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Life Rammed in Basis of Silver Screen Building British Spirit - from the creation of "Jiang Zhiying" talked about life in depth Acura hero sentiment
Guts original energy, energy originally from energy. Creation of energy in life, life of the mother holding a large oil field, only to drill in, to find billowing crude oil. This is what I learned from the "entrepreneurial" screenwriter Zhang Tianmin who went deep into the Daqing Oilfield. Only digging the sentiments hidden in the masses can provide a unique truth-finding experience. I am determined to go to Changchun Guangji to see. Yan factory manager to inform the factory car classes to ensure that screenwriter interview car, with the go. Into the Changchun Institute of Optics, saw a variety of optical instruments, interview two days, legs crossed the question mark. Jiang Chuiying is engaged in optical transfer function theory and colorimetric research, I am a science blind, simply do not understand, can not understand, my heart began to stink. I would like to get started with books such as optical manuals and find some conversational terms that I do not understand at all. Worried at me and distressed once wrapped around reportage master Xu Chi, he came out with an experience: "I do not understand science, but I can understand people and know how to be scientists, and I can write a bit of science." Understand people, people familiar, focusing on writing! Science and technology, I do not understand I am afraid most of the audience will not understand. And people are most interested in a thing, that is people. So, I want to peek at the character and character feelings to interview. German writer Lessing said: "All things that have nothing to do with the character, the writer can be ignored, for the writer, only the character is sacred, to strengthen the character, distinct character, is the writer in the process of characterization of the performance The most important point with pen. " The depth of character mainly depends on the intensity of personality. I wholeheartedly pounced on this rich personality and copied many of the profound memories he left in people's minds to me. At Changchun Institute of Optics and Electronics, I was like a diver who took water and collected pearls and interviewed many people looking for flashes Character luster details of the hero, like pearl picked up ... Chiang Ching Ying British, French, German, Japanese, Russian five foreign languages. At the party, Mrs. Curie's poetry was recited in French. He often translates the latest foreign science and technology information and puts it in the reference room for your reference. He saw a drunk driving car on the road dancing Yang came to a halt, could not stop on the ground to pick up the bricks on the bricks. His meddlesome is notorious, and seeing the wrong words written on the signboard, it is necessary to correct it. He saw a 5-cent coin on the ground on the bus and told the conductor to pick it up and the conductor ignored him. He wanted to help mothers and children get in the car for a woman with a child to get out of the car. As a result, he quarreled with the car conductor. He is jealous, dare to justice, unhealthy dare to fight. To slash an old scientist for a house, slash the glass on the desks of the property office. He is a tall man with a height of 1.82 meters. His work is fast paced. People call his style of living and the stairs go one step at a time. He can make good cooking He is a very attentive person. Every time he goes on business, there are always women who let him take clothes from Beijing, Shanghai. He is very convinced of his aesthetic sense and he is always able to satisfy everyone. In scientific research, he is more excellence, he engaged in optical detection device is a national first-class, and some devices are designed to install their own. He went abroad twice, in order to save foreign exchange, go abroad with a lot of mustard, and save the cost of living, bought a calculator for the laboratory ... To live to energy, the emotional energy of the infinity buried the hearts of the masses, it is important to discover, found that the premise of the invention. As a result, I bought a bicycle myself and traveled through Changchun by bike and interviewed everyone who knew him. Chang Ying Once a camera lens fell into the water, asked him to help test the lens, to ask him to eat a meal at noon, did not think he took lunch boxes, bring their own lunch. Chang Ying mechanics talk about it, thumbs up to me. Write the protagonist in the movie, you must find that influence his ideological beliefs, like the sun shining Japanese lotus red, otherwise the heroine extraordinary achievements and noble behavior, the lack of credibility. Mr. Jiang Daoying's mentor, Mr. Wang Daheng, is one of the founders of the cause of optics in New China. He has two bombs and one feats expert, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the International Academy of Astronautics, and one of the initiators of the "863 Program." Early years studying in Britain, regardless of high-paying foreign employment, resolutely invest in the embrace of the motherland, created the Changchun Institute of light. Chiang Chik Ying is a native of Hangzhou. After graduating from Physics Department of Peking University, he insisted on the optical career. Then he applied for Wang Daheng's graduate student and decided to go northward to Changchun. However, Hangzhou girl, who had fallen in love with him for many years, broke up. I went to interview with Mr. Wang Daheng at home and touched me by the teachers and students. Later, in Changchun, he once again added an interview with Mr. Wang Daheng. He uttered a very profound remark: "I can only improve the human being if people are more than all for me. Only in this society can there be spiritual and material accumulation." The Chinese optical science and technology leader, devoting himself to science, "burning himself and illuminating others" is the spiritual portrayal of the two teachers and students in China's optics career and the theme of the script. To live to energy, art of energy is feeling. Diderot said: "There is beauty in the place of affection." The purpose of literature is to know the great people emotionally, and Jiang Zhirong is an affectionate person. Everyone I interviewed mentioned his study and love of science, "A candle ends up, busy research, busy family, work pressure, family burden." His joy and sadness, pain and hope are turned into a strong emotional magnetic field to attract me. I interviewed his wife Lu Changqin six times, talking about Jiang Zhuying's fear of going to the barbershop for the delay, buying a barber's hair clipper and giving her a haircut at home. A haircut flirting couples feelings, to go on a business trip to Chengdu, he cooked eggs, buckle in the bowl to two children left, he did not eat. Road long piano 39-year-old lost her husband, reminding me memories of past events yesterday, tears suddenly, I was moved tears. Lu Changqin received nearly a hundred reporters interviewed, think of the screenwriter can be so emotional, the more I know more and more as a pioneer for the Czech Republic's first scientific and technological talent for death, for his illness after the family situation, full of sympathy. When I took out the three letters that Jiang Zhimin, my father Jiang Qiuming, wrote to me, it was a burning history. Chiang Chye-ying's entire life pursues joining the party and says joining the Communist Party is his destination. Because of his father's participation in the history of the "Three Youth Corps" in his early years, he was sentenced to labor reform and he was too late to join the party until his father rehabilitated. When he just filled out the form and did not swear by the party, he sacrificed his life to his optics career. I am a member of Chiang Kai-ying, a loyal Communist Party member without a party, and died in the country's aerospace optics career, feeling worried. Touch touched me, moved to make excited, excited only creative impulse. From Changchun to Beijing, I went to Chengdu and interviewed more than 60 people. I wrote more than 200,000 words in my notes. In the past year, like a big tank full of crude oil, how can I extract into fascinating stories? In-depth life easy, refined life difficult. Structural story depends on the ability of thinking, art practice and kung fu. Chiang Ching-ying section of life a lot of stories, there is no one in the end the big event, how to build a complete good-looking story? I am stuck! In-depth life is a stupid kung fu, the structure of the story does not seek clever effort. Someone advised me to give up, do not put myself tired into Chiang Ching Ying. When I looked through the interview notes, these gold particles, picked up from life, shine in front of me, mold in my heart, and suffer from heart-warming furnaces. To be able to live. Writing the script is actually a test of the art of the author's faith, and sometimes perseverance is more important than intelligence. Once again, I went to Changchun Guangji to look for Changqin and searched for the key to opening the story of life. At times, the real characters are far more dramatic than the ones we made hard. When the road Changqin memories, Jiang Zhixing 43-year-old suddenly died of an accident, Changchun Institute of light machine's party, how to deal with this funeral? It is necessary to hide her, can not tell Chiang Ching-ying has died, but also escorted her safely to Chengdu. One is hiding, one is guessing, the audience is pushed to the height of knowledge, a terrible crisis is waiting for our heroine, and suspense comes naturally. Changchun Institute of Light Machinery party to arrange the road mother and child Benfu quite a brainwave, Jiang Chuiying friend Shiguang Hui to convey the message, using a false telegram, said Jiang Chuiying "sick hospital" and let the road to the care of Qinchuan, and quickly leave Changchun . Then send two people with another departure, the sky to go away on the ground, mother and child can not meet. 3960 kilometers of journey, road Changqin set foot on the journey, guess, think, in accordance with Chiang Kai-shek's character reasoning, along the way, showing her journey with the soul of Jiang Chui-ying's memory. Let the good woman (Xi Meijia ornaments) bring me five complete memories of Jiang Zhiying. As the train approached Chengdu and approached the bad news, the crisis reached a climax. The final audience saw the triumph of the soul of a Chinese excellent middle-aged scientist! The whole story is designed on the way to the road funeral ... Life not only gives energy, life has given me the ability. When I was alone, quietly in the pen to release the energy of life, as if I heard Jiang Zhuying stand behind me, the sound of the breath, the heart will be God Note, in-depth only higher than this feeling can only really reproduce a soul At the moment, we know each other. Chiang Ching-ying from unfamiliar to familiar with, never met with full of heart, one year and two months, when the script to the hands of Dean Yan, he unexpectedly surprised, asked the script immediately submitted to the National Film Board. I recommend Song Jiang Bo director of the film, and soon the Film Bureau allocated funds for funding. At that time, the process of film creation was strict, and Wei Zi played Jiang Ch'iu-ying but also went deep into life. Director Song Jiangbo also invited me to the play group to read the script. The release of "Jiang Zhiying" aroused widespread concern, a strong spirit of the times, a distinctive character and personality, dedication of the patriotic spirit of the Red Candle, touched hearts. "People's Daily" overseas edition of science and technology experts and scholars in the field of literary and art circles to see the discussion, Ding Hengao, Jiang Xinxiong, Gu Songfen, Hu Chaoyuan and other scientists to participate in writing. On July 1, 1993, the full-page publication entitled "The Spirit of the Red Candle Was Shaken up by the Heart and the Ideal Song Ended Up" Summary of the Symposium I only quoted space expert Liang Sili (son of Liang Qichao, deputy director of the State Science and Technology Commission of the State Aeronautics and Space Administration, Academician): "I seldom watch movies." Jiang Ch'i-ying "This movie is a movie that I have rarely seen in many years and I think the film is very good and very moving. I have not seen such a good movie for a long time. "Jiang Ch'iu-ying" is good at using metaphysics and moving emotions .This film expresses the image of Chiang Kai-shek with many simple and simple life and work, and builds the image of Jiang Zhiling, a good representative of Chinese intellectuals. One person needs to have the spirit, one country needs spirit, one nation needs spirit, reform and opening up, making our country a big economic power and a powerful nation are the common aspiration of all of us.However, if there is only substance, if there is no spiritual support, That is an empty shell.I think this film gives people an upward force to guide our people up and guide our society upward and guide our nation upward.It is necessary to guide us to have