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The speech of the general secretary of the general secretary of the People's Republic of China
On the afternoon of November 6, 2014, in chengdu ling choi held a grand hotel on the third floor conference room, to better study and implement the general secretary xi in the literary work symposium speech spirit, adhere to the people as the center of creative direction, purify society, serve the society with music, conduction of socialist core values. "To follow the spirit of the speech of general secretary xi jinping and the original music salon concert", which was popular among the masses. The event was jointly organized by the sichuan musicians association, the music garden of sichuan music association and the popular music association of sichuan province. Zhao xiaoyi, vice President and vice President of sichuan musicians association. 参会领导有:四川省音协主席熬昌群教授,四川省音乐家协会驻会副主席、副秘书长赵小毅,四川省音协副主席、西南民族大学艺术学院院长穆兰教授,四川省音协副主席、四川交响乐团创作室主任、国家一级作曲彭涛,成都市音协名誉主席国家一级作曲张龙,四川省通俗音乐协会主席、作曲家、四川文化产学院民族音乐舞蹈研究所所长、非物质文化遗产学院副院长陈川教授,四川省通俗音乐协会副秘书长薛时哲,四川师范大学音乐学院副院长李德隆,四川音乐学院作曲系主任杨晓忠教授,四川音乐学院音乐学系主任甘绍成教授,四川音乐学院古琴艺术研究中心副主任曾成伟,四川音乐学院民乐系副系主任梁云江教授,四川师范大学音乐学院作曲系陈启云主任,成都市前进歌舞团团长陈立,四川交响乐团“天资国乐”团长牟岭虹,成都市乐团执行音乐总监、成都市音协副秘书长、省合唱协会指挥专委会副主任、国家二级指挥曹波,海政文工团词作家国家一级编剧王持久,四川音乐学院作曲系郭龙教授,四川音乐学院作曲系杨新民,美国辛辛那提音乐艺术节指挥、全美指挥家协会理事、带顿大学教授、川音特聘教授、川音青年交响乐团指挥刘江,四川交响乐团国家一级作曲林幼平,四川交响乐团音乐人胡小流,四川省广电集团国家一级编剧夏乐根,四川省广电集团著名音乐人段永生,成都市文联副处级调研员、作曲家刘中昭,四川淘歌文化传播有限公司李在成,德阳市文联党组成员、副主席、秘书长曾毅,简阳市音乐家协会主席副研究员华北英,广安市音乐舞蹈家协会主席、国家二级作曲张宗科,甘孜州音协主席、甘孜州文体广局创办主任尹玲,四川省音协理事、乐山市音协主席、乐山市歌舞剧团国家二级作曲刁继承,资阳市简阳市音协名誉主席、国家一级编剧彭潮溢,南充市歌舞剧院、国家一级作曲岳亚,成都市金牛交响管乐团团长、国家二级作曲顾昭华,四川省文化馆音乐舞蹈部副主任、副研馆员、国家二级演员,等单位从事音乐创作、音乐理论研究、音乐评论、表演等活动。 This activity will focus on the general secretary's spirit of the symposium, and will also hold a salon concert to launch the outstanding works of sichuan music industry in recent years. A chorus of "claw flower" (lyrics: Chai Yongbai hong-bin sun composition: Yi Ke Hong-bin sun Chen wan), ballet "the red army to spend" passage (composition: Yang Xiaozhong), f "that piece of red leaves" (lyrics: Li Muyu composition: Zhao Xiaoyi singing: yi), f the snow goose (lyrics: Yu Qixiang composition: Peng Tao singing: Li Jin), combination medley "bono" (lyrics: king came, composition: Chen), Tibetan folk song "gram incense," (combination) composition: Chen sing: four girl, f you are my wings (lyrics: Yu Qixiang Composition: xin-min Yang sang: wang li), dance, music clips "the nightmare" (composition: Lin Youping), dance music "the yi people home" (lyrics: Duan Yongsheng composition: Duan Yongsheng), erhu music "Xuan" (composition: Yang Bo Ma Zheng play: TaoPeiLi), f "tianfu yun city beauty" (lyrics: Fan Yuan Thai composition: Hu Xiaoliu singing: wang), sichuan bamboo harp "bamboo" (lyrics: YanXiXiu composition: wagstaff s.watermarking singing: Xie Chi), the male and female voices duet "charge" (lyrics: Tan Qiyin composition: Tan Qiyin), song and dance drama "riddle" passage (composing Yang yong), and other outstanding works will debut in the music conference, colorful, sending out the rich cultural atmosphere in sichuan. Art scene The salon also invited to the Chinese piano concert will send guqin association vice-chairman, sichuan, sichuan music institute research center, deputy director of the guqin art had ChengWei, symphony orchestra tenshi countries in sichuan, sichuan music college youth string quartet tribute performance. Sichuan popular music association, chengdu tao song culture communication co., LTD. Has also provided strong support for this activity. The famous musicians in the province gathered together to share their thoughts and Suggestions on the development of music in sichuan. Add more joy to the great "Chinese dream"!
