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Experts discuss Li Di's new book " black case"
Experts discuss Li Di's new book " black case" Source: Wen yi Bao | Li Xiaochen, June 21, 2018, 15: 34 On June 13, the " black case" work seminar sponsored by the " Chinese writer" magazine was held in Beijing. More than 30 experts and scholars, including He Jianming and Gao Hongbo, vice-chairmen of the Chinese writers association, and Wu Yiqin, member of the secretariat of the Chinese writers association, attended the discussion. Everyone discussed the literary characteristics and artistic exploration of this work. The seminar was presided over by Wang shan, editor-in-chief of the Chinese writer. " black case" was published in the 6th issue of 2018 of the documentary edition of " Chinese writer". it is a non-fiction work written by writer Li Di for two years, based on the story of public security cadre Li guohe and based on in-depth interviews with the parties concerned and a large amount of data. The work is an artistic representation of an unjust case in which the black evil forces conspired with the " umbrella" to imprison the public security bureau chief and the relevant policemen because of the obstruction of their interests. Fan yongge, Li bingyin, Huang Chuanhui, Zhang Ce, Zhang Yiwu, Li Jianjun, Gao Wei, ding Xiaoping, Li Guoqiang, Liu Xiaowei, Wang Guoping, Zhu Jing, Li peiyu and other writers and critics talked at the meeting that " the black case" is a powerful, responsible and emotional work, which has important practical significance in today's era. The courage of the work to set foot in serious subject matter and complicated contradictions and conflicts shows a spirit of momentum and courage to bear, full of critical spirit, and well reflects the social responsibility and humanistic feelings that reportage should bear for those who suffer injustice. This work comes from reality and from life, whipping false ugliness and promoting positive energy. Everyone also mentioned that as a documentary literary work, the black case has good literariness and readability. The author is good at observing and capturing many details that other people are not aware of, weaving these details into stories of endless suspense quietly, at the same time, he can create characters and tell stories in popular and vivid language, thus attracting many readers. Over the years, Li Di has invested great efforts and enthusiasm in the literary creation of public security themes. he has been deeply living in this field all the year round and is familiar with the work and life of front-line public security policemen. at the same time, he has sincere respect and emotion for them. In order to write the " black case", he spent two years in-depth visits to relevant places before and after the interview. the interview of the parties involved in the case ensured the literary quality of the work, which also reflected the writing posture and ideal feelings a writer should have today.
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The spirit of Beijing's 70 - year - old man, Egyptian red sea, who fought bravely to save lives was praised by all
The spirit of Beijing's 70 - year - old man, Egyptian red sea, who fought bravely to save lives was praised by all 2018-03-31 23:30 Seven color sea Li peiyu On the flight from cairo to luxor, I suddenly thought of the color of the sea. Is the sea colored? Yes, the blue sea, still to say. What about the red sea? The next stop for our trip to the middle east is the world-renowned Egyptian red sea. Travel itinerary wrote: the hotel staying tonight is called the red sea hotel. This reminds me of the color of the sea - is it red? Is the hotel red? Some of the peers have done their homework in advance. they said that there are several sources of red sea names, one is seasonal red algae. Second, because the nearby mountains are mostly red. The third is a local race named red. The fourth is the edge of the guide ( corresponding to the north of the black sea ). the red sea is " the sea of the south". Another point is that ancient Egypt called the desert red land, and this sea is connected to the desert, so it is called the red sea and so on. Having been in close contact with the red sea, he completely overthrew the " homework". in this resort paradise, which is reputed as one of the three largest diving holy places in the world, the sea water is clear and blue, there is no red algae and there is no red mountain range. It would be futile to wait until the sunset to capture even a little red sea water reflected by the sunset glow. No wonder a poet once described the red sea like this: " the enchanting blue in Egypt's long yellow sand. " the poet also asserts that anyone who has been to the red sea will leave an unforgettable experience. This remark has really come true in our party. Please look at the day of the " experience," the Beijing evening news reported at the first time: " March 17, 2017, on the afternoon of March 16, local time in the red sea of Egypt ( around 18: 00 Beijing time ), a female tourist from China experienced panic and fear sinking when trying to dive and shouted" help me! I can't do it, help me! " a man from Beijing swam to the rescue immediately after hearing the news with the freestyle standard posture. The man took the woman's hand with the standard rescue action, but the woman was unable to paddle and lay on the man's back with difficulty. the man still struggled to lean toward the yacht with the freestyle marker. with the help of the crew throwing ropes, the woman was rescued. It was not until after the rescue of the us warriors on board that people learned that the rescuer, who did not hesitate, was over 70 years old. People applauded for him, both for his spiritual character and for his strong physique. It is known that the name of a 70 - year - old man is fu Changning. He crossed the Yangtze river several times during his time as a soldier in Wuhan. The following note reads: " reporters Li peiyu and Wen were taken together. " in fact, I retired from the news post when I posted this news. it was a leisure trip with my friends. it was only a habit that I had formed during my career as a reporter for more than 30 years. I couldn't help but grab and post a live news. Eldest brother fu is the eldest brother of our line. he did not hesitate to jump off the sea to save people. it did not surprise us at all. his wechat image has always been his military uniform photo. the red collar and cap badge are proof! The rescued beauty cried out loudly: " rich