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Shen Dan

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Shen Dan, female, member of China Photographic Copyright Association, member of Sichuan Photographers Association, member of Sichuan Artistic Photographers Association, member of Chengdu Photographers Association, member of Chengdu National Photographers Association, CLATIA Classics signing photographer, photography Top ten photographers and contract photographers.
    Focus on photography for nine years. In the early days, it was published in the online media and the state press and publication department, and published papers and photographs. He has participated in various photography competitions and has won various awards including the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. The works "Peach Blossom" and "Xicun Night" participated in the promotion of Chengdu's image and were selected into the album "Chengdu Chengdu" and "National Center City - Vitality Chengdu". Works such as "Great Earthquake - Group Photo", "Peach Blossom", "Mother and Daughter", "Tibetan Afternoon Tea", "School", "Flower Marriage", "Huada Riding", etc. The works participate in different film festivals.
    During the trip to Nepal in April 2015, in the event of the 8.1-magnitude earthquake in Nepal, on the day of the earthquake, he was commissioned by Chengdu Business Daily to conduct a special interview and report on the Nepal earthquake. After returning to China, the business newspaper held this special. The Nepalese filming party; the group photos taken during the Nepal earthquake were also published in the "Full Search" media. In 2015, he actively participated in the "Hirth of the Himalayas, Eternal Nepal" exhibition organized by the "Huaxi Dushi Bao" and the Capital of Photography. Many works were selected for the album "Himalayan in the Heart, Eternal Nepal" for Nepal. The people are doing their best to raise money. In the "Chengdu Business Daily" held the best citizen citizen selection, I was fortunate enough to be selected and won the title of the best citizen. The work "Disaster" was selected as the top ten works of Chengdu Business Daily.
    In recent years, I have never stopped photography and related fields, and I have participated in the "Chinese Photographers Association Provincial Level Enhancement Class" study, the photography photography class held by the China Photography Magazine, and the literary backbone selected by the Chengdu Federation of Literature and Art to focus on training at Fudan University. At the same time; under the leadership of Chinese photography predecessors, Chinese photography critics; further broaden the scope of photography and skills; these years have never stopped photography, and long-term follow-up of the topic, in order to form a more complete series of humanistic shooting works.