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Chengdu, China's most "high" sound the strongest voice: Yu Junjian and other 100 tenor next year, Chengdu
Good news came from the China-ASEAN College of Chengdu University yesterday, around Chengdu in March 2018, there will be over 100 Chinese tenors represented by Yu Junjian gathered in Chengdu to give benefits and sing together. Chengdu strongest tone. The famous dance artist Shen Pei Yi led the "Shen Pei Yi dance class" will be located next year in Chengdu University China - ASEAN College, to train more dance professionals in Sichuan. Sichuan dance lovers blessed Shen Pei Yi dance classes next year will be located in Chengdu On November 19, China-ASEAN Art Institute was formally established in Chengdu. Since its establishment a month ago, Yu Junjian, dean of the China-ASEAN School of Arts, has not had much free time to find a teacher to be his primary concern. At present, more than 80 famous artists and art educators have served as college consultants, academic committees and visiting professors. Yesterday, the famous dance artist and actor at the national level, Shen Peiyi, director of the Department of Drama of the Central Academy of Drama, made a special trip to Chengdu University and handed a handwashing course to teach Chinese classical dance-based male dance classes and Korean ethnic folk dance girls classes. - Korean traditional folk dance ", leading teachers and students to dance together. Shen Pei Yi (front red people) on-site teaching to university students in Chengdu Professor Shen Peiyi is currently a member of Academic Committee of China-ASEAN College of Art. His masterpieces include "Mei Niang", "Yun Yun", "Ladies", "Woman", " Soul soul · soul ", etc., in the dance industry enjoyed a high reputation. A lesson down, Shen Pei Yi sweating profusely, the precise explanation, unique understanding and hands-on teaching, so that the arrival of student teachers, applause cheers repeatedly ringing venues. "Students are better off than I expected, and their enthusiasm for dancing is high, but basic training is still needed," Shen said. Wu Xingling, a junior student at a music performance major at Chengdu University, told reporters: "Ms. Shen is very professional and has high requirements for details and basic skills. For dance, Shen Peiyi think if you want to develop this young professional, practice basic skills, lay a good foundation. "Basis is the foundation of a professional dancer, we evaluate a professional dancer, first look is the basic skills and details, and then is the expression of feelings and so on.For dance lovers, I feel confident through the dance, Finding happiness is the most important thing. " At the scene, there are many Shen Pei Yi fans rushed to the scene only to see the idol side. Shen Fanyi felt very warm to fans' enthusiasm. "I did not expect everyone to be so enthusiastic. According to arrangements for next year, my" Shen Pei Yi Dance Class "will be held at the ASEAN Art Institute. At that time, more students are welcome to apply for the exam. charm." Chinese music in March 2018 to see Chengdu Over 100 Chinese tenors will sing the strongest voice in Chengdu Build a concert venue for music; build an industry development platform to build original music production sites; boost key enterprise projects to form distribution centers for music equipment; focus on the development of music copyright and create music copyright trading places ... At present, Chengdu is in the process of building international music All. This reporter has learned that around March 2018, over 100 Chinese tenns, represented by Yu Junjian, will gather in Chengdu to jointly hold the first China Tenor Forum to sang the strongest voice of Chengdu with the most "high" sound. Yu Junjian was excited when interviewed by Chengdu Commercial Daily: "This forum is the first big event after the founding of the Art Institute and it has now been confirmed that over 100 tenor tenns nationwide have come to attend. This is also the first place for our college to build An important part of the training base and teaching system of China's national vocal tenor. " China-ASEAN Art Institute will be fully operational in September 2018. At present, the college is steadily promoting various constructions in accordance with the school-running philosophy of "no one has one, one has one, one has one, one has one, and one does not have one." Yu Junjian said that the construction of the college will reflect on the future from the perspective of actively integrating into the "Belt and Road" strategy and will create a new platform and a new high ground for humanistic cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative. According to the reporter, China-ASEAN Academy of Art will hold not only the first China Tenor Forum in Chengdu in 2018, but also many concerts in Beijing and Chengdu, and invite top experts and scholars from various art fields to come to Chengdu to start or carry out Lecture. "In the coming year, we will also launch more famous disciplines such as vocal music, dubbing, art theory, sculpture and so on. We will try our best to improve the level of education in a short time and give our students a better education." Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter Li Chunyu Image courtesy of Chengdu University