eldest brother! " rich sister-in-law also cried. she was distressed by her wife and said," our family's rich old is the best! " Is this " experience" really unforgettable? Since then, when someone mentioned the red sea, I will think of rich elder brother. I always think that the red sea is related to red, and the color is reflected in our hearts. This reminds me of the color of the sea, and there is also a thrilling real story. A middle-aged man who was completely ignorant of water and did not even enter the swimming pool accidentally fell into the vast sea in the middle of the night. after drifting at sea for 18 hours, he was miraculously alive. This is a university teacher named Liu Wei. I remember when he finally agreed to my interview, he said, " do you know what color the sea is? It was horrible and dark! " he recounted that while drinking on the cruise ship deck late at night, he stumbled over a chain and fell into the sea. The instinct of survival made him find that he would not sink into the sea when lying flat. he slowly learned to tread water without any teacher. occasionally he could raise his head and look around him. he said, it is better not to look at the sea. why is the sea black? it is so frightening and desperate! Eighteen hours went by. when his life was going to be exhausted and he was struggling for the last time, the " shenzhou" of the motherland, a huge ship of 100,000 tons that passed through the channel, found him! Liu Wei was rescued! I am also the author of this incident. the report " the shock of the Bohai sea - Liu Wei's 18 - hour floating miracle of survival" is the award-winning title of the 2008 China news award. Naturally, Liu Wei and I have become frequent friends. It has been eight months since he made up his mind to set foot on the road to Shanghai to repay his kindness. He said that he first lived in his younger brother's home in Shenzhen and let him hold himself to watch the sea adaptively at the seaside until he saw that the sea was no longer dark but slowly turned into a warm color. only then did he dare to revisit the " shenzhou". The color of the sea is black and warm to Liu Wei. I can't help thinking that I went to sea for the first time when I was an intern in Tianjin daily more than 30 years ago. That day, Lu qi, an old reporter, played " ticket protection" to the director of the department before he was able to take me aboard a fishing boat. we had to go out to sea with the fishermen to catch crabs. My excitement was quickly swept away by the surf, dizzy and vomiting. An uncle fisherman hugged me and was not afraid to dirty his clothes. he comforted me and said, have you never boarded such a small boat? Vomited completely and passed. Looking at teacher Lu qi again, he vomited worse than me. he cried out, " I want to jump into the sea! " if it weren't for the two strong men holding him, he might have really jumped off. Afterwards, I really " vomited completely". it's all right. I can still hold my camera and take pictures of a dozen fishermen one by one. After returning to the newspaper, we completed a newsletter " busy catching crabs in spring flood". Teacher Lu and I took photos with those simple and kind fishermen in the deep sea working area, which have been preserved in my photo album so far. The sea in the black-and-white photo is gray, of course, but in my heart it is such a vast and endless dark blue sea. " we have encountered icebergs, and the extremely blue sea water is reflected as a piece of white! " at the time of writing this article, several of my news colleagues were on board a research ship that was crossing the drake strait to advance to the south pole. A man sent a picture through wechat: how spectacular is the scenery of the Antarctic sea area with snow-white icebergs springing up on the horizontal sea surface! No one will say " white sea" even if they do not reach antarctica, and they will not even think about it. The red sea is not necessarily red, the water in the black sea is not black, and the yellow sea is certainly not yellow. Red, black, gray, white, green, warm and blue are all colors in people's hearts. The sea has its own color. Hemingway's " the old man and the sea" has a description of the color of the sea and is also changeable. Besides, different people read Hemingway in different moods and feel different colors of the sea. There is a song called " seven colors of light". there should also be an article called " seven colors of sea".
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Anchor today: Li peiyu ( writer )
Anchor today: Li peiyu ( writer ) 2018 - 03 - 24 08: 50 writer source: Wen yi Bao Today is March 24, 2018 Saturday Lunar February 8th In this issue of the micro - broadcast, writer Li peiyu will share with you excerpts from his prose " yellow river bay Flos sophorae". Yellow river bay Flos sophorae ( excerpt ) Li peiyu There are 99 yellow river bays in the world, the most beautiful of which is gankun bay in Yonghe county, Shanxi province. In the drizzle, we wound up along the mountain road. when standing on the sightseeing platform halfway up the mountain overlooking gankun bay, we were shocked by her magic, beauty and spectacular scenery. Starting from Bayan har, the yellow river raced all the way through the shanxi-shaanxi grand canyon, flowing 68 kilometers through Yonghe county, leaving the most beautiful seven bays. Seven bay, bay bay scenery is not enough; The most beautiful thing in spring is that the yellow river bank is full of Flos sophorae immaturus. Interesting to say, we came to Yonghe this time to see Flos sophorae immaturus. How can you not be intoxicated when you meet with Flos sophorae immaturus everywhere, place yourself in the white and purple flower sea, smell its faint fragrance of flowers, and bite on the freshly baked Flos sophorae cake? That year, Mao Zedong led the red army to the crusade and passed by Yonghe. the troops once brought down mountain spring water for villagers from the mountain. the spring water was called " red army spring". Now more than 80 years have passed, the spring still gurgled out sweet spring water, moistening the people of shilibaxiang. Flos sophorae immaturus smells good in may. When we came to Yonghe, it was precisely the spring season when Flos sophorae was flourishing. During this trip, apart from the overseas Flos sophorae, which has been thrown into the arms of the yellow river bay and has a panoramic view of the mountains, there is another thing that came at Yonghe's " famous product" - Flos sophorae cake. When did Sophora japonica