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Exhibitions in el Salvador and other countries

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Some exhibitions in el Salvador:

He has exhibited individually and collectively in Credisa, Atlacatl, gallery 1.2.3. Director-general of the French federation, development, university of el Salvador, communications and education technology, Laberinto gallery, United States centre. Blue and white gallery (2007), photography: "third eye (2006)" and painting: "blue" (2007). Esfoto, in the important, Casa DE la Cultura Centro DE San Salvador(2007), shape museum. ESFOTO- el Salvador 2007 cultural center sv, supports art at the museum in 2008. Hocus Focus, Mars museum 2008.

Exhibitions in other countries:

Art galleries and galleries at the San Diego academy of art. Art interaction in New York, San Francisco, el Salvador consulate in Washington, central American art gallery, former Guatemala. Sibu gallery, Guanacaste, costa rica. From Galeria castle in costa rica. Benacazon palace, Toledo, Spain 2008; The third Fugalternativa exhibit, 2012, Campestre tower, el Salvador. On June 13, 2013, Galeria Marta Traba, Brazil, Brazil. Don jose hotel guesthouse, Guatemala, 2014. Patricia munoz in Barcelona, Spain, in 2014, seven sleepless nights... Tecleao, DLC 2016, "Disko", culture and art, tecleao, DLC 2016, at tecleino palace, December 4, 2014. Orio is displayed on screen at the Dazzler hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Exhibition of contemporary painting salon 2016.

Thursday, October 20, 2016, in the temporary lounge of the former President's residence. 2016 international painting exhibition, meduna schneider art museum, SAN pedro, California. IN3 exhibition in New York -- 2016 window of video catalogue in New York. Exhibition on the road to art, legislative assembly el Salvador, nostalgia and progress, September 2018.