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Zhao xiaowei's exhibition
Dec. 2014, Realism≠Realism – Chinese Contemporary Painter invitation Exhibition, HonYo Art Center, Beijing, China. Dec. 2014, Confrontation - Chinese Contemporary Young Artist, Beijing, China. Apr. 2017, Contemporary Xiamen – Modern Art Exhibition, Oriental Art Museum, Xiamen, China. May 2017, Isomerism - The Second Peace Art Exhibition, The Dragon Art Center, Beijing, China. Jul. 2017, Blending – The Third Peace Art Exhibition. Shang 8 Art Gallery. Beijing China. Sep. 2017,The Second Distinguished Bearing Invited Exhibition – Nature Investigation, PHOENIX–HANZHANG Art Space, Beijing China. Oct. 2017, Brooming Spaces-- Chinese Contemporary Artists Invitation Exhibition, Gallery ISHIKAWA, 104-0093 Ginza, Central Tokyo, Japan. Oct. 2017, Exposition Luming Culture (CHINE). 20 RUE DANIELLE CASANOVA 75002 PARIS GALERIE ICONOCLASTES. Paris, France. Nov. 2018, MEI EXHIBITION in Himalayan Museum of Art. Shanghai, China Sep. 2019, Allied Artists of America 106th Annual Exhibition. New York, United States.
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