cake become famous? Just at Yonghe county deputy head Cheng Wanjun, he knocked on a gong: " Kuang Kuang! "" Mao Mao Mao! Shouting: " come and buy the delicious Sophora flower cakes! " at that moment. Yonghe Sophora flower cake " knocks" to become famous. " Kuang Kuang" because it was at the provincial famous agricultural products fair during the spring festival. " Mao Mao Mao" because it is on the streets of Taiyuan, the capital city! Deputy county magistrate Cheng Wanjun also became famous with " one stroke," Kuang " and" Mao Mao " and was called" cheng gong ". Before the gong sounded, the young deputy county magistrate had done " homework" for more than a year: he had traveled all over Yonghe's Flos sophorae valley. When does the white one open? When does the purple one open? When is picking the most fresh? Is sweet taste good for sale or salty taste popular? Yonghe county in Shanxi is one of the poverty-stricken counties in the country. however, like the mother of the yellow river, she raised the red army with Flos sophorae during the course of the Chinese revolution and supported an important red base area in the shanxi-shaanxi border region. Today, we have been slow to come, and we will return to the long March 80 years later. Yellow river bay, Flos sophorae, so heavily into each of us in the heart! On the day of leaving Yonghe, the weather was fine and the air was filled with fresh Flos sophorae. Deputy head of " cheng banggong" took us on our way to high-speed railway station, Huozhou, and took a detour to a logistics website. In the neat shop, the computer flickered along the way. The shelves were filled with Yonghe's own honey, red dates, walnuts, millet and other local products. there were dozens of varieties of Flos sophorae immaturus cake alone. The young deputy county magistrate said that this is the first internet e-commerce company supported by our county finance. it has just started to develop both online and offline. In more than a month, Yonghe fresh Flos sophorae, Flos sophorae cake, as long as you like, a little mouse, here can be shipped to customers across the country ... I looked forward to it silently. Calculate the day, when this humble book was published, Shanxi Yonghe's Flos sophorae online store should also be successfully debugged, and go online smoothly ...... Anchor today: Li peiyu Li peiyu, who won the " China news award" for five times, is also the winner of the first national " sun Li newspaper supplement editorial award". He has published works such as " entering the Jiao Yulu world", " waves at the bottom of the pen" and " there is always a small river flowing in his heart". Text editor | Xu Ying
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There is always a warm flow in my heart
"There is always a river flowing in the heart" by li peiyu, published by the author press in July 2017. Ji xianlin once said that the essence of prose lies in "true feelings". Prose reading of pei yu teacher "there is always a river flowing in the heart", in terms of subject matter content, whether writing ci writing content, or seen and felt on the trip, memory of the people that matter, in my hometown scenery along, between the lines filled with a feeling of family love, friendship, teachers and students, the friendship of classmates, writing is also a pen to meaning to, don't fancy, not grandiose, emotion in simulations of nature such as words, insipid, cordial and deep. After reading, let me feel, there is always a warm current flowing in the heart. Especially in the current world of indifference and numbness, it can touch the softest place in your heart. Maybe it's a careless word, a trivial thing, or a piece of writing that reminds you of a memory. In middle age, there are still a few people who remember his elementary school teacher. How many people can visit a middle school teacher every Spring Festival? Who would remember a class in high school and a teacher writing in the text? At the teacher's day topic, Mr. Peu volunteered that he could write the teachers in elementary, middle, high school and even college. Time flies. The white hair in the blink of an eye, indifferent to look back, the feeling of teachers and students still lingering in the heart. "My teacher" laundry list "of the teacher the look of love, inculcation of teacher, the teacher's voice, warm accompanied him all the time, never far from, and these sincere words like a cup of hot tea, tasting, delicious, warm heart. In pei yu teacher heart, is not only all the way to grow all the way to cultivate teacher, forever engraved in his heart is in shunyi Xie Xinzhuang cut in line of the educated youth classmate, zhao hall child hutong 15 compound grew up with partners, minority girl dropouts in remote mountainous areas, as well as colleagues in organizations... There are always some people in the sea of people who let him miss, let him care. "Lane didn't have the" make a hutong fixation in the childhood I have found the thought and emotional resonance, and the hero together with a full of childhood friends train, through 40 years time tunnel, went to the alley full of warm, sincere, natural, simple, recalls a childhood story, about today's situation, the harmony, affection let the heart warm, fuzzy feeling flew. The hutong is gone, the people still in, the sentiment is still thick. That kiss! Really want to back to the alley between the old house, where there is my dear grandpa, young parents, happy little sisters, and foot cathole door inside drill to drill to the kitten, and every day you come to me to, and pushed the door and into the old neighbor. The structure of the article is novel, the language is plain, fascinating, let a person sometimes immerse in the environment, sometimes imagination. In a word, I feel the true feelings, true nature and talent of teacher pei yu. It is said that "the ability to touch people and make people tremble" is the standard to measure a good work. "the work of human nature will resonate with people". It is this warmth and hope, like a warm current flowing in the heart, inadvertently opened the heart, light and warm, let people feel very comfortable. Reading Mr. Pei yu's prose also reminds me of a sentence that the teacher once said: "good prose is not scattered." Indeed, the works in this book, material from dribs and drabs of life, what is seen thought, space, time, the earth, the countryside, Kyoto is with easy, but have read closely around a beautiful soul, deep bottom of my heart, for a long time unforgettable. This is the artistic merit of the author.