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Xu qiaolin, teacher of our school, was awarded the second "modern gardener award of sichuan normal university"
On the afternoon of September 9, 2011, our school held the twenty-seventh teacher's day celebration in the dragon lake theater of Jackie chan campus. The party secretary of the belt Collins, principal jie-ming zhou, vice secretary of party committee Zhong Shilun, Tang Shangpiao, Mr Li, the vice principal, QiXiaoLing, Yu Song yan, zhang jian, wan-min wang, deputy researcher from xie spring, retired old leadership, colleges and various functional departments and various teaching unit principal heads as well as representatives of teachers and students to attend the conference. The party secretary of the school, gao Lin, in his speech, represented the school party committee, the administration to the hard work, the silent dedication of the whole school staff to pay high tribute and the festival greetings. Belt Collins is pointed out that in the process of running school, especially since the period of "11th five-year plan", pay attention to the quality of construction and the connotation development, comprehensive strength enhanced rapidly, the service society outstanding achievement, especially for the local economic and social development has made a great contribution to the foundation education career. It contains teachers' blood and sweat. During the reform and development process of sichuan normal university, many outstanding teachers stood out and became national teaching masters, government subsidy recipients of the state council and academic leaders of sichuan province. Today, the school commendates the teachers and the advanced individual, the modern gardener award, the award winner is the outstanding representative of all teachers in the school. With their own noble morality, teaching arts and academic attainments, they have interpreted the rich connotation of being a good teacher! He stressed that the school will take measures from the following three aspects to further create a good environment for teaching and education. One is to speed up the pace of the reform of school internal management system, earnestly implement and maintain research rights of teachers, gradually establish a communist party leadership, the principal responsible, professor of scholarship, democratic management, administration management system. The second is to take measures to further improve teachers' work and living conditions. Third, we should strengthen the construction of teaching staff and strive to raise the level of teaching. Take a variety of measures to improve the overall quality of the teachers' team, and build a teachers' team with high moral, excellent business and inspiring enthusiasm for the development of the school. Finally, belt Collins far quoted wen yiduo "red candle, poem" in a poem and the teachers' : "please send your mount, continue to flow to the earth, from the comfort of the flowers, formed a happy fruit." Amid warm applause, the host announced the list of outstanding teachers for recognition. Different with past awards this year, by the student representative to obtain 2009-2011 academic year virtue pacesetter, ethics advanced individual, the second session of the modern sichuan normal university gardener award, the first "sichuan normal university teaching young player award" title teachers awards, a bunch of flowers students to hard work and keeping the gardeners festival greetings and high respect. After the award, the principal jie-ming zhou reported over the past year, the school in such aspects as teaching and research of important awards, and called for everybody to make persistent efforts, efforts to create the new brilliance of our business. One branch of song and dance in the process of the whole conference, the scene is joyful and festive, harmonious and sweet. The conference came to a close in the passionate and inspiring song. All the democratic parties to attend this meeting: school chairs, provinces, NPC, CPPCC, independents, overseas representatives and ethnic minority representatives, provincial and municipal government adviser, literary history librarians, education supervisor, the school the fifth party congress delegates and logistics workers' representatives, chengdu institute, college of liberal arts and affiliated experimental school representative. Sichuan education TV station, education guide, chengdu business daily, tianfu morning newspaper and other media reporters interviewed the conference. Attached: list of winners. Teacher's guide (4 persons) : Xiong liangzhi (school of arts) Li peixi (foreign language institute) Pan xuejun (college of physics and electronic engineering) Gong yhong (music college) Advanced individual (39 persons) : Tang ying shu (school of arts) Xu qiaolin (engineering school) LAN xingwei (foundation teaching college) Chen qiyun (music college) Liu tang (school of basic education) Liu fang (computer science college) Wang fanggui (school of mathematics and software science) Li ping (computer science college) Zhou yafei (school of mathematics and software science) Yang qin (business school) Chen jingning (sports institute) Wu yan (college of geography and resources science) Pan yurong (sports institute) Ge fanlan (life sciences college) Yin shiyin (foreign languages institute) Xie jianhua (school of journalism and communication) Cao jiming (law school) Li torch (college of fine arts) Li songlin (education college of science) Zhang yuzhong (academy of fine arts) Yan chaoyun (education college of science) Yin fang (teacher education college) Hu min (school of economics and management) Sisi (dance academy) Wanshun fu (school of economics and management) Chen LAN (dance academy) Zhao keqing (school of chemical and material science) Liu ye (clothing college) MAO shuang (school of chemistry and materials science) Zuo jun (school of clothing) Chen wansong (political BBB 0 college) Zhao xiaorong (film and television academy) Liu li (college of physics and electronic engineering) Tang hua jun (film and television academy) Xu xiaoguang (history culture and tourism college) Qin yu (school department of affiliated experimental school) Jin xiumei (history, culture and tourism college) Huang LAN (primary school of affiliated experimental school) He guangquan (continuing education college) The second "sichuan normal university modern gardener award" (14 people) : Wang hongxia (school of arts) Chen chi (law school) Liao lei (college of physics and electrical engineering) He wei (sports institute) Wang xi (political education college) Zhang hao (teacher education college) Mauritania (history, culture and tourism college) Liang xiaoqin (school of chemistry and materials science) Zhang Yang (college of geography and resource science) Li xiaomei (computer science college) Mother hongdu (engineering college) Zassi (dance academy) Yang xiaofeng (school of journalism and communication) Ren wei (school of basic education) The first "young teacher award of sichuan normal university" (10 people) : Li jia (history culture and tourism college) Chen jing (education college of science) Yan haibo (sports institute) He yan (politics BBB 0 college) Zhang quancheng (business school) Zhang wanyu (costume institute) Hu xiaoying (foreign languages institute) Gao yan (school of economics and management) Zhang qin (school of mathematics and software science) Jiang changying (foundation teaching college)
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