?
       "Human beings originated in Africa and culture grew out of the earth, created by alluvial fans, and stood on hind legs. We are Chinese, speak Chinese and write Chinese characters. From a historical point of view, we are integrated into a multi-ethnic lineage Of our culture, our culture is integrated into the culture of multi-ethnic culture. "He Dasheng on the cultural soil, put forward their own unique views.
      Benevolent Leshan, wise Le water. He believes that "institutions and institutions are also grown out of the soil, what kind of cultural soil, what kind of person." Different regions, because of its climate, geology, astronomy and other factors, and then have different ways of life As well as living habits, have produced a very different personality.
       Cultural soil is the mother of many forms of culture. Languages, songs, dances, writing, poetry, music, philosophy, religious practices, cities, lifestyles and modes of production were the first examples of cultural expressions that emerged from the soil . By exemplifying the different personalities and lifestyles of the Yellow River civilization and the Yangtze River civilization, the Eskimos and the Southern Yangtze River tea-picking women, it shows that the cultural expressions they create  and love are different.
Only the nation, is the world
       At all times and in all countries, the difference between strength and strength is the military; the difference between rich and poor is the economy; and the one that distinguishes the country, the nation, the city, and the people is culture. He Daxin talked about in the lecture: "Faith is the highest manifestation of culture and religion is the extreme manifestation of culture." The ideas of the ancient sages in China, such as Lao Tzu and Confucius, are profound and profound. They are not only the nation, but also the precious culture of the world heritage. "Cultural renaissance", "religious reform" and the French Enlightenment also have an important influence on the world culture.
      In the questioning session, we asked questions from the audience about the status quo of "Chinese culture and soil" and "How to make cultural soil more nutritious?" He Daxin gave a satisfactory answer. The soil of Chinese culture now presents a messy and differentiated state. However, Chinese culture needs to go global, blend in with the world culture, absorb the best of its essence, and make its dross so rich in cultural soil that it is prosperous. He Daxin emphasized that the total amount of culture should be narrowed. The people should not be separated too much from one another. Too much emphasis should be placed on the excavation and promotion of the languages and characters of small ethnic groups. We should retain the essence of what we recognize and World cultural integration. Culture first fusion, infection, culture should be used to output the infection. He expressed his approval of the concept of mainstreaming the classic culture.
      In the interview, the reporter learned that He Dagang held a highly recognized attitude towards the "classical art forum" held by the Classical Department. During the interview, he said: "I think" the classic art pulpit "has been in operation in Chengdu for so long and has a wide range of influence. It mainly manifests in the following three points: First, it builds an elegant palace in Chengdu's cultural life. In the past, classic art was often seen on television and in teaching materials, but in this way it was possible to meet with the public and influence the public. I think this form is particularly good in this way of setting up an elegant temple. Way is to combine economic and cultural factors, the combination of artistic accomplishment, cultural influence and business management, I think this is to explore a path, this path how to go, go to success, I think all Is a major event.Third, it is Chengdu's elegant culture, popular way to influence the public, inviting famous artists are advocating elegant art, to influence the public's cultural cells, art cells, to enhance the culture of the entire city Quality, artistic quality, I think it is a good thing.
       Hong classic culture, pass the famous Tai Ya, lead the public's bodybuilding. "Classic art forum" accompanied fans over a year time, the forum has been held 31, well received. Today, becoming the most famous art forum in Chengdu.