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Miyun Branch Lecture Hall invited Mr. Li Peiyu lectures
On September 23, the famous writer Li Peiyu should be invited by Miyun Yun, vice president and writer Wang Yandan to come to Miyun Branch of Beijing Open University to write a series of essays for literary lovers of the literary lecture (WANG Ye-Dan Literature Salon) Thematic lectures. The lecture, Li Peiyu bring their own new work, "there is always a small river flowing in my heart." He started with a few articles in the book and introduced the concept of prose writing, writing skills and four kinds of prose writing themes. Later, he combined his own work, to share with you some of his experience and skills in prose writing. Li Peiyu lectures explain profound theories in simple language, fascinating, literary lovers listen earnestly, benefit greatly. Li Peiyu is currently the vice chairman of Beijing Dongcheng Writers Association, a member of Beijing Writers Association, a member of Chinese Writers Association and a director of China Biographic Society. Published "into the Jiao world", "your friend Li Xuejian" "pen wave" and so on. His works have won the "China News Award" for five times and the winner of the first edition of "Editorial Award of Sunlix Newspaper Supplement". The reportage won the Gold Award of Supplements of Newspaper Award of China Newspaper. In recent years, the prose has won the first prize of "People's Literature" "Guanyin Mountain" national travel literature essay award, "Liberation Army Daily" "Long March Literary Award", Beijing Writers Association "around" theme essay Wait. Many works won the national annual selection and some provinces and cities in the Chinese language test paper, reading counseling materials. (Beijing University of Open Miyun Zhao Liqing contribution)
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Li peiyu's collection of essays
Li peiyu's prose collection, "there is always a river flowing in the heart", recently published by the author press. The author in 1982, graduated from China people's university of journalism, daily work more than 30 years in Beijing, a senior editor title, a former news and writing magazine editor and director for the Beijing daily supplement, currently he is member of Chinese writers association, Beijing writers association, vice chairman, Beijing east district essays to secretary general. The work has won the "China journalism award" for five times, and was also the winner of the first national "sun li newspaper supplement editorial award". In 1971, he began to publish his works when he was studying in Beijing no.2 middle school, and he has been writing for more than 40 years. It has been published "into the world of jiao yulu" and "the waves of the pen". In recent years, essays, essays and poems have been selected in the national anthology. Won the award of "people's literature" national travel literature essay prize, "the people's liberation army daily" "long march literature prize", Beijing writers association essay first prize, etc. The book is a collection of the author's dozens of new works published in the press in recent years, which are divided into four volumes: "river flow", "rumination", "wear pearls" and "snow fall silent". Responsible editor: sun mengyuan (QZ0004)
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Li peiyu of thumb up of liang heng is worthy of your silent reading
There is always a river flowing in my heart. Book recommendation There is always a river flowing in my heart. By li peiyu Published in July 2017. There is always a river flowing in my heart. Liang heng, a famous writer, recommended him. Artist li xuejian is good friend thumb up. Liang Heng: Good prose is undoubtedly the bundle of life. As we read it, we seem to hear the sound of our own heart beating, which is struck by the words of the writer. It is this kind of feeling that read the essays of pei yu. I thought that the most important characteristic of pei yu's article was that he was the kind of worry in his heart, and the heart of the people, and he was not abandoned to the countryside. Zu-fen Chen: Pei yu's writings impress the readers, just like his life, without skill, only with the heart. I can't help but sigh, the world of pei yu, surging so thick, thick feeling. Ken peng: As the external counterpart of the spirit, prose does not select a particular object or place. Li Peiyu of "there is always a stream flowing in the heart", wrote to jump the queue when ZhiQingDian near the river, from content to write is not new, but still got to lament unceasingly, is that it tells the main memory of the most wonderful time in my life. The youth is interwoven with ignorance and longing, "just at the time", with its deep humanity foundation, can arouse the widest resonance. Xuejian li: More than twenty years ago, the first time I read pei yu's article, I was "shocked" -- it was written about me. Since then, we have encouraged each other in our respective fields and walked through the spring, summer, autumn and winter. His articles are warm, he embraced life with his blood, his heart was not extinguished, and he warmed the hearts of his family, friends and readers. I like the prose collection of pei yu, I sincerely for him thumb up! There is always a river flowing in my heart. sequence Liang Heng At the beginning of the New Year, from WeChat friend circle, he knew that pei yu was invited to lecture in dongcheng district library. His title was "prose, accompanied by the beauty of life". Prose in China is the source of all forms of writing. In ancient times, classic good prose is everywhere. The essayists believe that, first of all, to talk is a human instinct, just as the water in a container is full of nature. And it is far better to write down what you are thinking than to say it verbally. Phase synchronization, and writing the external behavior is experienced, thoughts of comb, from erratic emotions cloud touch to the true state of the soul, the fragmentary fragment feeling deduces the concept of a complete system. Liang said in "the theory of prose", "prose is not a certain format, is the most freedom, but also the most not easy disposal, because a person's personality thought, nothing to hide in the prose, filed a pen to the author's whole character lies to show it." Good prose is