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Chen Gang's Four Dreams of "Lifetime Achievement Music Artist"
The more sound On November 28, Li Qianuang, member of China Federation Literary Party Committee and vice chairman, made a special trip to Shanghai Conservatory of Music and presented the Certificate of Lifetime Achievement Music Artist to Chen Gang, 82 year-old famous composer and one of the creators of the violin concerto Liangzhu. Chen Gang made an award-winning speech on the spot: "This is not so much a prize given to me personally as a gift to the 90th birthday of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. I was admitted to Shangyin in 1955, and I still have a Jiazi time. At the beginning of adhering to Cai Yuanpei Dean to aesthetic education on behalf of the concept of religion, the United States is the banner of the tone, but also my ideal for life, lifelong pursuit of the cause. Shanghai Conservatory of Music is my fertile ground for growth, I will not forget the beginning of heart, hold high the United States Banner. The artist must cherish a pure heart, the arts will never be terminated, inherit the soundtrain tradition, inherit the Shanghai culture, keep up with the new era and maintain a young heart and make new contributions. "Zhao Jiping, honorary chairman of the China Music Association, said : "Chen Gang youth always infected with all the people, Chen is our benchmark for learning, set an example for us." Literary dream, revolutionary dream, musical dream Chen Gang often chatted with everyone that he had "four dreams" in his life. When he was a teenager, he did literary dreams, loved literature, read Gorky's novels and Tagore's poems while he was thirteen, and wrote a novel "The Return of the Long Feet" when he was thirteen years old. In recent years, as a composer, Chen Gang has a large number of excellent essays, books such as "Black Romance", "Three Ear Music", "Butterfly is Free", "Concerto - Chen Gang and His Friends" A collection of articles such as "Shanghai Old Songs Codex" "Rose Rose I Love You" "Students must read library (art volume)" "musician picture scroll" "glass station" "Shanghai sound" (cooperation) When Chen Gang, who was liberated and wished to join the army in Shanghai in that year, changed his age from 14 to 18 years old, he was "mixed in with the revolutionary ranks" and entered the army art troupe, realizing the "dream of revolution." His father is a famous composer Chen Gexin, perhaps Chen Gang who has a father's genetic factor, he had a soft spot for the music, in 1955 bold applicants Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the results standings top, rounded his "musical dream" . Chen Gang studied music with her father Chen Ge-xin since she was young and started playing piano with Hungarian pianist since the age of ten. After entering the Shanghai Conservatory of Music composer department, under the teacher Ding Shande, Sang Tong and Soviet music experts, after graduation to teach. "Butterfly Lovers," the most widely circulated Chinese symphony, was written in collaboration with Ho Zhanhao in the fourth grade of his university. He has won five gold and platinum records. Because "Butterfly Lovers" is so famous, it also "covered" many other works of Chen Gang. The violin solo song "Miaoling Morning", "The Golden Stove", "Sunshine Shining in Taxkorgan", "Grace" created in the 1970s, The 1980s violin concerto "Wang Zhaojun", have become the famous Chinese violin music literature, has been staged. In addition, he created the first Chinese harp concerto and the first oboe concerto, and also wrote symphonic poem, chorus and chamber music ensemble. His works are skillfully integrated with rich national sentiment and rich contemporary composer skills. These songs and more use of ethnic folk music elements adapted, sincere feelings, music natural and ingenious development, structural layout reasonable and well-proportioned. The melody is beautiful and full of passion. The ethnic style in the music creates a harmonious and well-proportioned Chinese traditional music beauty and has been used as a learning material so far. It is worth mentioning that the violin concerto "Wang Zhaojun" is written by Chen Gang specifically for Japanese violinist Nakasaki Takako, and Takasaki Nakasaki debuted in Shanghai in 1986, known as the "Butterfly Lovers" sisters, hear the people It is generally felt that it inherits the lyrical and dramatic nature of "Butterfly Lovers." There is also a Shanghai dream Today, Chen Gang is doing the fourth dream, "Shanghai Dream." "This dream is not achieved by a few people. It is to sounded the assembly number, to unite the talents who are interested in all aspects of Shanghai culture and work together to dream True. "This is his current role - the head of Koehler. Speaking of this "Koehler" (Koehler, referring to the pursuit of beauty and elegance of the way of life), Chen Gang recalled: In 2012, a "aesthetic education" as the key link to "Kelemen Culture Salon" in Shanghai Birth. "Steady" Chen Gang once again turned from the composer and writer gorgeous, and like-minded partners in Shanghai to run a "Koehler House" full of rich culture of the salon, so that it spread like wildfire Inside and outside the circle. This team was first initiated by Chen Gang and writer Cheng Nai Shan. Subsequently, TV host Yan Hua, general manager of Shanghai International Grand Hotel 嵇 Dongming, art critic Lin Mingjie and others joined to develop it into a monthly "Koehler Door culture salon ". In the past five years, Sharon has held a monthly sharing session, launching a Shanghai charity seminar for Shanghai culture in Shanghai's libraries, communities and schools, focusing on Shanghai's history and culture, tapping the city's story and demonstrating the city's beauty. A lot of time and energy spent on the "Koehler", the location is in the Jing'an