the spirit of patriotism and to work solidly in the spirit of socialism, Willing to sacrifice the spirit of the Candlestick, I think if our country has more people like Jiang Ch'iuying and more people have this spirit of Jiang Ch'iying, our country will be more prosperous, and the socialist market we are building Economic can really stand on a more solid foundation. "Socialism means to make everybody live better, but to live better does not mean pursuing material enjoyment. I think that we should criticize money worship and hedonism and guide social public opinion and living consumption." Under any circumstances If there is no such kind of social pillar as Jiang Ch'i-ying and there is no red candlestick embodied in Chiang Ch'ing-ying, where will our nation go? Although Liang Sili Academy of Sciences has passed away, the rocket system control expert, by "Chiang Chik Ying" published on film in the spiritual civilization construction responsibility and expectation, we can see the scientist's initiative and initiative, always inspired me to carry forward the theme of the times, control the launch screen On the spirit of rocket, inspire people upward, upward again. This year, the Chinese film government reward films have changed, the first time the establishment of four individual awards, best screenplay, best director, best actor, actress award, trophies for the first time quoted in front of Tiananmen Square form, take the lead direction Coordinate meaning. May 20, 1993 "Jiang Chyiying" was elected Best Picture Award, Best Screenplay Award, Best Actress (Xi Meijuan), won three in one fell swoop, China cited the direction, the screen build British soul. When I took the best screenwriter award from Minister Ai Zhisheng, it seems that I took the coordinates of the hero of Acura. People as the center is to be deeply rooted among the people. Art is the spiritual project of exploring the soul, capturing the soul and reproducing the soul. To inspire my innovation and breakthroughs in science and technology, the 13th Golden Rooster Award was awarded "Jiang Zhirong" Best Screenplay Award. In the second session of the Central Propaganda Department, a project, "Jiang Zhuying" selected in the book. In-depth living made me realize that the masses of the people are righteous and affectionate to the emerging model people. Such feelings are transmitted to writers. The works spread the affection to the world so strongly that the artistic image has won popular support. Because of understanding and love, because of reverence and dismay, I proposed in the Ninth CPPCC National Committee as Chiang Kai-shek statues, statues have now stood in Changchun, will always influence and inspire today's young students. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made a request for the continuous introduction of the fine masterpiece of the Acura Party, the motherland, the people of Aulacesee and the hero of the Acura. In reviewing the creative process of "Jiang Zhiying", I made a more complete understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech: "Walking into life and being close to the people is an art The basic attitude of creation is to refine life beyond the standard of living, which is the basic ability of artistic creation.Artists and artists must have such an attitude as well as their abilities. (The author is vice chairman of China Film Association, China Film and Literature Society: Wang Xingdong)
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Wang Xing Dong
Manchu. Dalian, Liaoning. CPC member. In 1979 graduated from Beijing Film Academy screenwriter classes. Served Yanbian Army District Propaganda Team, Changchun Film Studio, Beijing Forbidden City Film Company a screenwriter. China Federation Literary and Art Shuangxin young artists, Beijing Film Academy visiting professor, enjoy the State Council special allowance in 1992. IncumbentChinese Film and Literature Institute, China Film Association vice chairman. CPPCC National Committee ninth, ten, eleven, twelve CPPCC members. 1971 published works, in 1990 joined the Chinese Writers Association. China Writers Association Film Committee, the main creative film and television script, throwing movie 31: "Founding of the Republic" "Revolution" "Kong Fansen" "life and death Niu Yuru" "Huang Ke power case" "flying cranes" "dog adventures" Adventure "" flag of the Republic "" Xu Haifeng's gun "and so on. Due to "Jiang Zhiying" "left the day of Lei Feng" twice by the Chinese film government Walloon Cup best screenplay award and the 13th, 17th Golden Rooster Award for Best Screenplay, the first Xia Yan Film Award, the first Lao She Literature Award; "I only "Tears of the Three Tears" won the Best Screenplay Award for the Third Boy's Award; "Tengoku" won the 7th International Film Festival Award in Tokyo, Japan; "TVB Discipline Inspection Commission", "Parting Day of Hiroshima" won the Flying Award; Ten works were selected for the "Proposal of One Project" by the Central Propaganda Department; seven works such as "Watch the Village" and "Judge Mum" won the Hundred Flowers Prize of the Public Works. Drama "Peking 1949" won the Chinese drama Golden Lion Award. Along with the film derivative of "leaving the day of Lei Feng" "Founding of the Republic" "Revolution" and other works.
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Wang Xingdong: Worthy of the movie best representative of the Chinese table cup first person
Consumer Daily News (Reporter Meng Xiangshan) "to enhance literary originality and promote literary innovation," inspired by the spirit of the 19, "Karamay - for the Chinese original writer cheer" activities held recently. Has always insisted on the original well-known screenwriter, China Film and Literature Institute, China Film Association Vice Chairman Wang Xingdong speech at the opening ceremony, won the applause of the audience. He said: "Crude oil is the energy source of all industrial products and the originality is the energy source of all film products. Our film is to create a literary and art creations worthy of the times in depth and rooted in the people." One inch of territory is safe and the pen is upright and the pole is protected by the national culture and every Chinese spiritual pillar is molded. The video background of his speech shows the pictures of two hands holding the Huabiao trophy and the Golden Rooster trophy twice in the creation of "Jiang Zhiying" and "leaving Lei Feng's day". In 1993, in particular, Minister Ai Zhisheng of the Radio and Television Department personally awarded him the photo of "Best Screenplay Award of Jiang Zhiying", arousing people's attention. According to the investigation, since 1957 the Chinese government has rewarded movie art achievement, only the award-winning film, there is no individual. In recognition of the 1992 Film Awards, the studio started to set up screenwriter, director, male and female actress four individual awards, and for the first time Tiananmen Square before the Chinese form as a trophy. Wang Xingdong won the first best screenplay award on behalf of the Chinese film government awards. "Jiang Chui-ying" also won the Best Film Award Hua Biao Award, Best Actress Xi Mei-Juan winning. In the same year, "Jiang Zhirong" won the 13th Golden Rooster Award for best screenwriter in Guangzhou, stating that he insisted on engaging in original works in depth, and was satisfied by the government, experts and the masses. Only four years later, Wang Xingdong won the 96-year award winning screenwriter award and the 17th Golden Rooster Award for best screenwriter for "leaving Lei Feng's day". This was his four trips to Tieling in Liaoning Province and his discovery of Lei Shan's comrades Joe Anshan. Structure into a moving story, won the temple nod, the applause of the masses. Drama novel point of view, write Qiao Anshan due to a car accident caused by Lei Feng sacrifice, Qiao Anshan inherited Lei Feng spirit, this movie popular all over the country, became a classic movie promoting truth, goodness and beauty. After Wang Hsien-tung took the first Wah Tui trophy from "Jiang Chui-ying," he received the trophy from the government in succession for "Staying in the Village," "Kong Fansen," "Leaving the Days of Lei Feng," "Conscience," and "Judge Mum." In a real life story of a breakthrough in the movie, the English model written as a touching story of the movie, many people would like to know the secret of which writers. In his speech "Karamay cheer for Chinese original screenwriters," he was full of affectionate talk: "If I do not have the opportunity to contact the oil field, I will not see these award-winning films. , The first lesson is to "start up" screenwriter Zhang Tianmin as an assistant, in-depth Daqing Oilfield, live and dry base for four months, from exploration to drilling, oil refining to fertilizer plant, interview drilling workers, and sometimes live in field drilling team Zhang Tianmin is a China PetroChina pass through all oil fields in China, including Karamay, so he wrote an "entrepreneurial" film that reflects the spirit of the Iron Man. More than 800,000 words were written in his interview notes. When Wang Xingdong asked Zhang Tianmin, when screenwriter needs such strenuous? Zhang Tianmin pointed to his feet and said to him: "The earth of life contains endless energy, no less than the drill can not hit, playing 10 meters is a well, lay a kilometer to produce crude oil. The same is true for the script, only to open the world to life, energy to life, ability to live, life is the source, the character is the root, no source is not root, everything is fainted. The movie script is written in feet. Wang Xingdong wrote more than 60 people for his interview with Jiang Zhixing. From Changchun to Beijing to Chengdu, he spent more than a year interviewing more than 200,000 words. He said with deep feeling that the paper was always superficial, to the fiery life, to the bottom of the masses. He said: "Touching is moving, moving with excitement, excitement, and creative impulses. Each of my scripts can find a place to live, and I am 'just changing bits, not changing wells' I wrote Jiang Zhuying, Kong Fansen, Qiao Anshan, Niu Yuru, Xu Haifeng, Liu Changchun, Thunder days, Zou Bihua, the national flag designer Zeng Liansong, "Judge Mum" was a man in the end, until the oil was drilled, drilling to this person's soul! Shang Xiuyun, these figures are drawn from life out of thanks to the oil workers taught me to 'drilling oil' approach, energy is not dry, ability is strong, there is energy to have the courage of innovation ... ... the presence of young writers are Listen carefully, take notes. Wang Xingdong behind each trophy are in-depth life, strong evidence of close to the characters, to open the world of life, to hot practices to explore, to explore the soul of the characters, in-depth life is to adhere to the original premise, do not chew others chewing Of the 馍, do not split other people's old sweater re-woven again, do not engage in too much repetition. Refueling for the sake of originality means carrying forward the iron man spirit of the oil worker Wang Jinxi. If conditions permit, we should also create conditions without conditions. See Wang Xingdong wrote "Jiang Zhiying" talk, he always passionately sang the hero of the times, "Jiang Chui-ying," let him get the first Chinese Table Cup, inspire him to adhere to promote the theme, dare to write the era of heroic figures, good at speaking a hero Because these heroic figures emerge from the masses and are the most benevolent people loved by the masses and full of love and humanity. People-centered creations mean writing people who advocate and love. Recalling Wang Xingdong's main theme works, all enthusiastically sang Communists and Acura heroes. Therefore, his main theme is positive energy, the real use of a pen in the spirit of Chinese people hold up the waist pole. Only in such a practice can we think in this way. It is only with such a responsibility that we pay attention to the style of the work. 66-year-old Wang Xingdong, battles in the film industry more than 40 years. He had a pass with the movie actor, director's career. In 1974 he was 23 years old in the Yanbian Army Division propaganda team as an actor, Changchun Film Studio to remake the "plain guerrillas", the army recommended him, the trial did not reach the standard. However, this experience made him interested in the movie and began to collect the screenplay. He also realized that "the script is like a symphony orchestral score. All the show is but a sign under the score." "So, I began to worship playwright who wrote the declaration of life on the screen." The opportunity came again, Chang Ying Chang expand production to recruit troops, when there are no graduates in college, but in the selection of workers and peasants and soldiers. He should be admitted into the long shadow, quit active service, was assigned to the director room. But he was determined to become a screenwriter, and eventually went to the script editor's playroom as an editor, this has to follow Zhang Tianmin learning screenwriter that period of experience. Drilling oil to the earth of life, in-depth ground, courageous first, this is the starting point of Wang Xingdong script writing. He discovered in Qiqihar Zha Long in 1980, artificial breeding cranes, interviewed the couple Hsu Tietui and Huang Yaozhen Yang Huan, created the screenplay "flying crane", the film directed by Chen Jialin, the first story of man and crane onto the screen , People crane dance, the United States moving world. When the film won the Ministry of Culture 1982 Excellent Film Award (Government Prize), stepping on the trophy him and Wang Zhaobin into long film creation group, edited by the editor into a screenwriter. That year he was 31 years old has been screenwriter "answer you tomorrow," "birch forest post", he always shoulders the audience's eyes, to open the earth to drill, when he flew into the Changchun No. 1 Auto Depot, in-depth life In 1996, he went to the frontier of Yunnan border to interview officers and soldiers who fight back in self-defense and wrote "Army Trainee Officer" and "I Only Teared Three Tears," 1986 - In 1987, the Ministry of Radio and Television awarded the government award, "liberation" and "I only shed three tears" list, get the government rewards. Life is not worthy of respect for the life of the screenwriter, the world of life to provide them the art of processing crude oil. "Chiang Ching Ying" was his third film award after the government, Minister Ai Zhisheng personally presented Wang Xing Dong Wah Award for a single screenwriter award, we can see when the screenplay respect. No restricted area of the subject, the writer has a position. Wang Xingdong is a member of the party. He believes that the film is not a simple commodity, nor a conceptualized propaganda product, but a spiritual product acting on people. It should spread correct values, outlook on life and world outlook. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the anti-corruption and anti-corruption television series won the first prize of the "Five First Prize" (1991) by the Central Propaganda Department and participated in the " At the prize meeting, he was interviewed by Minister Ding Guangen and encouraged him to be a good soul engineer for the construction of spiritual civilization. Since then, he participated in the screenwriter's works 10 selected Central Propaganda Department five project award: the first "Commission for Discipline Inspection", the second "Chiang Ching-ying," the fourth "stay village observation", the fifth "Kong Fansen" The Sixth "Leaving the Days of Lei Feng", the Seventh "Conscience", the Tenth Broadcasting Drama "Affectionate", "Life and Death of Niu Yuru", the Twelfth "Founding of a Republic" and "Revolution of 1911" The most selected authors. Involved in the film screenwriter, 5 won the popular movie Hundred Flowers Award: "Stay in the village look", "Kong Fansen", "leave the days of Lei Feng", "life and death Niu Ru", "Founding of the Republic." Although Wang Hsien-tung struggled to create a film promoting the main theme, writing art films was also very handy for him. In 1993, he was directed by Hong Kong director Yan Hao "Heavenly Tune", won the 1994 Tokyo Japan International Film Festival Film Awards and best director award in 1994, Japan Film Playwright Association Mr. Suzuki Shang Zhi, special cable Congratulations to him, the son sued the mother's story, he personally found the son interview, at the same time introduced to the director. Do not own the first-hand life, there is no real feeling, Wang Xingdong will not write down. Writing "Founding of a Republic" is his personal experience as a CPPCC member for many years. He personally went to a place interviewed by Chengnanzhuang in Hebei Province and went to Shanghai and Nanjing. He also interviewed Vice Chairman Lei Jieqiong, Long went to the United States to interview Zhang Sujiu, the daughter of General Zhang Zhizhong, head of the Kuomintang peace talks. Because the Kuomintang-Communist peace talks broke down and all the Kuomintang delegations participated in the CPPCC session, this is an important plot that shows the power of the CPPCC united front and exalts democracy And the two major themes of solidarity. Wang Xingdong, with convincing photographs and permission to project the documentary filmed by China Film, told people that "art is a course practicing honesty." At the same time, he unmasked Dongmou, a writer who wrote the founding mission of the founding of a nation, saying that he is a deceitful deceitful writer, Screenwriter is a typical network pickpocket. Wang Hsong-tung said emphasizing in-depth living and relying on closed doors is not a simple method of creation because the latter will plagiarize the former, except for legal responsibility. We revisit the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "It is the basic attitude of artistic creation to go into life and to approach the people, and it is the basic ability of artistic creation to refine life by living above the standard of living. , But also have such ability. " In 1998, Wang Xingdong was elected as the Ninth CPPCC National Committee, until the twelfth, in these 20 years, he insisted "write a proposal for the crowd to write the script", began his "shouting for the screenwriter's rights and interests" The "Long March", has submitted "on the film and television screenwriter rights and interests in accordance with the law to protect the use of the script to get the right to remuneration", "Proposed Film Hundred Awards to increase screenwriter award, awards to reflect the original original core values", "Film Industry Promotion Law" Proposal on the Copyright of Scenarios, Proposal of SARFT for Standardizing Subtitles, Proposal of Film and TV Project Strict Implementation of Scripted Authorization System, Proposal of Applying Project Funding System to Deploy Life in Major Themes, Legitimacy of the legitimacy of film and television, administrative review should be based on law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of copyright "and other proposals related to the rights and interests of screenwriter. In order to urge the Film Act to promote the original screenplay, Wang Xingdong, the fourth session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee in 2016, spoke outrightly and criticized "the cinema's health and fire protection are all written into the law and exclude the script that the film depends on. We must rectify this practice of seeking the ends, "won an applause from the General Assembly. The final "Film Industry Promotion Law," Article XII, adopted as "the state encourages the creation of theatrical script and the theme, genre, form, means of innovation," the content. Wang Xingdong has criticized the "current" speculation over the production, production of slander the original, get the fish to forget, cross the river to break the bridge 'is the Chinese film ignore the shortcomings of the screenwriter, a few years later the Chinese film because of the original weakness without rice pan worry. ", As a CPPCC member screenwriter, can leave a number of systems for the construction of national culture, may be more valuable than leaving a script. "" The first round of competition in the film is the original play of competition, content is king, the script first. The original quality, the movie will lose its core competitiveness. " In order to screenplay rights, he criticized "some films will screenwriter name and driver and tea together, is it reasonable?" In the "Golden Rooster Award, it is best not to set up the mayor cup" proposal, direct blasting " The 'Mayor's Cup', which was specially set up by Mu Sui, exudes a musty taste that runs counter to the world of art ?, culminated in the cancellation of the mayor's cup. He made a speech in the General Assembly of the CPPCC "four major difficulties and solutions for China's film industry". "The film is based on the box office. It depends on the number of people moving the heart, leaving the unemployed, out of school, lovelorn, lost, watched movies , Give them the power to live. "" The current movie less original, more adapted, away from the network near, far away from life. Even buy foreign copyright label affixed to China, the film industry is the copyright economy, only the original With copyright, it has a competitive power. " Standing on the rostrum of cheering for Chinese original screenwriters, the Chinese film screenwriter's leader changed from a demobilized soldier to a playwright, especially the writer's "Revolution of 1911," and the Revolution of 1911 abolished the feudal monarchy and founded China Republic of China; screenwriter "Founding of a Republic", Mao Zedong advocated the convening of the CPPCC, to achieve the great cause of nationhood, overthrow Chiang Kai-shek dictatorship, the establishment of the People's Republic of China. It is impossible for these two major historical repertoires to write history for the country, establish their heroes for the public, cast up national statues without long-term accumulation of thoughts and without many years of practical experience. Behind every script of Wang Xingdong are the profound memories of the times. His successful experience is to open the earth to the living, oil production and refining is the basic skill of the screenwriter. The original hard, the happiest success, there is no happiness without happiness, the screenwriter is to control the two wheels driving forward. "
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Culture | Singing song first song with the party into a new era
"Mom taught me a song, there is no new China without the Communist Party ..." Listening to the party's 19 major reports, with an upsurge of emotions, socialism with Chinese characteristics strode into a new era, and my ears sounded the song sung by Yin Xiumei. Remembering the beginning, bearing in mind the mission, the initial mission and mission of the Chinese Communists, is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and seek rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This initial mission and mission are the fundamental motivations for encouraging the Chinese Communists to keep moving forward. The song "No New China Without a Communist Party" has been sung since its creation and sung in 1943. After 74 years of stormy history, all the way to singing songs all the way. Historical verification, the Chinese Communists did not forget the beginning, the mission has always been on the shoulder. "He worked hard for the nation and the Communist Party. He dedicated his life to saving China. He pointed to the road of liberation of the people. He led China toward light." "He persisted in the Anti-Japanese War for more than eight years and he improved people's livelihood. Has implemented many democratic benefits. "This song deeply embodies the party's purpose and intention in the score, deeply into the hearts of the people, and deeply in the will of the Communists. At the 2017 CPPCC National Day Tea Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Standing Committee of the CPC Politburo stood with all the major leaders of the democratic parties to sing the song. Commanding the choir, my friend Yu Hai, he showed me the pictures of the scene, we are passionate. This song is the voice of the people, the consensus of the world. With the Chinese Communist Party, there is the new China that has risen today. This song, why can pass more than 70 years of age, but also can be sung so far? Motivate generation after generation of Communists not forget the beginning, keep in mind the mission? Author Cao Cao Xing is a kind of person? In what context did I create this song? I am determined to put this song and author's story, screenwriter to become the movie "song of Mars." People's spokesman wrote the people's voices In 1943, author Cao Luoxing, 19, wrote the song in a small room in the village of Xiandunling Township, Fangshan District, Beijing. At a time when the Japanese invaded Peiping, the Communist Party built an anti-Japanese enemy base in an arduous environment and under the weak and hostile enemy forces, he boldly singled out the strong voice of the soul who "has no communists and no China." Originally named Cao Zhi signed "Mars", self-confidence in a prairie fire in the private sector, a religion to teach singing, word of mouth, from Shanxi and Cha Cha spread to all over China. They all sing their voices in unison. They solemnly sing out "New China led by the Communist Party" and show the Chinese people an independent New China that has stood up. A song originated from the voice of the soul in the ditch, becoming the song of truth handed down. This song, each note full of mutual trust between the party and the people. After several years of hard work and vicissitudes of life, the first piece of the song that describes the beginning of the Communist Party, the public's recognition, the consensus of all parties, and the all-ethnic recitation allow the world to hear the Chinese people's approval and aspiration of the core forces that lead us. Cao Martian is the people's spokesman, created the Acura's classic song. Understand Cao Martian to better understand the song, understand the song in order to better understand why the Communists won the popular won the power? I traveled all the places where Cao Mars worked and fought and searched his relatives and acquaintances in