undoubtedly the bundle of life. As we read it, we seem to hear the sound of our own heart beating, which is struck by the words of the writer. It is the feeling that "there is always a river flowing in my heart" by yu yu's collection of essays. I have been friends with peiyu for many years, and this is related to our Shared experience -- as well as graduating from the renmin university of China, all of them started from journalists and then entered the ranks of writers. When I was working for the national press and publication administration, he was the editor in chief of news and writing magazine, which was sponsored by the Beijing daily newspaper. Later, he was transferred to the deputy director of the daily newspaper, and I wrote for the supplement. The agony and sweat when I work, is he looking for, including the article carry certain "risk", later caused a sensation in the society of the zhang wentian: see a dusty dirt bury the glorious soul ". The Beijing daily has been a big hit with a full-page publication. There is such a deputy director, it is difficult not to run the supplement. Later, the Chinese newspaper supplement research institute awarded the first "sun li newspaper supplement editorial award" to pei yu, I thought it deserved. In recent years, when he retired from the post of the deputy director, he concentrated on writing. When I was lucky enough to read his new work in recent years, it was like a feeling of kinship. I thought that the most important characteristic of pei yu's article was that he was the kind of worry in his heart, and the heart of the people, and he was not abandoned to the countryside. He did not have the poor spirit of a man of letters. Existence determines consciousness, which is due to his two origins. The first is the knowledge, the blood has the gene of the land; After the journalist, the research society, the eyes often contain tears, the heart of the situation. He is not a pure scholar. This is also the tradition of all our news people, from fan changjiang to deng. The first volume of this collection of essays, "the river flows", is to express the feelings of the state. The opening of "always a river in the heart" can be regarded as the representative work of pei yu, originally published in the People's Daily, and was selected for several years of prose anthology. As I read, my thoughts followed him, and I really wanted to go back to the village with peiyu to see the nameless river that had been flowing in his heart. "That river, only xie xinzhuang; The youth of that time, only we affirm." In fact, it is in each of us. The writer Liang Heng Let me heartache and "return to Xie Xinzhuang", "my teacher" laundry list "of" mind "" unsinkable lake" and so on more than, especially his miss their loved ones "" qingming festival" emotion "and" heaven should have love, read, and let you than tears. Pei yu is also a master of prose writing. In the film "the snow falls silent", "the snow falls silent poinsettia" is to write li xuejian; "Far away" was written by wang lubin; "A big river wave" is written by qiao yu; The screen journey from yan 'an is written in blue. Especially like he wrote comic master Mr Li Binsheng marina old "New York luck", "" nine rank, and his writing writer friend knaggy write homesickness into the reader's heart, is the character of prose writing. Reading this collection of essays, a rare and flowery language, but natural, plain text, but often can stir up the reader's heart waves. The author himself begins by saying: "this story is not extraordinary." Ethnic minorities in remote mountainous area eight village a 6-year-old little girl, she said to the people, want a pair of shoes, size 36 (for my mom for), the story unfolds, the layers of progressive, ups and downs, was a tear-jerker. I know there are some better chapters that are not paid for all sorts of reasons. My order will stop here, and the good reading will unfold... 2017 zhongchun, Beijing. There is always a river flowing in my heart. directory Order (liang heng) The first stream flows. There is always a river flowing in my heart. Return to xie xinzhuang. My teacher "runs the bill" Attached: Spring Festival, missing a place. The echo A barber shop in the sea. The love of yaya village. "Qingming" sentiment. Love in heaven Letter of random thoughts Read to You're still in my heart. Miss zhao's lane 15. Don't sink lake The second episode made me think. To make me want to go to guizhou. Back in the dream, back to yan 'an. Love the han river. South of choi wan (chapter 4) And the girl I am in Dali The symphony of heart Fine TiaoYue o Jiangxi township two questions One day at jing ju temple Drunk in the furnace West out of the sunlight Zhouzhuang morning Passing through suining. Rizhao context The gold sand red rumours Cyclocarya paliurus Huanghe bay · pagoda flower. Crossing the kosi Master yixing Jinzhong's visit to the ideal Stand on the top of the Great Wall of the world. On the path of Taiwan. There are no coconut trees on the green island. Moving in Korea The third is wearing pearls. Put on a string of pearls. News 78 is an essay. "Heavenly horse" and "sweat horse" Test your The nation is not the national anthem. What time is it? Look at the mountains and see the water. A village and a book. The charm of Sherlock Holmes. Poland, you are so unforgettable. A drop of water reflects the beauty of humanity. On behalf of the generation, we visited wang meng. Why are essays indispensable? The fourth set of snow fell silent. The snow fell silent. See also XueJian Nine ranks of old "garden planting" Bin always sends me tea. The screen journey from yan 'an. Write the homesickness into the reader's mind. It is in the third river. In that faraway place. A river is wide and wide. The bohai sea fright A letter with temperature. There is always a river flowing in my heart. A letter with temperature. (postscript) When a book is published, it must be read by the reader, and the author's heart must be uneasy. I was especially upset when this collection of essays was on the bookshelf with ink. By the way, I have already published more than two or three books, will I be so heart? I want to publish a friend's letter, read it and then listen to me -- Dear Mr. Pei yu, Hello! I hope this letter will be one of the most memorable letters you have received. I wrote you a letter