Temple Shanghai International Grand Hotel on the second floor of the "Imperial Hall", where there is "Kelemen Cultural Salon" base camp; In addition, the 27th The "Guidu Xuan" also set up a "Koehler House" - the wall of the bookcase neatly placed in Shanghai celebrity gift book, hanging on the wall to participate in "Koehler" activities of the previous Guest photos - Qin Yi, birch, Bai Xiangyong, Chen Yiming, Chencun, Liu Guangning, Tong Zirong, Cao Lei, etc., while the strict constitutional hand-painted Monkey King and Tan Yuan Yuan's dance shoes are "frozen" in the refined frame. Chen Gang, looking for content for each event, contact guests; host Yan Hua Quan into each interview, planning, their wages are put into the shooting record; art critic Lin Ming-kai for the event advice, drawing invitations for each activity ... ... No money for this cultural salon funding, depends entirely on the dedication of volunteers. It is this love that affects more and more people. More and more people like Qin Yi, Bai Xianyong, Liang Boro, Chen Yiming, Tan Yuanyuan, Chun Zi, Cao Lei, Liu Guangning, Tong Zirong, Chen Yanhua, Wang Xiaoying, Chen Cun, Song Siheng and Huang Mengla Cultural celebrities gathered here, regardless of age, regardless of area, a Shanghai cultural tradition of volunteers. Chen Gang recalled: "Sharon was originally in the villa of Moller, and my friends in culture and art circles were just a small gathering." At that time, it was the current managing director of Shanghai Grand Metropark Co., Ltd., Doctors, very much like music, wake up every morning, the first thing to do is to listen to music, it has become a habit, then Qiong Dongming to Guidu office, "Köhler" also moved to your capital. Why named "Koehler"? Chen Gang has his unique understanding that "Koehler" should be a kind of sentiment, a kind of spirit, an exquisite and noble urban culture. In his opinion, "Shanghai is most affected by foreign cultures in France, and quite a few streets in Shanghai are very much in tune with those in France." Chen Gang recalled a child, once with his father Chen Gexin and Wu Zuguang, Ding Cong and other celebrities to a Pudong building cafe, dozens of square tables, can accommodate hundreds of people. He said: "A lot of inspiration for artistic creation is to be talked of, and it is only necessary to cross-border and cross-boundary conflicts and sparks of sparks of art." Shanghai style culture is all-encompassing, open-minded, inclusive and can try different things With a creative attitude to melt new. 'Koehler should be an eclectic culture.' Chen Gang said with deep feeling: "My father's song" Rose Rose I Love You ", as early as 70 years ago has gone abroad to become the first Chinese music sing all over the world, especially in 1951, the famous American singer Frankie Ryan converted it into jazz, after the cover into "Rose Rose I Love You", quickly became popular in the United States, topped the forefront of the nation's music charts that year, becoming the first to be translated into English and widely prevalent around the world And have a significant impact on Chinese songs, loved by people all over the world. After half a century, they are still widely circulated. " "It is just at the right time, as early as ten years, there will be no 'Kelemen'." Chen Gang's tone is very sure. Economic upgrading and cultural backwardness provide the most favorable gap for the excavation and inheritance of Shanghai culture. Chen Gang was once invited to go to the German Consulate General in Shanghai to lecture, the German Consul, who loves Shanghai culture, said to Chen Gang: "We want to save Shanghai culture and save Shanghai culture is to save Shanghai's future." Chen Gang listened to this Words, the heart is not the taste: "Is it still German to save the Shanghai culture?" "Saving" may weigh heavily, but Shanghai, as the birthplace of Chinese urban culture, should not be from these two words The province realized that Shanghai scholars should rejuvenate the dignitaries of Shanghai culture? This is the motto and motivator of his launch of the Koehler Gate. "Koehler" activities to take the invitation system, rather than the membership system, held once a month, each about about 120 people. Each activity revolves around a theme, and the theme is determined, and some are "pregnant in October, once the childbirth", while others are occasional chance, the temporary intention, Chen Gang said with a smile: "Everything is natural, what to do What. "Such as Chen Yifei Memorial feature, Bai Xianyong special, Tan Yuanyuan special and Monet special. However, in the view of Chen Gang, the culture should not have utilitarianism. Therefore, the theme of Koehler's activities is determined. The original intention is more about how to make it more culturally rich. Engage in creation requires the use of true temperament, engage in cultural salon activities also need true temperament. Because of this, the activities of "Koehler" rapidly gather high popularity, many people just want to participate in an event, want to go second, in order to participate in activities, a lot of people who change tickets, in order to participate in activities , Out of pocket, made a special trip to Shanghai is also no shortage of people. Although the number of "Koehler" activities is limited, the onlookers from the Internet and the media are quite impressive. They also know how to use new media to take the initiative to achieve mass communication. "We open each issue first with Weibo," and Chen Gang relished his "Koehler" play. Today, microblogging, "Kele Men" fans gathered in the middle-aged scholars, there are old overseas Chinese, there are "fashion after 80", almost every period will be passionately forwarded. "Then there was a long Weibo report and video follow-up after the live event, and at the same time, the activities were retained through paper media."