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Shen Pei Yi dormant ten years to enrich and meet
Shen Pei Yi, a Chinese dance industry can not be called name, the media has been hailed as "outstanding representative of Chinese classical dance," the dancers, 22-year-old Ministry of Culture was rated as the youngest Chinese literary and arts actors at the national level, However, the prime of life at the age of 30, decided to leave the stage, the other is 10 years. 40-year-old came back, the establishment of "Arts Art Fund", as a public service identity once again appear in people's vision. Two days after the ceremony, Shen Pei Yi, director of the department of dance at the Central Academy of Drama, will make his world debut with the special plan of "Pei Yi Art Fund", "Look and Look at Homeland", which debuted in 2012 at the first dance festival of the National Center for Performing Arts After a four-year "silence", the sisterhood of "Looks and Gazes at the Classical" once expressed its gratitude to the arts. See Shen Peiyi, she was performing in the Experimental Theater of the Central Academy of Drama in the new performance of the row, a flowing hair, dressed in cool handsome black, she is capable of guiding the efficient operation of the stage up and down. Rehearsal space, Shen Pei Yi rely on the bench outside the experimental theater interview, sun through the glass according to her body, pulled out on the ground long shadow, this time Shen Pei Yi is more as a female slender and sensitive . The most important work in "Looks and Stares in Homeland" is "Soul, Country and Soul", which is another effort made by Shen Peiyi after the creation of the dance poem " Beautiful Shih Tzu, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan, Yang Yuhuan as a carrier, with a new perspective to give people a new life. From the controversial "Girl" in 1996 to the "Yi An Xin Shi Xin Shi" with the prototype of Li Qingzhao when she came out again, and then to the dance drama "Dreams and Fallen Flowers" and today's "Soul and Country Spirit", Shen Peiyi's creative perspective It is no coincidence that I am not a feminist, but I really care very much about this group of women, taking into account the individual aspirations and inner needs of their lives, and women are very hard on our land , They have a combined role, including myself, I am a wife, mother, daughter, or artist, teacher, department manager, fund manager, public interest person ... My role is rich when these roles are concentrated in one There is no burden on people, so I sympathize with every woman who lives with me. " Sometimes looking back on her own life, Shen Peiyi would be surprised to do so many things. "Maybe I am an actor. Although I am anti-acting in my life, this career can help me to quickly change roles in my life. At home I try my best not to be director and teacher, but to be a wife, mother and daughter. On the stage, I'm just creating, I'm an artist, I'm absorbed in every role. It's really hard, like where in the house recently My desk is all my family will be a bit unaccustomed. " Mention the family, especially her daughter, Shen Pei Yi's eyes full of glitter, her daughter is her dormant 10 years God gave her a gift. "I was out of the stage because I had my own attitude toward the contemporary works of art on stage, and I think it has lost my pursuit of art and standards, too many stylized things, all of them singing and dancing are full, art is not the case Art is revealing human nature and soul. When this phenomenon is discovered, it will be farther and farther away from my heart, so I left the stage. " During the dormant period of life row full, Shen art is very grateful for that period of time, "I read a lot of books, write a lot of things, planted a lot of flowers, chat with my family every day, and my children, that Is a real art work that belongs to me.My child has always been big with my lover, so the feelings of the children and us are very deep. " Let Shen Pei Yi is very pleased that the daughter was cute and cute since childhood, "she grew up to know that some principles can not touch, never fight, know humility .I did not special education of her, she is born is such a child, maybe My family and family brought my family has experienced many ups and downs, but the family of the elderly has always been very plain to tell us the story of the family, my 97-year-old grandmother died, her face almost No wrinkles, their lives are superfluous, but their hearts are beautiful, noble, I am very lucky to learn a lot from them. " In addition to the artist, Shen Pei Yi is an important social status of fund managers. Shen Pei Yi said frankly Foundation Foundation was founded in the early few projects do not have a penny, the original fund is not because of money, "the art of people looking for funding, much more torture than the art, this is not the artist's length Item, every time before the show is to find money, there is no money even the theater can not afford to rent, I personally tasted this bitter, I want to be a fund, I do affinity work, to help them realize their dreams. In addition to helping the young dancer achieve a stage dream after the founding of the foundation, many of the poor students in colleges and universities were