before. It was on a Sunday, and went to the small tianyu market for the unique, antique stationery. To you, wrote several other teachers for more than six letter, stamped, although not directly to the letter into the mailbox, but imagine the presence in Beijing, you receive letter from a friend of delight and moved... I think, this is also the emotional appeal of life. The feeling of writing a letter is a pleasant stillness. Although the letter was lost, you didn't receive it, but it's ok. Savoring what we need is just the process of writing. It is not necessary to have fancy writing paper and magnificent words. The friendship between our friends falls on paper and is more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers. He must remember that, because of the working relationship, our supplement editors often receive manuscripts and letters from various parties. In the face of unknown names and addresses, the author imagines the gender, age and occupation of the writer, then uncovers them and reads them one by one. The draft always had a letter, and the letter was not long. I cherish this letter that writes my name, then every collection. Time grew, and it became a thick one. I am writing this letter to you on February 24, the "the thoughts of the letter" which you published in the "earth" supplement of People's Daily. This article has aroused people's fond memories of the "letter writing" era. Infected by the article, I said, let's write. I did write a letter to you, although lost, but the silent warmth, can not erase. See words like face. He is kind, humorous and innocent. You always talk and laugh with each other, and sometimes you have the time to be together. Between us, you and the supplement of the feelings, and friends, subtle friendship is very true, calm in the long pure, more of the shandong laoxiang close. The words flowing out of your pen are always pleasant to read. On the note of time, these words let more people see your sketch: leave a candid in the heart. Keep the territory of your heart, and leave a pure land of your own worship. Several times, the wind, the road dust, the mountain light, yunnan Dali, shandong rizhao, jiangsu yixing... Unconsciously, I found that all the mood has been put on a pleasant light. Qin zhen, du jing, Chen rong, peng cheng, liwen, hymn, and tian xia, huang yan, hong wei, yuhua sister... So many of them have become friends with you. "My age is bright in my eyes," wang zengqi said. I have known you for nearly twenty years, and the sketch I have drawn for you seems to be always a sunny boy with a simple nature. When you talk freely with any friend, you share your diligence, your humility, your erudition, your optimism, and a sense of humor. These virtues are the templates of my study. Letter writing is a kind of warmth. Letters, written on paper, is a sincere friendship between friends. It is really a kind of fate to be together with your brothers and sisters. I cherish this fate. Some say, all the stories will be one day in the years of falling softly on the yellow, but I believe, you YinJiu each a small poem, every book is sentimentally attached to, will be in light color in the turbulent, with bright deductive splendid. Your book, thanks to an unwearied habit of reading, you have experienced the wind and rain, experienced setbacks, saw the rainbow, also witnessed the success. You write the joys and sorrows of yesterday, the new chapter is cut down, the beautiful today, the tide of the years, your heart from enron. Speaking of this, I remember that we were walking through the clouds in yixing bamboo sea. Good at discovering beauty, and leaving a beautiful moment for more people, your lens is a collection of the beauty of beauty and beauty, showing the spirit of jiangnan landscape. Now, the letter has become a kind of aesthetic luxury, your "the thoughts of the letter" published, so that many of my friends, including me, are deeply affected, as if back to the period of innocence. Your editor's "love in love", the most ordinary kinship of the people to move out the notes, into the work, rich and profound, and religious. From your generation, I want to write a spirit. This is also a symphony of harmony between you and this note. Your generation has faith, independence, self-struggle, confusion and vagueness, but more simplicity and goodness. These qualities are reproduced in the personality of the elder brother. Became memories from far apart from age, write a letter to review a happy and romantic warmth, appreciate the beauty of the details in the "writing", while the east west sentence format, but also touched me. There should be some surprises in the writing, the expression, the feeling, the smell and the ambience. Zhu peiyu is in good health and all the best! Shake hands! Friends HuaJing May 20, 2016. I am writing this letter to the talented woman writer hua jing, whose words have caused me to sink into the warmth. This letter is to use carbon pen GongGongZhengZheng beautifully written in the book of a notebook, I read the letter to find the page and characters, begin to look, see the headline "Li Peiyu Wen Lu", the following content is my recent articles published in newspapers and journals directory, prose, poetry, comment and essay, almost not missing a piece, even I am in New York in the self ", "new three worlds" and so on micro letter number on public works, and included in all. Looking at hua jing's handwriting, I am ashamed! She is not only a writer who has been above me, but she is also an editor of a senior literary supplement and now a deputy editor of a national newspaper. In front of such an expert reader, I have nowhere to hide. I know her sincerity, and know that she wishes me well. In this way, I compiled a list of the works that she had compiled for me, and made a preliminary compilation of the book "li peiyu's prose anthology". I think that if this little book publishing, even against their toil not simply summary, also to many encourage me, support me, at least not hate my friend's a writer, editor, and readers in return. The first reader of the book is Mr. Liang heng. The I respected the literature, busy leaned forward in the read one my book, and personally preface, I as a big brother's profound friendship and such a work of the few writers whip! The author May 2017 in daxing courtyard.