Beijing, Tianjin and Ji. After conducting in-depth interviews and surveys, I was surprised to find out that there was a simple story hidden behind those notations: a man, a song, a political party and a country. In October 1943, Cao Martin pondered a question. Could you interpret the editorial entitled "No Communist Party Without China" in Yan'an's Liberation Daily as a song? In response to Chiang Kai-shek's publication of the book "The Fate of China" in March, "Without the Kuomintang there is no China." The editorial in the Liberation Daily lays out the role played by the Communists and the people in the base areas during the Anti-Japanese War, refuting the Kuomintang fallacies, Finally, he applied the words of "China's Fate," and pointed out: "If there is no Chinese Communist Party in China today, there is no such thing as China." Cao Luoxing, who just joined the party, was thrilled by a well-founded rebuttal by the editorial. As a literary and art warrior of the party, he witnessed the fact that the CPC leading people insisted on fighting the anti-Japanese and state salvation after the arduous enemy. He wanted to participate in the controversy in the form of music and compose a tit-for-tat song with Chiang Kai-shek. "Without the Communist Party, China". Song title is based on the then "Liberation Daily" topic, so there is no "new" word. Dramatic figures happen and buried in the mountains of life, but we lack the discovery. In an interview, Cao Hongwen, Cao's daughter, told me that her uncle, Cao Taishan, graduated from the university and joined the KMT as a hardcore KMT member. His elder Cao Martian was ten years old and his two brothers joined the two parties during the war of resistance against Japan. In particular, Cao Marting made this song, arousing the ideological conflicts, personality conflicts and faith conflicts among brothers, and finding the contradiction between the two brothers who focused on the events that constitute the most dynamic drama situation. Cao Mars's father was killed by the Japanese invaders, his brother is a Kuomintang member, this unique social background and character relations, especially the brothers and sisters in the two parties, because of the song what kind of conflict? When the Kuomintang retreated to Peiping in early 1949, her mother told Cao Martian to persuade his brother to stay and her brother eventually retreated to Taiwan along with the Kuomintang. To tell a good story in China, we should follow the principle of "one person, one mind and one mind" in traditional Chinese drama. A 19-year-old literary young singer named Cao Martian, a spokesman for the people, wrote a song entitled "No CCP Without China" and wrote the hearts of the people. Later, in the long years of dissemination and identification, he verified that the Communists won popular support The truth of winning the government. Root-seeking originated from the people He insisted on the Anti-Japanese War for more than eight years and he improved the people's livelihood. When he built an enemy base area, he practiced many democratic benefits. "I chewed the lyrics, like chewing soybeans, missing the land where the lyrics were grown, source. The purpose of literary and artistic creation is to guide people to find the source of ideas, the source of strength. Once again, I came to Pingshan County, the hometown of Cao Marting, and visited the sites of the CPC Central Committee of Xibaipo County and the site of the Jinchaji Anti-Japanese Base in Fudan County, Nanping, to feel and understand the origins of Cao's creation. The Communist Party "He has improved the people's livelihood," the lyrics can be indexed to the black and white photographs of the gallery. The Communist Party announced the outline of the Land Law, giving peasants a share of the land, and farmers who have their fields and smiling happy. They also implemented rent reduction and interest reduction to help peasants produce self-help and build water conservancy. Under the cruel war background, the Eighth Route Army under the leadership of the Communist Party always improved Farmers live in the first place, eating the most difficult period of elm leaves. The Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Military Region ordered the leaves of the village to be left for pick-up by the villagers and ordered the troops to find leaves in the mountains. Before this photo I stood for a long time ...... The Communist Party "He has implemented many democratic advantages" and the pictures of "bean selection" one by one have truly recorded the initiative of the Communist Party in implementing the people's rights as the masters of their own affairs. "Bean selection" was a unique invention of democratic election. At that time, the anti-Japanese base areas were commonly used. The illiterate people voted in the candidate's bowl and finally decided the candidates for the village government according to the number of beans in the bowl. It was easy and sufficient Reflect public opinion. The bean selection process makes it difficult for outsiders to judge who the voter has voted for in the end so that the candidate can not influence the voting of the voters. Its purpose is to ensure that voters can freely exercise their democratic rights. In order to promote democratic election, Cao Mars wrote a song called Electoral Minor. Older Cao Wenshan remembered what was going on in the democratic election at the time, and we sing the election ballads in front of us: "Willow twins, Willow Ye Long, a few good village chiefs. Black wolf. "Singing is the voice of the voice that the people's hearts. Cao Mars spread the Communist Party's purpose as a seed in people's hearts. The lyrics, like the fact of holding their fingers, reveal the relationship between the Communist Party and the masses in fish-water relations. All for the people, all depends on the people, the mass point of view is exactly the starting point and the end point of the Communist revolution. From its inception, the Communists firmly believed that winning popular sentiments was the largest political affair. Popular sentiments required emotional appeal, and they needed easy-to-understand truth and real accomplishments. The simple and simple lyrics of "No New China Without a Communist Party" is a big truth of the people. It is a very clever way to sing this kind of actual portrayal of songs and songs to the hearts of the people. Classical literary and art works are all creative works that come from the masses to the masses. One by one, can get into people's hearts and popularize the public. Mars illuminate a road, mountains and rivers of the people. In honor of this musician who sang the hearts and minds of ordinary people, his hometown built the "Cao Martian Memorial Hall" in 2006 and Comrade Li Ruihuan inscribed the name of the museum. As the Shijiazhuang Expressway passes through Xibaipo now, there are not many people who visit the memorial hall. However, as a literary worker, I especially listened to General Secretary Xi Jinping's several important speeches on literary and art work and hoped that we would strengthen our cultural confidence and use literature and arts to boost our national spirit. "Cao Martian Memorial Hall" For our later literary and art workers, it is of great significance to extract the essence, draw energy, learn from the older generation of literary and art workers, and maintain a high degree of confidence in our own cultural vitality and creativity. Here, we can understand the meaning of "no new China without a communist party." Once you sing it, you will have confidence in the literary and art direction we hold to it. Without a high degree of cultural confidence and without cultural prosperity, there will be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Sing again, you will understand the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping made in the 19th National Congress report: "we must adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, in the depth of life, rooted in the people worthy of the era of literary and artistic creation.To prosperity of literary and artistic creation, Adhere to the ideological and profound, superb art, well-produced well-unity, to strengthen the creation of realistic themes, has introduced the Acura party, praised the motherland, Aulacese people, Acura heroes masterpiece. Songs gather the flesh-and-blood ties between the party and the people What is the character of Cao Mars? His daughter said: "The father is a party called what to do what people, discipline, rules, people doing things very reliable." Daughter Cai Qin said: "Dad this man, life is particularly simple, The clothes broke their own fill, when the president, the director never engage in special, was locked into the "bullpen" criticism, "liberation" a few years after the salary replacement, he turned over to the party dues. "The 91-year-old Comrade Xiao Yunxiang talked about many of his past events with Cao Marting. Cao Martian played a female role in the drama club, and the organization called Qian Shao did not grievances, leaving the hair to braid. At that time, the conditions were tough, no musical instruments do their own work, do goblins with gourds, do their own cello ... ... "Lao Cao this person is a very obedient, honest kindness during the Cultural Revolution, he volunteered frankly his Kuomintang brother went to Taiwan, You think about it, he alone! " Abide by the rules, discipline, loyalty to the party, not bullying the people, this is the outstanding personality of Cao Martial ideology. As a member of a literary and art workers, he himself advocated and advocated must do it. I went to Xibaipo this time to understand more deeply the "two musts" put forward by the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Party. There was an anti-corruption anti-corruption pavilion added here to showcase the corrupt tiger, hit by "sugar-coated cannonballs" There Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Xu Cai Hou, Guo Boxiong et al. Fight corruption and advocacy, thinking of the mind, the people's heart. In the report of the 19th NPC Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping explicitly demanded: "The whole party must maintain the style of working hard and guarding against arrogance and rashness." In Xibaipo, the rules and discipline promised to the Chinese people before the Chinese Communist Party came to Beijing . Pingshan came out of Mars Mars, has always spread the good style of the party, abide by the rules of party members and artists, the party and the heart often exist, the party has the character to "no Communist China no new China," this song to promote the construction of party style, " Effort to save China and work hard for the nation "has become a tremendous force that brings together the hearts of the party and the people. This song is the litmus test of the party and the people. Where the Communist Party went and where it can hear spontaneous singing shows that the Party's work has taken root in the masses. What kind of song is this? Is a Song of Songs full of culture and self-confidence, a song that inspires the hearts and minds of the masses to fight for the ideal, is a song of exhortation that warns the entire party not to forget the heart of the world and keep its mission in mind. Today, we have stepped into a new era. This song inspires the people to aspire to a better life following the Communist Party's victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way, capturing the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Continue to struggle song. I want to create a movie script "The Songs of Mars" for this song, which I have thought for many years. In the process of carrying out the investigation of the special investigation team of the CPPCC National Committee with its "firm confidence in culture and stressing the story of China," I told the members of the delegation about the story behind the song. We strongly favor writing a movie so that it will sing The people of this song understand this story and use the works of literature and art to sing the flesh-and-blood relationship between our communists and the masses of the people. From the historical dimension, we can prove that only the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party can unite the peoples of all ethnic groups in realizing the dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Sing the first song of song party, did not forget first duty. In his 19th NPC report, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that leading the people in creating a better life is the unswerving goal of our party and must always put the interests of the people in the supreme position. "All work of the party must be based on the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people as its highest standard. We must persist in treating the minor issues of the people as their own major tasks, starting from what the people care about, starting from what the masses of the people are satisfied with and leading The people continue to create a beautiful life. "Entering the new era and shouldering a new mission is the original intention of the" no new China without a communist party "and the beginning of the party.