also funded. The standard of funding is very simple, that is, excellent results, "We are only for the training of talent to provide financial support, if you do not love dance, do not love dance drama, we can not provide such funding." Shen Pei Yi admitted Foundation It is extremely difficult to get along the way, "especially at this stage, people in China are still in a phase of ignorance of the fund and it is very easy to get misunderstood. The Art Fund for Art is indeed named after me, but it is not me Personal, and my family have nothing to do is indeed in the field of dance, the need for financial support, even if you are a leader in the field, will encounter many difficulties, so when I set up the foundation , Cui Yongyuan, Xu Fan, Pu Cunxin, etc. Many, many people are very supportive of me. " Everyone doing public service will encounter the same problem, that is, a considerable part of the recipients do not know how grateful, but in the view of Shen Pei Yi do this fund, not to make others feel grateful, "This is just what I should do Things, like I love you, this is my own life needs, I do not ask you to love me. In emotion, you have dominated your own sovereignty, to figure out the problem, even if you refuse me, I also Will not be injured. " Our reporter Luo Ying WJ132
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Shen Pei Yi, Chai Ming Ming National Theater Talk about "dance and drama encounter"
At the National Center for the Performing Arts press room on the afternoon of July 13, 2014, nearly 300 dance lovers and theater fans came to see the story of what happened in the dance-theater encounter. Although dance and drama are two different art genres, there are many places in the form of theater that can learn from each other and blend with each other. Especially in the form of contemporary theater performance, the combination of cross-border often give people more surprises. 2014.07.17- 2014.07.18 The dance drama to be staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts (a work of two people (Chai Ming-ming)] is a special blend of dance and drama. The art lecture was personally chaired by Shen Pei-yi, a famous dance performance artist, and Hu Lei, director of the two of them, led by Chai Ming-ming and Sun Bo together with the audience about how to enjoy modern dance? ", Tells the story of [two people] a creation process interesting story. Under the guidance of four artists, the audience initially experienced a new audio-visual exploration brought by dancer Chai Ming-ming and musical artist Sun Bo, or jumping, or acting, or speaking, or singing. Copywriter / Zhu Hong Photography / Zhang Shuai Nan
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"Look" special National Grand Theater will be staring Shen Peiyan staring at the classical
International Online Performance Report: On November 13 and 14, the special edition of "Classical Look" created by the Peiyu Art Fund will be staged at the National Grand Theater. This is the first dance piece co-funded by the Peiyu Art Fund since its launch in September 2012 and co-funded by the National Grand Theater. On November 3, Shen Peiyi, a dancer from Beijing Dance Academy, made a lecture on classical art at the National Center for the Performing Arts of classical Chinese dance, "Look" preheat. On the day's lecture, Shen Peiyi, a dancer, explained to the audience the creation process of some of the works in "Looks and Colors" and performed live performances of his masterpiece, "Crimson Lips." Liang Geluo introduced the original intention of this party. He explained that "look" is the expression and color. They hope this party will provide the modern people with a "look back and forth" and "gaze at the classical" ; Also hope that the classical dance in the efforts of many artists to become China's dance species. Beijing Classical Chinese Dance Department of classical dance teacher of the Han and Tang Dynasties classical dance teacher Shi Bo also explained to the audience the concept of classical dance in the Han and Tang Dynasties, and the founder of this school, the late Dance Academy Professor Sun Ying's writing experience and works of dance students also In the live performance of "Xianghe song" in the "Pangu dance" and "Happy holidays" in the dance moves. "Look" is a selection of some outstanding dance works by Shen Peiyi, art director of Pei Yi Art Fund. After the reorganization, a Chinese classical dance boutique party was created, including "Xianghe Song", "Rhapsody", "Happy Tour", "Bamboo Dream" "Shudao difficult" "a glance" "Lanting Xiuzhu" "go back by the wind" "Guangling thought" "Love - Ink" "Slow sound" "I was Li Qingzhao - Chai" "Moonlight" "Ink - 14 works. In addition to Shen Peiyi, choreographers such as Liu Yan, Wang Qimin, Chai Ming-ming, Li Jun, Su Peng and Sun Rui and choreographers such as Zhang Yunfeng, Hu Lei, Liang Qun and Fei Bo At the same time, the late Han and Tang dynasty dancer expert Sun Ying and his disciple Shi Bo's Han and Tang dynasties dance work will also be presented in the evening. In addition, Shen Pei Yi will also collaborate with Pu Cunxin, a famous theater and performing artist in the circle, to reproduce the "Crack Slow" in 2010, a popular masterpiece of rave reviews.
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