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Li Peiyu's essay "The Old Fools" Has Continued: Zhao Tangzi Hutong reunion nostalgia in the neighborhood life
June 4, 2017, Beijing, Yesterday, the old neighbors of Zhao Tangzi alley gathered together in Changping Xiangtang Culture Village, reminiscing the old friends, chatting, K songs, games, lucky draws, eating, drinking and being happy! Li Xiaoshu, the bus driver who drove for us, said that I have served so many teams and have never seen such a pro-old neighbors, so touched! Thanks to four bald children, such as the New Fourth Brother and his pretty capable daughter-in-law, who have been busy for a few days to meet the arrival of the old neighbors, each has a gift that is so thoughtful! If there is a train, say it will pass through the tunnel of time and bring you back to your childhood; and the carriage is already full of friends who were playing and growing up with you, and now you have reserved a seat for you. ? Come! I was with an inexplicable excitement, hurriedly rush to catch the train it. In fact, "car" is just a WeChat group recently established - Zhao Tangzi a small courtyard. Zhao Tongzi is a small alley in Beijing. It has a total number of more than 3,600 alleyways with names in Beijing. It is actually a small alley with a length of one to two hundred meters from east to west. However, the little alley has its own difference - it has a small square to the south of the west exit. Why is a small courtyard? Because it is not large or small, just installed a dozen in the alley, more than two dozen, the most prosperous childhood to reach thirty children. Our train conductor - leader, is President Liu. Although he retired as early as possible, he was always the principal in the eyes of the old alley of Zhao Tongzi alley. DingYi chickens just after the Spring Festival, the principals call in the group: let's get together. Immediately like a fried pot, the active person does not say, usually with "latent" mainly positive people also speak: support! support! Long live the principal! But our Zhao Tangzi alley, vanished due to road expansion 15 years ago, disappeared, where to find our little yard ah? There are lofty loudly put forward: "Alley no one still, the neighborhood reunion exceptionally pro!" Yes ah, people still, nothing can stop the thoughts, nostalgia, affection train out of the platform, towards our common sense That end point. The "terminal" is up, it is located in the original alley with the original alley east Tung Ching Bu alley in a restaurant. Female boss is also grown in alley, open the door to welcome the old neighbors to gather. When I climbed to the second floor or when I boarded the train, the cabin was a bit "crowded". At the sight of the banner is written "Alley no one still, the neighborhood reunion exceptionally pro - Zhaotongzi alley old neighborhood rebellion," so touching! "Yo, third brother come!" Recognized and unrecognized childhood partners together. I said, today are all used as a child's name is not good? Good! Agree Can be followed by the question: dog San Er, the dog four children, but also called the export it? When I looked at the grown-up little two children, now one is the leader of the police academy, one is the director of the Agricultural Bank of China. Also, when the face of grandchildren, two bald, three bald children, four bald children cried, is not it right? Thus, the provisional agreement, where harmless is still called the original name of children, such as me, they are called "the youngest children," and those who are themselves according to their generation "discretionary" can be called brother or uncle. Big straight son, tiger brother (hour companions deliberately called him a few tigers) is certainly the first allocated, plus such as the Ming San Ge (the original three bald child), is busy under the direction of President Liu moved TV, DVD machine, paste couplet. Looked at a few busy figure, Xiaoyingzi said, look, work, or how many of them ah! Dashunzi is a taxi driver in prime time, early out of the evening, hard-earned money, but the small courtyard of the neighborhood as long as something happens, on the BP machine "buckle" him, Shun Zi immediately arrived, never received neighbors one point money. This "Song Dacheng" straight Shun style has good news, the most beautiful girl in the alley Xiaoqing married him as a daughter-in-law. I saw them a few climbing hanging banners, escalators, legs, is the beauty of the year alley Aihua, Bao Rong, a little bit, and what the little sister, Liu little sister, our little alley where the neighborhood Love scene, warmth reproduction. "The car came!" The name of the car stem Zhou Xuan, a child do not recognize "Xuan" word, we all call him Zhou car dry. He was taught in a university in Langfang now. Although he has put on a high degree of myopia, most of the hair white, I still recognize him at a glance. And the little alley's neighbors recognized it. Drunk two years older than me, can be regarded as life the most bitter child, only to know exactly today, more than 40 years ago, every morning he waved higher than his broom sweep the street, only 13 years old, swept is Three years. In order to earn more money, he in addition to cleaning Zhao Tang alley, but also under the adjacent Yangzhao alley. At that time, in the early winter, the sky was still dark, and I was awakened by the sound of his "whack" and "rushing" street sweeping. Get up early carrying a school bag to go to school, in the dim lights, but also seen near the closing down of his work, his head braving a fiery look. He went to school hard, for a sister home, two brothers go to school. Later, he went to Yunnan, where he had lugged a heavy green banana and returned to Zhao Tongzi alley. He would like to thank the old people for their care for him after his departure from Beijing. That year I had already moved to leave a small alley, my brother called me, Zhou Xuan, is the car, back, give you a banana, have you a! My tears almost fall ... The reunion, the most let the car can not think of the most excitability is that the first one to meet and shake hands with his childhood friend, is Zheng Suyi. Sui is the daughter of the famous poet Zang Kejia. Zang old living in Zhao Tangzi alley for 40 years, is the common pride of this