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Wang Xingdong: go deep into life to accept life soak
Life is fair, there is out there, in-depth can be higher. In-depth life, immersed in the life of the saucepan is a "bitter" effort, but also irreplaceable "clever" Kung Fu Radish asked pickles, pickles and their homosexual, but why the acid and salty do not? Pickles pointed sauce tank, soak in more than a month, radish turn into pickles. In-depth living means immersing oneself in life, feeling the joys and sorrows of the people, carving out the hearts of the people, and getting in touch with the masses, obtaining the chromatograms expressing the feelings of the masses, obtaining the evidence for creating different characters, and using them inexorably Creative passion. Someone asked me, how the writer "left Lei Feng's day"? Life answers everything. Joan hill, a closest comrade in arms with Lei Feng accidentally ended Lei Feng's life in a car accident. How did he live in these years? Behind the accident is the story. I hand-held a pointer to life, found Joan hill, interviewed him, familiar with him, understand him, unlock the truth of Lei Feng's death was not disclosed. I further questioning life, in Liaoyang City, found the former three comrades in front of Lei Feng Punchun Xue, Yu Quan, Tianshan Mian, a detailed understanding of Lei Feng sacrifice process. The story is like a mine of emotions that needs to be mined. Only to understand the life of Joan Mountain, experience the bitterness and salty in his heart will have feelings, touched, there will be creative impulse - Qiao Anshan from the evolution of real characters into my penny struggling role, Liu Peiqi Played as the real character of life won two best actor award, created the "one" figure for Chinese screen, got the audience's universal approval. Life is fair, there is in-out there, in-depth can be higher, from body to heart into the heart soak sauce into the tank. Without the discovery of the real person, there is no invention of the literary image. Without the inner excavation of the person, there is no story after the accident. Clever woman is no straw, rice is the deciding factor, where is rice? Not among others' leftovers, between the teeth of other people, but among the paddy that is harvested by ourselves on the earth, this is the most delicious food for brewing the Chinese spirit. I asked "Wrestling! Father "Indian publisher Passat Shetty, how long did the script work? He said the script was authored by director Nitesh Tivari and three screenwriters based on the true story of the wrestler Mahavin Singh Perga, who wrote for more than two years. The box office returns for the final movie far exceed the total investment. Art has its hundred truths unchanged: fax does not pass pseudo, only sincerity can impress people. This Indian movie also proves this truth, from the story of life and people, is the movie's most credible, most powerful fulcrum. In particular, in order to reproduce the story, the performer spent a year and a half on the wrestling court receiving rigorous training to sense the ups and downs of the wrestlers. When performing the filming, they did not have to make a stand-in for the sake of reality. On the screen, real life experiences were passed on to the audience. The twists and turns the dad and daughters experienced in realizing their dreams broke through the barriers of language and culture with their strong emotions, strong movements and real details, and watched our heart before the screen. This is the artistic appeal. Art appeal first of all need to be creators themselves in real life perceived, and only open their own to accept the soaking of life, to appreciate the complexity of human nature and emotional ups and downs. There is no real feeling of life to do the fulcrum, only the rootless duckweed, disease-free moan, soulless body. Chinese and foreign successful literary and artistic works are telling us that life is the basis of this book. Whether creators can live in depth is not only a matter of creative methods, but also a matter of conviction. People-centered creations are spiritual projects that come from among the masses and go among the masses. I follow the older writers in-depth learning to create life, I insist the script is written out with the script, you can not be immersive on the rare artistic conception. When I came to Xinxiao Town, Anhui Province and supply and marketing cooperatives that still in the fertilizer warehouse, the people around who would never think of China's first Olympic gold medalist Xu Haifeng had sold fertilizer here, "Xu Haifeng I wrote "Kong Chih-ying," interviewed more than 60 people, notes write 200,000 words; I write Kong Fansen, Niu Yuru, national flag designer Liansong Song, writing judge mother Shang Xiuyun, as far as possible Deep into the frontier where people once lived ... Even if we write revolutionary historical topics such as "Founding of a Republic", "Revolution of 1911" and "Cases of Huang Ke-kung," I went to look for historical relics in my life and tried to perceive the times as much as possible. Find the unique feeling of creation. In-depth life, sinking life saucepan is a "bitter" effort, it is irreplaceable "clever" Kung Fu. In order to come up with original products, we must find characters, contact people, study people, and create characters in our life. Faith is the life of art. Life is the source of creation. To me, this is a creed. Looking back 40 years of his career as a screenwriter, General Secretary Xi Jinping echoes the speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 9th opening ceremony and the opening ceremony of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles: "Walking into life and being close to the people is the basic attitude of artistic creation; refined above the standard of living Life, is the basic ability of artistic creation.Artists and artists must have such an attitude, but also have such capabilities. "I am embracing such an attitude to improve this ability, but also hope that this in-depth life baton delivered In the hands of young people. (The author is a member of the CPPCC National Committee, president of the Chinese Film and Literature Institute) (Editor: Tang Shi Yao, Chen Yuan)
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Let the Chinese film be full of self-confidence - An interview with Wang Xingdong, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of China Film Association
Speaking of Wang Hsong-tung, he is bound to mention his screenwriter's movie "Leaving the Days of Lei Feng," a film released in 1996 that caused a sensation at that time and won the 17th China Golden Rooster Award for Best Screenplay in 1997. Twenty years later, this theme film is still on the watercress was rated as high, indicating that young people love, is a classic. This is the second time he won the top prize for screenwriter countries. In 1993, the 13th China Golden Rooster Award for Best Screenplay was also won by him. His work is "Jiang Zhiying." He is the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth CPPCC National Committee members, vice chairman of China Film Association, China Film and Literature Institute, a screenwriter. He was selected by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles in December 1997 as the first young and middle-aged artist with double art in Germany and Germany. Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. Twenty years since he joined the CPPCC National Committee, he has persistently urged to make proposals and proposals for the film legislation, especially his proposal of persistently making the film classification system. Recently, he accepted the correspondent's interview on the Film Industry Promotion Law. The movie industry train into the legal orbit Wang Hsong Tung has been the legislative drums and call for the film industry, unshaken. Reporter asked why he insisted so, he mentioned a predecessor, famous director Xie Tieli. He said: "Actually, the film law was drafted in 1981 but it has been stopped and stopped. When I entered the Political Consultative Conference in 1998, Xie Tieli, a famous director, was a member of the NPC Standing Committee. In the face of the slow state of film legislation, he told me It seems that the film legislation needs to be batoned down from generation to generation until the Chinese film has the law to follow, which shows that he knows the film legislation difficult, the weight. He went on to say: "We have not had a law on films for years and only the administrative regulations, so we lag behind. Especially in recent years, the entry of Western films into China has brought many unfavorable contents to young people and promoted pornography, murder, Drug trafficking, violence, gambling, etc. Infringement and piracy, the phenomenon of spoofing the box office, seriously jeopardizing the order of the movie, can not be dealt with by the administrative regulations and must be promoted to the legal level. The law is the highest standard, the regulations are only prescribed by the government, and the penalties are not enough The rapid growth of China 's film production, has taken the Mercedes - Benz motor car, must be in the form of legal norms of creative production management in order to be able to travel on the legal track, not overturned. Therefore, the "Film Industry Promotion Act," the implementation of great significance. Wang Xingdong commented on this reporter. "The Film Industry Promotion Law, implemented this year, is an important measure to comprehensively promote the administration of the country according to law. It has played an important role in legislation in other fields of literature and art, including literature, music, art, performance, opera, Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Party Central Committee has emphasized that power should be put into the cage of the system. Movie legislation means putting the power of the film into the cage of the system, creating it according to law, safeguarding its rights in accordance with the law, and administering according to law The creation of quality works under legal guarding is the vision of generations of Chinese filmmakers. " Four "unexpected" Although he has been involved in the discussion of the Film Industry Promotion Law for three years and is familiar with the changes before and after the change, Wang Xingdong told reporters that the Film Industry Promotion Law still gave him a lot of surprises. He summed up the four "unexpected". He said: "The first thing we can not think of is to write in the core values of socialism, but also to be specific. For example, Article 8 states that filmmakers, directors, and other filmmakers should stick to their virtues and laws, respect laws and regulations, respect social ethics , Abide by professional ethics, strengthen self-discipline and establish a good social image .Therefore, the specific provisions are indeed aimed at the reality of our country and show according to law. "" The second one is the 14th article, and the cooperation with foreign filmmakers did Clear restrictions: that is, they must not cooperate with overseas organizations that engage in activities that harm the dignity, honor and interests of our country, endanger social stability and hurt national sentiments, or hire individuals who engage in such acts to participate in film production. "In terms of this provision, He gave an example of "a film about the performance of educated youth and grasslands and wolves in Inner Mongolia. He has vociferously hired a French director who has filmed anti-China films and praised the Dalai Lama for promoting" seven years in Tibet. "The film blatantly separates Mongolian and Han nationality Expressed as the relationship between wolves and sheep, the blatant violation of the Constitution can not provoke ethnic relations undermine the spirit of unity This is in violation of this law in terms of behavior. " Up till now, Wang Xingdong has written 31 films, including "Flying Crane", "The Adventure of the Dogs", "Army Trainee Officer", "Pigeon fancier adventures", "I only shed three tears", "Jiang Zhiying" , "Kong Fansen", "Leaving the Days of Lei Feng", "Conscience", "Flag of the Republic", "Judge Mum", "Life and death of Niu Yuru", "Founding of a Republic", "Revolution of 1911". As a source of creation that insists on living, going deep into the grass-roots life requires an interview with a screenwriter of collecting the wind. His third "beyond expectation" is Article 12. "The competent department of film under the people's government at or above the county level, in accordance with the needs of filmmaking, The creative personnel provide the necessary facilities and assistance to penetrate grassroots units, penetrate the masses and experience life. "He told reporters that with this weapon for the protection of the body and future interviews with the border areas or to the countryside and interviews in prisons, Level government agencies. According to the law to facilitate the creation of grass-roots level, there is no reason to refuse. The fourth "can not think of" is a public service show in rural areas and free viewing at school. As a CPPCC member who has long been concerned about the protection of minors and has written seven children's films, Wang Xingdong told "Article 28: Education and film departments of the State Council may jointly recommend movies conducive to the healthy growth of minors and take measures to support them Compulsory education students to watch for free, arranged by the school organization "deeply touched, he told reporters," In the past, primary and secondary schools often organize students to watch movies, students elated, and now very few, because on the one hand you can let Children's watching movies less, on the other hand, our organization recommended is not enough to train the next generation, the role of the film can not be underestimated. "In his" days away from Lei Feng "schools, trade unions have organized to watch, have excellent social benefits . Fight, fight for, and then fight As a screenwriter, Wang Xingdong talks about the "creative freedom". He cited an example of his own work. "In 2014, I created the" Huang Kageon Case. "This is an incident that has had an impact on the history of the Communist Party of China: Huang Ke-kung was an old revolutionary who took part in the Long March. Yanan was a cadre at the regimental level. He took a fancy to a girl student, Married her, but the woman did not want, he forced the marriage, the woman is not from, he even shot dead her .In the time of war will be how to trial? Kill or amnesty? After democratic open trial, he was sentenced to death. The letter not to forgive him and asked all Communists to take Huang Kegong as a precaution, such a classic case written into the history of the party, telling the story of the Communist Party in Yan'an, full of positive energy, without permitting in 10 months, Someone with the power of law, with personal likes and dismissal of such films, after multiple complaints, 20 working days should be issued by the administrative license, dragged on for ten months was forced to pass. To the film creation to bring much difficulty and loss. So , According to the law to protect the freedom of creation, is to require any individual can not be included in the law and administrative review and approval of legal management and supervision, the law gives creators the freedom to navigate the compass, too Precious. " To protect the original rights of the script, Wang Xingdong told reporters that "the film draft legislation began to seek advice, I participated in countless meetings, proposed to write in the scriptwriting of the movie, fight for, fight for, and then finally this time into the film law, Article 12 writes: "The State encourages the creation of screenplays and innovations in themes, genres, forms, and means," and my years of hard work have produced results. The incorporation of screenwriter status into the law has been guaranteed. " "Film Industry Promotion Law" for the protection of the freedom of film creation, which greatly improves the film writers who are creative, Wang Xingdong is no exception. When asked about his current creation, he disclosed that he was creating