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Mr. He Daxin made a report on "Culture and Cultural Confidence" for teachers and students of Hehai University

Article source:Classic Department of cultural media

Release time:Mar 03, 2017Page view:245

On the afternoon of March 1, Mr. He Daxin, party secretary and director of the former Sichuan Radio, Film and Television Bureau, former director of the Proposal Committee of the Sichuan Provincial CPPCC and doctoral supervisor of the circulation economics of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, came to the second floor of the Conference Center of Jiangning Campus of Hohai University Conduct lectures. The lecture was entitled "Cultural and Cultural Confidence". Guo Jichao, deputy party secretary of the school party, presided over the meeting.
      He Daxin around the "culture of the importance of individuals and countries," launched a unique cultural perspective for the students about the origins of man. He pointed out that from a cultural perspective, people like plants, what kind of cultural soil, there is what kind of person. He then introduced the background and development of culture in detail from three aspects: "cultural reporter", "historical image of folk custom and culture", "literature and language, and backbone of history and culture".
       In addition, He pointed out that the distinction between strength and weakness is military; the distinction between rich and rich is economy; and the one that distinguishes the country from the nation, the city and the people is culture. Finally, Mr Ho mentioned that faith is the highest form of culture and that the lecture has a perfect ending.
       In this lecture, with his witty and erudite presentation, Mr. He carried out a special cultural lecture for his classmates so that everyone could understand more deeply the culture, understand the Chinese culture and strengthen their cultural confidence.