alley of old alley. Many people in the alley are ignorant of poetry, but they all speak: "Zang Kejia, the great poet in China!" Because many of them can tell the story of their close contacts with Zang, many families have encountered economic difficulties, And other issues, have received the attention of old poets and even direct help. In 2004, the Lantern Festival Zang lamented, but that year Zhao Tangzi alley had been dismantled, but the old neighbors were still there. They formed a condolencetal and carried their flower baskets to Zhaoba for the final journey. This scene touched the staff of the Writers Association. They put the baskets of "old neighbors" very close to the remains of Zang. Today, just as I was admitted to the university after my resumption of college entrance examination, I changed my destiny, and disclosed another good thing about Zang Lao. He said: "When the morning swept the streets, are empty stomach. Zang old know, every day to shop early to buy sesame seed, is a cents burned six cents, buy one more. In my hands I sometimes bite at me and told me not to tell anyone. " He asked Suy excitedly: "I never said, you and your family know it?" Suy tears shook his head. These words, lit the old Zang La deep nostalgia. Suy said that at that time the begonias in the academy were ripe and I was naughty enough to climb the tree with you. My dad shouted below: "pay attention to safety, do not fall Yo!" Haha, too unforgettable. Begonia tree, Zang Lao's former residence and Zhao Tangzi Alley's small courtyard, gone. However, people are still, love Yiyi. What kind of wine to drink dinner, what food to eat, no one tube. We are completely immersed in the unforgettable past. I can not help thinking of fifteen years ago, Dongcheng District South Street Zhaotangzi alley demolition soon, the old neighbors are for a special people to worry. This is the "two sister-in-law" of the destitute households who rely on the streets for "subsistence allowances" to maintain their livelihood. The kind and industrious rural woman, with all her heart and soul, pulled a large mum-bound child and brought along several children in her alley. My little nephew Li Gen, she brought big. Li Gen once reported to me that he would be back with a song, one mouth was actually a thick Shandong accent, "Laughing (small) mice, the first (light) Taiwan, steal the right (oil) to eat ... ..." I quickly stopped complaining A few words "two sister in law". During the year of demolition, she was seventy years old, and her neighbors habitually called her "sister-in-law." "Two sister-in-law," her husband died due to illness, dumb son and laid-off, living for decades that small house is not her real estate, and now the demolition, where the old lady live ah? At first, enthusiastic neighbors decided to raise funds for the "second wife" to gather enough to move back. Can street and Demolition Office said no, as long as the housing fund paid by her account, "subsistence allowances" can not hold, you have to cancel, "two sister in law" to eat what to eat in the future? Those days, we take turns on the demolition Office, saying that the "two sister-in-law" thing. Demolition Office of the comrades will inevitably do not bother, how to come to a long time President Liu, a while to a teacher Sun, while a private director of the Korean plant replaced? Come on, let's see Two comrades came, glanced at the eyes of children on the red. Finally, under the strife of demolition office leaders and neighbors, the "second wife-in-law" problem was solved. As the government came forward, she and her dumb son searched for a fairly large new bungalow in Dongsiwu and completed Transfer procedures. This is really a happy thing. I remember the day before the move, the seventy-year-old lady chopped a cabbage in the morning and wrapped a curtain with a curtain for children's dumplings. Please eat every household. "Two sister-in-law" died for many years. During the banquet, President Liu proposed to pay tribute to all our ancestors for all the late births. More than 30 people put together the glass, the scene is very solemn. The move here early attracted other guests to eat in the room, they have come around to see what happened after the child, praised endless, some people took the initiative to take our "family portrait." They said that we hutong neighbors should gather it! Yeah, it's time to get together. Hutong no one still, people in the sentiments in the neighbors who are really good and beautiful, I believe this heritage will be endless, from generation to generation. (Formerly People's Daily on March 18, 2017, this number is licensed to push, the picture provided by the author.) About the Author: The author of primary school pupils, grew up in a small courtyard. Li Peiyu, graduated from University Department of Journalism in 1982, is a senior editor of "Beijing Daily", former editor of "Journalism and Writing" magazine, and chief editor of "Beijing Daily". He is currently Secretary General of Beijing Association of Essay, Beijing Dongcheng Writers Association, Vice Chairman, Chinese Writers Association, China Biographic Society. Source: North late New Vision Network author Li Peiyu
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Li Peiyu "pen wave" published
Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Peiyu Beijing daily news and writing more than 30 years of painstaking "pen bottom waves", recently published by the Concentric Publishing House. As the focus of the agency launched the "veteran Appreciation of senior comrades" Volume II of this collection, selected 1978 - 2008, the author from a university journalism students to the newspaper reporters, chief reporter, senior reporter different Part of the news of the growth stage boutique. among them. "I write" peasants "flying", "white chicken is how to" fly "to the country", "I talk about exclusive news writing" and so on, is not only a creative journalist award-winning works of art writing experience, but also a senior editor of My 30 Years of Professional Journalism From the Combination of Theory and Practice. The famous author Chen Zufen wrote a long preface to the book, praising: "In a very materialistic era, there is a warm book," it is worth reading. (Literature and art)
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