a film titled "The Song of Mars," which is one of the best stories about the Chinese Communist Party. He said that "Without the Communists No New China "and author Cao Marting. In 1943 he wrote the song, and after 73 years we still sing in unison, embodying cultural self-confidence and expressing the aspirations of all the party members." He said he wrote this script We want to reveal the truth that "people have the heart to win the hearts of the people", indicating that Communists should not forget their initial thoughts and uphold their faith in cultural confidence. He disclosed that he had conducted a large number of interviews with Cao Martian at his birthplace, Pingshan County in Hebei Province, Tianjin, Hebei and Beijing. At present, the film script has been completed. He finally said, "There is a song called" Mom taught me a song. "This is the song I sing, and I wrote a movie for this song and Cao Huo star." Enhance self-confidence to participate in international competition In the interview, Wang Xingdong repeatedly spoke of "cultural self-confidence," "Film Industry Promotion Law" to enhance the cultural self-confidence of Chinese film industry. When a reporter asked him how China's film went out and raised its international confidence, he put forward five elements. The first is the script, he said, "thousands of miles of the trip, starting with the foot, the script is also called a script.Our film to go out, the first is to grasp the script, the original screenwriter must first go out to familiarize with foreign markets, the world view, write World. " The second is the story, he said, "a good story is long legs, will be involved in miles .Anderson's fairy tales spread all over the world, we see this year's best foreign language film - the Iranian movie" salesman "are good stories. It is an integral part of a nation's cultural capabilities and a soft power to conquer the mind. " The third is to create a new image. A good art image is long-winded. "The United States makes a rat as a mouse and outputs cultural images to the world. China is a big country of cultural resources. We must strive to develop our national resources to create a touching image of our national culture and participate in the world competition." Fourth is the spirit of China. He said the episode "The March of the Volunteer Army" is an episode in the movie "The Stormy World," and the famous black bass singer Robert of the United States gave a record in 1940 to sing the battle song of China's anti-fascist war. why? It is because this song is sung in the spirit of China and the spirit of national independence. National spirit is the flower of the soul of blooming world cultural garden. The fifth is to protect the copyright according to law. He told reporters: "We must legally go with the world and must legally protect the original and protect intellectual property." If Harry Potter's random piracy plagiarism will create tens of billions of dollars in output, the essence of a knowledge-based economy is the legal economy. Film legislation and law enforcement and justice fundamentally protect the copyright economy and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. "Chinese film law and order guards will certainly be able to participate in international competition." Wang Xingdong soberly realized that now the film is "the internationalization of the domestic market and the internationalization of the domestic competition. The international market and the domestic market are integrated with each other. Throughout the competition, we must strengthen ourselves to be responsible and keep our land invincible." However, he believes that under the protection of the "Film Industry Promotion Law", representative works representing the national spirit of China will definitely be born. The story of China about China's story will surely be spread to the world. (Correspondents / Du Jie)
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New rattan and people: When there is only one writer, is to write down
For the first time, I met Mr. Shinto Kazuhito, a Sino-Japanese film and television playwright exchange seminar held in Changchun Film Studio in 1986, at which time his screenwriter's "Blackboard" was shown. He said at the meeting, I have been unforgettable. He said: "All the plot and the conflict of the movie are for the ending, and the picture at the end of the film is not allowed to be changed anymore. If someone changes, I will try my best because I ended up thinking about the whole situation and the end has changed. All the previous episodes were invalidated. "The 66th Japan Daily Film Awards announced the winners of the awards on January 17, 2012. The highest award," The Japanese Film Awards, "was presented to" Shinichi Fujitsu's "" a postcard " . On April 22 of the same year, Shinto and others welcomed their 100th birthday. When he held his birthday party in Tokyo, he said: "This is my last word, thank you, goodbye." 2012 At 9:24 on the 29th of May, Neo Fujimori died at home. Shinto Shinto has directed 49 movie productions for his life and has written more than 220 movie scripts and over 60 television scripts. He has worked as a painter for more than 50 films and has written many books about dramas. His published novels and essays are numerous. "He wants to stab the heart of drama 98-year-old self-directed film won the award, wrote 220 film scripts throughout his life, directed 49 films, and he is entirely self-taught. He was born in a run-down family in Hiroshima, did not enter the film college, there is no apprenticeship, self-awareness. This miraculous end of life will naturally attract people to explore the process of his growth and the reasons for success. "The new rattan and person screenwriter" (published by the World Book Publishing Company) This book is a series of keys to open all the questions of new rattan life and drama. The new rattan and person play style is unique. He is a film writer who is constantly trying to explore. He sticks to his discoveries and sentiments, and firmly expresses his views on Japanese society and the disaster of war. He never follows the imitation of American films. Therefore, he enjoys uniqueness in international cinema Position. "The new rattan and person screenwriter" is the movie writer real life thought record, but also his true feelings in the creation of the film expression. This book is different from the dramas that the American playwright theorist Syed Field et al. Published - they analyze other people's scripts and have less practical experience and lessons in writing their own scripts. This book is much different from the domestic published rhetoric about the writer's theory of how to write - those who did not create a successful script but are teaching other people's playwright methods, the lack of credibility. As the new rattan and self-learning screenwriter, so he attaches great importance to summing up themselves, to study other people. In the early years, China published "The Structure of Screenplay" by Neo Teng and his entourage. This booklet gave me a lot of creative inspiration. For example, he summed up his advice to director Kenji Mizoguchi thing: "In the early years I took the script to find Mr. Mizoguchi guidance, Mr. Mizoguchi gave me the script is very harsh reprimand, said the play is too slow.He said that while asking questions You should sharply reveal the core of the issue, go it alone, go straight to the public and reveal the wonderful part of the drama sharply. "When there is only one writer, that is to write down" It is useful that I read one hundred and fifty percent of the script of Shinto Shinobu and believe that his experience is good. I always put "a knife in the center of the drama" as a necessary part of my opening scene. For example, I wrote the script "Leifeng days away", the opening 6 minutes let Lei Feng was knocked down by the car immediately put forward "the protagonist knocked Lei Feng, how to do?" This issue, stabbing the theater of the core, build strong Drama force point. There are a lot of people writing scripts, but not many people understand this principle. Common script narrative into the drama slow, thick skin, as eating salted duck eggs, the key is to eat the egg yolk, can not take the chopsticks slowly stabbed, put the duck eggs on the chopping board, knife split, see Huang spilled oil, This is a good beginning. Mr. Shinji took out the key to unlocking his play and handed it over to others. And after I tried it, I was able to validate it, and from then on, it was more practical to trust his lessons than those professors who were short. Write a script need to coach it? "The new rattan and person writing screenplay" in a true record of the new rattan learning process, following the period of Kenji Mizoguchi, he benefited. Master with a disciple, to undertake predecessors, so far are the tradition of Japanese film writers. Shin-Tadanori is often engaged in training courses and lectures as the head of the Japan Screenplay Association. In other words, screenwriter after the basic quality of professional school training, still need the guidance and heritage of the teacher. Shin-rattan and others came in contact with the screenplays accidentally from the work of the printing workshop and were captured by the script at once. He knew that this was the foundation of the movie's birth. So, writing the script became his life's goal. How did he study screenwriter? In the book, Neito Fujimoto replied: "First look at the film .Because it is to write the script, so watch the movie is the foundation.Also see the movie magazine, read the movie script above.And through these, I learned the general structure of the movie and There are many scripts written by Taro Yagi and Tadao Ikeda, there was also a drama literary movement and many movie dramas, but in short, only one is written. "Movie script is written out of the foot" The road of the play of the new vine and the party confirms the creative concept of "living in depth and upholding the realism" advocated by us, that is, the script of the movie is written in feet. Original play must be in-depth life, can not be behind closed doors, to be immersive, in order to feel the true mood; to be close to the characters, to be familiar with the characters; to figure out people in order to understand the characters; to dissect the characters in order to create characters. Without touching, there is no excitement; without excitement, there will be no creative impulse. Character is the script, create a good character is the screenwriter's greatest skill. The new Fujimori, who had a war experience, was extolled from the movie factory to join the army and felt the cruelty of the war and the human nature after the defeat. He realized how the war changed people. He has written many anti-war scripts, such as "orphans under the atomic bomb" and "a postcard," describing the human nature of the war fairly. Through the "new rattan and person screenwriter" can draw a conclusion, screenwriter's experience is to support the intensity of the play levers, writers without ideas is not able to create a good script. He learned a profound way of revealing human nature from Kenji Mizoguchi and used the money of steel to reveal the essence of human nature. Neito Fujimoto said: "The same is true of interpersonal relationships. No money, relatives no matter who will leave you. Really very isolated. In the end, my mother put the money hidden under the pillow to sleep. It was not Balzac, but I wrote the film on the basis of these memories. "Reality is more moving than imagination" is the real feeling, or groan? The writer's attitude determines the quality of the script, while characters and conflicts are the soul of the movie. Can authors discover and be familiar with characters, create characters that have unique personalities, rather than using plastic molds that are mechanically suppressed? Mr. Shinnet affectionately wrote the screenplay "The Story of a Wife," commemorating the first deceased wife, and for the first time put forward his insistence on directing the film himself. His reason is that only he can express his true feelings about this person. Director irreplaceable, anyone shooting may distort the image of his beloved, premature wife. "I want to try out the forces that have been laid out by the fact that is, his wife vomit blood can not speak, so he wrote a blood to her husband 'I will not die, you do not have to worry.' This plot with the imagination is to write But they say it does not exist in reality, but this is the truth. "Because of the success of the film" Wife ", the new vine and then embarked on a self-directed way, and created a self Guide the world wonders of 49 movies. "The new rattan and person writing screenplay" is actually a vivid method by Japanese filmmakers. He expressed his own state of struggle in the hardships of social competition and national wars in the form of a movie. The book runs through the voice of the new vine and people: no matter in any disaster, I have to live. "Passion for life" "The new rattan and person screenwriter" is centenarians left to the world's screenwriting industry's true Truth, very precious. A careful study of the experience gained from Mr. Shinito is of great benefit to the development of today's Chinese screenplay. Neito and others are very friendly to screenwriters of Chinese movies and co-founded seminars of Chinese and Japanese movie dramas with famous movie and TV dramas of China and Japan. Every year, a Chinese screenwriter to Japan, he will come out to meet with you, or invite screenwriters to visit his modern film association. The book wrote a new vine and people In order to accept a tanker script, came to Changchun, China, "Manchuria Pictures Co., Ltd.", met the director Sato Uchida dream, the results of the script did not succeed, his wife was sick in Japan vomiting blood He died, he did not get back to Japan funeral. Reading here, I suddenly think of the new Fujitsu people come to Changchun Film Studio in 1986 to exchange the script, I was engaged in the production of screenplays in Changchun film studio started, read the new Fujitsu presentation of every process of film production. Print shops, art shops, even magazines that publish screenplays, submissions, and more, all of which have been pushed into the dustbin of history as the digital age arrives. "The new rattan and person writing screenplay" records the great playwright's creation of the characters and stories in the movie, the selection of movie themes, the observation of life, the exploration of human soul, and in particular, Diligent writing attitude, do not follow the dust of the United States after the commercial film, stick to their own independent thinking, self-expression and other creative. He created artistic life with the passion of life, touched people and encouraged people. "The most painful than writing the script" "The new rattan and person screenwriter", I feel the biggest and strongest stimulus is not how he is a good screenwriter, but the new rattan people in the film age can do it self-directed, free and complete self-expression. Now that there is no gap in any industry in China, entering the digital age, all the young Chinese who are determined to engage in the production of screenplays must be self-directed sovereigns who truly express themselves and who will not be distorted by anyone Idea concept. Neo-shin and others this model has Zoran stand in sight. Wang Xiaozhi told me that Shin-tsuneo had said to the screenwriter Hashimoto Nobuo of Rachomon: "The play made the director have a job, and there was no movie without the script." The content is king and the script is headed. For the script writing bitterness, the new rattan has such a statement: "I was in the Takarazuka Naval Air Force ushered in the defeat, where I was forced to undergo a variety of training, to suffer over my mouth, fans fanned me both stars , Beaten by sticks and hit the buttocks, and they demanded that we use our bodies to resist them when the enemy landed, but that's all a lot easier than writing the script. " The writer Wang Xingdong, a famous screenwriter, member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of China Film Association, China Film Literature Association.
