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Unlock Chinese Culture Genes and Explore Chinese Culture Soil

Article source:Student Affairs Office

Release time:May 10, 2016Page view:250

In May 2016, the Student Affairs Office launched a series of three seminars on "Culture and Soil Theory" at the Jincheng Lecture Hall. He was the tutor of doctor of circulation economics in Southwest University of Finance and Economics, former party secretary and president of Sichuan Branch of Xinhua News Agency, party secretary and director of Sichuan Radio, Film and Television Bureau, and visiting scholar of the National Education Foundation of China. State Council special government allowance.
      He is a senior reporter as well as an executive, academic and academic tutor. Due to his different identities and roles in his decades of experience, He Daxin possesses extensive knowledge accumulation, profound cultural accumulation, keen insight into social phenomena and deep analysis. He said: Any kind of cultural phenomenon, including literature, philosophy, music, clothes, language, customs, decoration, food and drink, is a plant growing out of the cultural soil of that country or nation - that is, cultural soil theory . Furthermore, what teachers bring to teachers and students a refreshing view: From a cultural point of view, people are not animals, but plants; what kind of elements in the cultural soil where people live, what kind of gene it forms.
        He taught Chinese teachers and students three cultural time soil, analyzed the Chinese cultural genes, including the origin of the culture, the specific cultural soil, cultural tension, as well as personal thinking of what the teacher of culture Four parts. In various parts of the lectures, Mr. He lectured extensively on various topics such as humanities, history, geography, philosophy, literature, anthropology, economics and so on in folk customs, literature and language, Chinese culture, religion and American culture Discipline of knowledge through communication, poetry come in handy, there are all kinds of interesting regional culture interspersed among them. Speaking of music part, teacher He even hummed the music of all parts of the country on the scene, the audience listened with great interest. For related majors, they broaden their professional knowledge; for non-related majors, they accepted a very complete knowledge of humanity.
      In addition to explaining the knowledge, Teacher He gave young students some advice. For example, the comparison between people should be "the quality of thinking." For our own culture, we do not always have to "understand", but we must "know" ...... This series of lectures is not just a cultural The spread of knowledge, it is even a collision of thinking. The purpose of introducing this series of lectures by the Student Affairs Office is to help needy students improve their humanistic accomplishments, widen their thinking and enhance their thinking.
       Explore excellent culture and enhance the ideological taste, the college will continue to launch high-quality lectures to help students with the internalization of humanistic literacy to enhance the overall ability and ideological self-cultivation, enhance the personal charisma and self-confidence of college students.