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Wang Xingdong: moving stories hidden in life
On April 27, Wang Xingdong attended the start-up activities of the Guangdong script supermarkets. Later on, in the south screenwriter's salon, Wang Xingdong specially explained the sentiment about the current film and screenwriter creation and accepted an interview with Nanfang Daily. Wang Xingdong is the vice president of China Film Association, the president of Chinese Film and Literature Institute, and a writer at the national level. He has been a screenwriter for more than 40 years. His screenwriter's films include "Founding of a Republic", "Revolution of 1911", "Flying Crane" and "Huang Ke Gong Case". Huabiao won many awards, the Central Propaganda Department "five one" project award. "Jiang Zhiying" "Leaving the day of Lei Feng" twice won the best screenwriter award Huabiao Awards and the 13th, 17th Golden Rooster Award for Best Screenplay. In his 20 years as a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, he repeatedly called attention to film writers, focusing on originality and attaching importance to copyright. Storytelling ability is also a national soft power The script is a play of this. Over the years, Wang Xingdong has been calling for attention to the script, emphasis on originality, because the script determines the fate of the film, "the play so that the director has a job, the script has the actor a role, the show has investors to find the project, there is no script All of film and television. " Wang Xingdong called for the development of Chinese cinema to return to its origin and originality. Cultural products are the content king, and creative winners. The screenwriter is the original creative developer. This year Oscars won the best foreign language film is the Iranian film "salesman", director Asha Fahadi is a playwright, he did a very good movie, his play theory is: "the daily production of complex , Spiral rise, interlocking, the truth in the hands of writers. " Wang Xingdong said Asha's film award is not based on high cost, high investment and high technology, but on good stories and good content. "The ability to tell a story can also measure a country's soft power level. Of the soul is casting the soul of the project, the film has the function of spreading faith.Therefore, to improve the quality of Chinese film, we must first respect screenwriter ". At present, the script original crisis is the lack of self-discovery capabilities. If you do not find a good subject, you will not be able to make a good movie. You will find that it is half the story if you find it more difficult and more complex than ever before. Wang Xingdong believes that "the astonishing core is the novelty, the surprise, the extraordinary, the mysterious and the unusual event, which can promote the development of the story to make the attractive event.Enthusiastically wants to know the ending, can simply summarize the focal events and the character relations and has A theme lurks inside. " Wang Xingdong stressed that the quality of the conflict determines the quality of the nuclear theater. No focus, drama is scattered. The most important thing in the drama is to grab the focus and grab the attention it attracts. The focus is at the center of the two parties that have a stake in the conflict. The shorter the time span of the story, the easier it is to keep the story focused. Good at digging fresh themes Wang Xingdong believes that the lack of good script is due to the lack of ideas. Lack of the power of thought, the film will become anemic and pale, there is no soul and can not touch the hearts of people. The theme is the soul of a movie story. The theme is the script put forward the main issues and basic issues. The idea is the attitude and position held when expressing the theme. The idea is to control the entire journey of the ticket. "The purpose of literary and artistic creation is to guide people to find the source of thought, the source of strength and the source of happiness, and the spring of Qing Dynasty is always worth more than the mud, and the light is always more deserved than darkness." In the theme of choice, Wang Xingdong said that a good movie to explore other people did not show the subject matter. "In the creation of a move should be fresh, do not rush into a swarm of people without me, gifted me turn, the success of others is your grave. Phenomenon and the image of the choice of images, events and characters in the selection of characters, many characters choose dramatic The character. " There are six main elements of a good original story: a main character, the target needs or direction of a character, a difficult situation, an opponent or antagonism, a threatening and terrible crisis, a particularly wonderful surprise outcome. Wang Xingdong said that in the time of creation, we must accurately locate and think for a long time. "Moving story buried in the bottom of life, we lack the theme of discovery, unattended, often will make our dreams. Aiming for a long time, not easily" pull the trigger, "a subject, to repeatedly pondering is not the only "Aim" for a long time, do not write it all at once.You can try it in a small area and tell the story to others. If the friends around you are interested, think about it. ■ Wang Xingdong dialogue Script supermarket stimulate the vitality of Guangdong film and television Nanfang Daily: How to stimulate the vitality of Guangdong Film and Television, can you please support? Wang Xingdong: Guangdong did indeed shoot a lot of good films before. For example, Cai Chu-sheng, a pioneer of Chinese film art, took "The South China Sea Tide" in Guangdong, "The Ebb Tide" by Pearl Film, and "The Heart of Ezekiel" all shot in Guangdong, especially in Guangzhou. In the drama, "Love Pearl", "working girl" "Heroes no regrets" are good, more importantly, "how the steel is made", these are taken in Guangdong. In the tide of reform and opening up, Guangdong took a lot of leading films. How to further stimulate the vitality of film and television in Guangdong, I think we should start from the following aspects: First of all, there must be a group of original writers who value the original. Talent is the wealth of wealth creation, Guangdong script supermarkets should focus on cultivating screenwriter talent. Each year by holding a screenwriter salon and lectures, find and nurture screenwriter. I think that the Guangdong script supermarket platform to be fine, to categorize, focus and focus on training, rather than sprinkle the net, for example, can have the potential for screenwriter, to find a few to train, writers to guide the famous writers. Art is characterized by one when the ten, one by one, not more than a work of fame on it. Nanfang Daily: You also write a lot of realistic themes and themes of the work, for the young screenwriter, if you want to write the real theme, how to grasp the art of creativity and authenticity? Wang Xingdong: When the playwright is very young, it's hard to write a good script because he has to get in touch with life. Realistic themes must be touched in life. There are touched only touched, moved only excited, there is excitement creative impulse. For example, to reflect the theme of Shenzhen's reform and opening up, it is necessary to have a sense of reality when it comes to studying and understanding in real life. Before, I would like to write Foshan Shiwan ceramic sculpture theme, interview in Foshan, the investigation of a dozen days. But how to make it a story, I am also brewing, not yet write. Real life theme, there is no investigation without the right to speak, did not find in-depth life, there is no unique feeling, it is difficult to write a good work. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that it is important to deepen life as the basic attitude that refining life is the basic function, attitude and function that can be combined into a literary warrior. Must go to life. Guangdong script supermarket to lead the writer to the treasure house of life, to experience life and explore life. For example, the script supermarkets mentioned the organization of writers to explore the theme of Guangdong, Guangdong tell a good story, Guangdong to establish a good living library. There are many good topics in Guangdong, did not fully demonstrated. For example, Sha Fei, the pioneer of Chinese revolutionary photojournalism, is a very great and dramatic figure who has recorded and witnessed the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan. Another example is the Whampoa Military Academy is also a major theme in Guangdong. We should consciously choose the "well position" of life, let the playwrights go deep into the drill, extract the crude oil of life, and then process and make the best film and television energy products.
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The relationship between the animal world and the movie scriptwriter - wang xingdong's writing class
The content of the "ocean" through a natural phenomenon, which has a distinctive character and the most simple story to express the deep philosophic theory that the world general, through the objective facts to express the author's subjective thinking, this is a movie. So movies are fairy tales and fables for adults. Now some movie scene of the grand, special methods are high, the characters of numerous, speak truth is so shallow that the true charm of the movie is supposed to be thought, lack of the power of thought, there is no soul cannot move people. Wang xingdong is speaking at the forum of classical artists. "The film scriptwriter should be the mulberry silkworm that feeds on mulberry to death. It should be seen as a reflection of the sun's brilliance with a drop of water. "Said wang xingdong, vice President of the China film association and a famous writer of the famous writers' forum in chengdu. Classic art masters forum is hosted by Chinese art newspaper and other units, chengdu classic culture communication co. LTD. In wang xingdong pulpit pushing 2017 Oscar best foreign language film "salesman", he thinks, in pursuit of big production, big scenes of the film, should be as low cost, focus on the dramatic "salesman" in the life focus, to strive to improve the value of the script, to attach importance to the thought of writers, as the supply side of the film industry reform. The film USES objective reality to express subjective thinking. Wang xingdong once writers "flying crane", "canine adventures to screen the horse" and other films about animals, he said he was not write animal experts, but love animals, observation and research and writing any subject must first to do the research. Thought is the soul of the film, what is the idea in the movie? Wang xingdong, who wrote the screenplay, used an animal film to show the magic of the script and how to penetrate the screen. There are three passages in the French documentary "the sea" and wang xingdong thinks that there are some elements necessary for the film script. First paragraph shows sea great migration, a total of five animals, shows the whales, sharks, dolphins, sardines and gulls, because big ChangMianRen Marine migratory wonders have never seen, and curious to the unknown domain, so that wang xingdong, the script first to create such a spectacle. The hunting and the great escape of sea creatures created emotional emotions, and the script used plots and emotions to create the emotional passages of Beethoven's ninth symphony. "The important function of emotions is that even if the movie is black and white, it can bring tears to the audience as long as there is emotion," wang said. "In the paragraph is the second paragraph people hunt sharks, people take shark fin cut the shark's fins and tails, and put no tail shark to back the sea, the creator using details which never forgets anything, illustrates the human is cruel than the beast. After the third paragraph is to show small turtles hatch from the beach to the ocean, the process of continuously have the birds dive away small turtles, at this time just hatched little turtle limbs weakness is still very weak, they fled to the sea, taking the shortest straight line in this section of the road is not away is victory. Wang xingdong asks the audience to monitor their psychological process: "see the small turtle, the sardine encounter, what do you think? "Different audiences think different kinds of subjective thinking. Middle-aged people may think of their children being sent to kindergartens or nursery schools, and college students may think of their own scripts. "Full of crisis, the law of the jungle, it shows a world full of competition", wang xingdong think, first of all animals chase scene is the most simple everyone can understand it, then the content of the "ocean" through a natural phenomenon, one of the most distinctive character and the most simple story to express the deep philosophic theory that the world general, through the objective facts to express the author's subjective thinking, this is a movie. So movies are fairy tales and fables for adults. He said: "now some movie scene of the grand, special methods are high, the characters of numerous, speak truth is so shallow that the true charm of the movie is supposed to be thought, lack of the power of thought, there is no soul cannot move people. " Two little animal stories illuminate the mind. Mr. Wang xingdong, the head teacher of the Beijing film academy, was a participant in the speech of yan 'an literary and art symposium. He appeared in yan 'an as a Lenin figure and directed the marriage of xiao erblack. At that time, he and his students lived in the same corridor in the dormitory of zhu xinzhuang, where he had nothing to do. Wang xingdong and his classmates used to talk to their teachers. One day, wei was interested in discussing the selection of films in Yugoslavia. Two small films, "owl" and "chicken selection" were selected. Two films inspired wang xingdong to become a film scriptwriter, and persist to this day. The first one is called "owl" : in the morning of the forest, an old crow feeds four little crows in the tree, and after feeding the first little crow, there is no food, and the mother crow flies away to feed. At that time, lens, next to the tree, an owl, aggressively, "snapped" to fly, hold a small crow, a past strangled, tore the meat to eat, the other three little crows scared "gaga" called. Then we see, after the crow mom feed back, found that disaster rimmon in the home, rushed up to protect the child to cope with the owl, the owl is stronger than it, a few quick snip the crow mother ran, then calmly and haughty pounced on the little crow, use your mouth bite, leisurely to eat the meal, the other two young ravens frighten "gaga" called. At that moment, the mother of the ravens in the sky circling, singing, struggling. When the lens into the sky, staring a crow heard aggregation, to the owl in the some began to dive, you, me, beak to take turns, owl parry not under intensive offensive, by forceps with blood, no hair, drop under the tree, dead. It's over. "The moral of the story is that you can only fight when you are united," wang said. The story of the film has an image that is stimulating and enlightening. The short film that the teacher tells, wang xingdong knows a reason, the movie is the vision, can a line not use. The film is the most profound lesson with the smallest element. "It impressed me so much that I wrote down two small stories that night, and the notes are still there. " Wang xingdong once said to the teacher, "the two animal stories you told me have lit up my mind, and I have an animal story to tell you. I have been a border guard in the border line, the military dog is the most familiar, I write a soldier and the dog, and the story of the fiancee. The dog is the most loyal to man, the soldier is the most loyal to the motherland, the fiancee to the frontier soldiers disloyal story, to borrow the animal's fable to tell the story. "Dry teacher was very happy to write a good story and encourage wang xingdong," for me he planted the seeds of a style, for heaven and earth, I opened up a side characters + animal = fable style movie subject areas. "Wang xingdong lovingly recalled. And the moral of "owl" in contrast, is one of the 1981 Shanghai art studios animated film "three monks", its story is very simple, a "monks, two monks carry water, three boys who are not willing to do. It reveals the aspects of human nature. The simple theme is universally recognized in the world, and won awards in several countries. Some people can design the system for this point and find the essence of change from the perspective of human nature. According to general secretary xi jinping, "the purpose of literary and artistic creation is to guide people to find the source of thought, the source of power and the source of happiness. "The power of good film thinking can inspire people," wang said. " The characters that make the audience sympathetic are the elements of the play. Wang xingdong thinks that all plays should arouse the audience's sympathy, which is simple but often ignored. For example, the small turtle is weak, the audience is very anxious, see the little turtle is carried away will be anxious to yell out. The little turtle is a sympathetic image that captures the sympathy of the audience. Wang xingdong said, "as the core of a play, it is necessary for a character to arouse the audience's sympathy for him. The sympathetic character is indispensable to the play. Luo guanzhong's "the romance of The Three Kingdoms", the author makes the reader sympathize with who? The Three Kingdoms of wei and shu are disputing the whole world, and the opening chapter is about the three meanings of taoyuan. You can see that the feeling is very sympathetic to liu bei's side. One of the actors told me that I had acted in dozens of TV shows and didn't become a star, and I said she didn't know how to choose sympathetic characters. There is always a character in a play that is most sympathetic, and the writer's pen and ink is particularly focused on the character. "Desire" liu huifang is a sympathetic character, 50 episodes of her pain and suffering, so kelly became famous overnight. "Want to let the audience sympathy for characters, put forward the writer wang xingdong to do" heart kind hand speed, namely more sympathetic character more to torture him, the more he disaster, so the more can stimulate the audience's sympathy. "Deliberately pushing people into a pit to let him climb, to see the painful process of his climb, to climb up is a comedy, not to climb up is a tragedy. " Wang xingdong proposed that the quality of the conflict determines the quality of the drama core, and the situation of competition, life and death, and sinister situations in the script is often the most popular. The story of survival instinct can cause the audience to think deeply about the society and transmit the values. He gave an example of another short film, "the chicks," which Mr. Wei told him. Yugoslavia, a modern chicken hatchery, hatch eggs by electricity, a group of small hatch chicken "ji ji ji ji", a beautiful girl in choosing a chicken, the distribution using the other farms, choose a strong, healthy chicken, put aside the paper box. There was a conveyor belt at the bottom of the platform, about two meters long, and at the end of it was a cement trough, in which the eggs, dead chickens, and the dead chickens were washed away by the sewers. After learning about the environment, the film began, and two white chicks had been selected in the carton, which was very healthy. Then came a white chicken, the girl looked, enough standard, in the box. Another, sick and weak, with a push of the hand, down the conveyor belt into the cement trough, was eliminated. At this time, a little black chicken came up, grow very robust, "ji ji ji", choose chicken girl without thinking to hit below the belt, it obviously her choice is small white chicken, don't black chicken. Then she went on working. The little black chicken, however, did not fall into the cement trough, but instead climbed back up the conveyor belt, clambered up and called for survival. The girl saw a trance, eh, how could it climb up? He shot it down with his hand and went on with the white chicken. The little black chicken struggled not to fall off the conveyor belt, and continued to climb, step by step, of course, its close-up, proving that it was strong and strong. When the girl found out, how did it come up again, and push the little black chicken, the little black chicken finally rolled into the concrete pool... I heard the splash of "wow," and it ended. Wang xingdong tells the story, the audience knows the fate of the black chicken was both surprised and sorry, wang xingdong see behind something more: "the vitality of the little black chicken everybody saw, but because a standard screen out, white, black, not it is alluding to racial discrimination. "
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Wang Xingdong: The movie's crisis is the script, the script's crisis is life
Small-scale Iranian movie "salesman" won the 89th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Director Asha Fahati is a school screenwriter origin, his film and the former "one-off" award not by high cost, high investment, high technology, not by big stars, but by good stories, good content . The film "Salesman" directed by Iranian Asha Fahadi once again won Iran's best Oscars for Foreign Language Film this year; the 84th Oscars for the Best Foreign Language Film was last time directed by him, The cost of only 320,000 US dollars. Asha Fahati is a screenwriter born, the two films not by virtue of high cost, high investment, high technology, not by big stars, but by good stories, good content. In September 2016, Liu Qibao, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and secretary of the Central Propaganda Department, emphasized in Changyong's research that it is necessary to strengthen the building of creative ability, give top priority to the writing of scripts, enhance the original ability, enhance the value and vividness Tell stories and write good scripts for the times and the people. Why emphasize the creative writing at the top? The lack of the script is a common crisis in the world movie, the script is the script, foothold, the Chinese film to go out and become a world movie power, we must build a strong contingent of theatrical team and strong script basis. Article 14 of the CPC Central Committee's Opinions on Prospering and Developing Socialist Literature and Arts requires: "To enhance the original literary and art abilities, and to give priority to supporting original and basic links such as literature, scripts and composition, focusing on personalized and creative creation and avoiding over-simplification . "Article 12 of the Film Industry Promotion Law states:" The state encourages the creation of screenplays and the innovation of themes, genres, forms and means, and encourages film academic discussions and business exchanges. " 1. put the script creation in the first place, because the screenwriter to undertake the entire movie's first. The story and literary image pioneered by writers and screenwriters have always been operated and operated as a big business of intellectual property trade and are the "foundation of the foundations" for the development of film and television industry. The core of the cultural industry is content is king, creative victory. Screenwriter is the original content of the explorer from scratch, is eating fresh silk, brewing story founder. The first step can not follow the footsteps, copying is not allowed to imitate, can not follow suit. The first is the discovery of immersive, literary thinking of the reproduction. All characters are screenwriter labor with childbirth. Great dramas provide great roles, great characters contribute to great actors, and the film's performance is essentially an expression of script ideas. Some films without the authorization of the screenplay trample arbitrarily trampled the law to give the script the right to modify and protect the integrity of the work, director change, producer change, actors with messy gunmen. We can not ask the script users to "protect the complete rights of the works" unilaterally. However, it is the legal principle that the original author should authorize the right to modify the texts. Any unscrupulous manipulation of the basic design of the drama will inevitably result in the overall collapse of the whole. The first result is not respected, the original ability is bound to frustrate, with less personalized creation, too much repetition will be more adaptation. 2. put the script creation in the first place, the script writer is the movie's head. The copyright economy is dominated by the original creators. From the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Art World in the world and the Copyright Law in China, the original author is the supreme legal person, and the filmmaker must purchase the right to use the script before the director can use the script , The actor can play the script. Literary script with independent copyrights, unauthorized use shall not be used, which is recognized as the world law. Script is the first movie, the author is the movie leader. According to Liang Xin screenwriter's movie "Red Detachment of Women," adapted the ballet of the same name. At the age of 85, he appealed to the court to defend the right of signature and payment of remuneration. In the end, Liang Xun won the suit. When Joan Yao v. Copied his original Plum Blossoms, the court ruled in favor of Qiong Yao and banned the copying of the Palace Lock Citylink "and compensation 5000000 yuan, but the apology is just refusing to enforce. A society that does not respect individual intellectual property rights can not prosper and develop a knowledge economy market. Can not safeguard the source and foundation of industry, the industry can not be sustainable development. 3. The script creation on the first position, the script position to lay the author's chief position. The chief position of the original creator is stipulated by the copyright law, which is determined by the production process. However, the signatures of films and posters nowadays often fail to find out where the writer's name is hidden. Before the screenwriter press on the "master plan, director system, the president of the preparation, the general counsel, the chief producer," and some directors also signed their own personal works, this contempt for the original, the cart before the horse in the movie industry has accumulated evil habits, Strange. The right of authorship is the right of personality and property. Since writers are not involved in the later stage of production, it is not uncommon for them to be arbitrarily excluded from denying the signature of a screenwriter or even arbitrarily joining others' signatures. Film Premiere, the media often do not promote screenwriter, highlight the director, actor hype, weakening the first position and influence. Citizens of the rule of law society should cherish the feeling of drinking water while enjoying the cultural achievements, and they must not forget to hit the wells in the draft. Just as people listen to the symphony, only let you remember conductor and actor, let you forget the composer Beethoven. Intention to push the first creator down the chief position, contrary to the play the primary position of the law of reciprocity, the more offensive whistle football, the face of television "illegal offside" signature procedures, unmanned control, indulgence, resulting in crossing the river bridge, The fish should forget the negative ecology. Should be said that the script to create the most difficult spiritual engineering, the script of the boutique from the elite play, to protect the playwright's chief position, in order to firmly tied the script creative professional elite. 4. The script writing on the primary position, comment drama should be on the first choice. Regardless of whether the "one-off" or "salesman" won the Academy Award, it is not a high-investment, not a science fiction blockbuster, but a unique story about Iran's real life. General Secretary Xi Jinping called on critics to study the spirit of Mr. Lu Xun's courage in "smashing apples" at the forum for literary and art work. We are hard-pressed to criticize critics for plagiarism and plagiarism. Few critics rely on films written in literary script commentary to explore the source of the poem. Instead, they put the scores in the director's basket , There is very little analysis on the dramas. When the criticism can not be regarded as the first choice for the dramas, the innovative content from life, the high-quality plays are being tampered with or rough and the videos are rubbish. Responsible. Only by criticizing the procedure for rooting, approving and inspecting the original quality of the film can eliminate second-rate scripts and promote second-rate creation to achieve high-quality films. 5. The script is the native copyright of the movie and the publication of the script is the primary protection of copyright. Now I do not know where to read a good script? If there is no Shakespeare, Tang Xianzu's script is published, can we staged "Othello" and "Peony Pavilion" today? However, Shakespeare's script still survived, the world still feel from the playwright Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu's emotions, the world can continue to share their published cultural heritage. Forty years ago, when I was studying film screenwriters, I read the scripts published in the periodicals of the movie literature magazines, so as to master the writing skills of the film scripts. However, there is no now, can not see a good original script. I have repeatedly proposed that when the state takes out some funds, it will be able to do a good job of the publication of a screenplay. There is no open platform for evaluating the quality of the screenplay without having a screenplay. The film developed countries have the authority to publish the screenplay of the publication, which carries out annual selection activities. It is suggested that a state rewards mechanism for the establishment of film scripts should be established. "Putting the writing of scripts to the forefront" can not stop on paper or verbal. "It is important not to be important, and the implementation is important." Screenwriter is the movie's first, to take root in life in the first place. Without the purchase and discovery of life, there is no performance of literary innovation. Article 12 of the Film Industry Promotion Law has clearly stipulated that the competent departments at or above the county level should "provide necessary facilities and assistance for film crews to penetrate the grassroots units, deepen the masses and experience life." I hope this law can be implemented in a down-to-earth manner and really help original creators and creators with practical help. The movie crisis is the script, the crisis of the script is life, the original quality of the screenplay is improved, and only in-depth life, there is no other way. In terms of improving the quality of Chinese cinema, the core issue is the script. The primary issue is the content of the story. To enhance the quality of the film, we must restore the status of literary creators and screenwriters in accordance with the law, and maintain the original, chief, chief, preferred and top position of the script.
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