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Chen and his wife joined the big ear tutu charity field.
On July 31, 2017 Letv video report: Chen gang and his wife participated in the big ear tutu charity field.
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The first joint exhibition of the Chen brothers.
June 19, 2017 phoenix art report: the first joint exhibition of the Chen brothers paintings.
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Chen gang and yu liyuan celebrated the 58th birthday of liang zhu.
On May 23, 2017, news report: Chen gang and yu lianga are 58 years old for "butterfly lovers".
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The "door of the door" in the door of the "door of the door" in the door of the door.
On April 28, 2017, the phoenix art report will be published in the "door of the door" in the "door of the door".
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Incredible future - open the door to art for autistic children.
March 30, 2017 - the incredible future opens the door to art for children with autism.
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Chen Gang 丨 I think art should be very warm
He has visited the United States, Canada, Singapore, France, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan and was included in 18 world celebrities including "Who's Who of Worlds" and "Who's Who of World Music" and was awarded the "Certificate of International Culture." Another collection of essays "black romance", "three ears to listen to music" and so on. short story: During the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Li Lanqing, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, once said in Shanghai: "Shanghai has two pairs of music father and son, Chen Gexin and Chen Gang, Chen Dieyi and Chen Xieyang." Chen Gang's musical talent is closely linked with his father, Chen Song. Chen Gexin in the 1940s and the old Shanghai is well known, is a famous musician, "Night Shanghai", "Rose Rose I love you", "Rose everywhere", "Forever smile", "Congratulations "," Dreams "and so beautiful songs, all from the hands of Chen Gexin, known as" Gexian. " Chen Gexin's life has written more than 200 songs, of which "Rose Rose I Love You" has also been sung into the English song "Rose, Rose, I love you", popular in all parts of the world. Chen Gang said: My father is my childhood music teacher. My father once gave me an example of Fu. Musician Fu Cong childhood eavesdropping on his father and others often speak, and culture is such a "smoked" out. Fu Lei once said to his son Fu Cong: "You are the first person, secondly an artist, third is a musician, and finally the pianist." This is also the precepts that we practice art, It has been affecting me until now. I now look at whether a young pianist has any culture and will look at how he walked on one of the few steps he walked like a person. On the music creation, I do not just listen to my father's work, but to learn from others. Before, there was a young man who listened to Bach and the picture of Bach hung in bed. There were times when he was dreaming, and he said to him: "Children, you can not just love me alone." So I think music can not be partial and "three ears listen to music" - classical, vanguard and popular. "Father is a genius, I am only a talent." Mention her father, Chen Gang said so exclaimed. Chen Gang believes that his father and two generations of his generation pushed through the different forms of Chinese music, which are both refined and popular, into the world. Their works are full of longing for the common values of love, warmth, freedom and other human values, so they can stand the test of time and the world's recognition.
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Famous symphony composer Chen Gang will visit Chengdu portrait interpretation "Butterfly Lovers"
Mr. Chen Gang, one of the founders of the violin concerto "Butterfly Lovers", painstakingly swayed wildflowers in the romanticism and chapter structure elements of mythological stories, swaying gently in the wind, and a pair of beautiful butterflies flew from Fangzhongzu Come out and dance in the sun. More than half a century has passed, and this "butterfly", which is a combination of Chinese and Western cultures, has always been free to fly in the world. Butterfly in Love Butterfly Love Chen Li Mou A legendary millennium tears, Two butterflies, it is very drunk. Through the years I do not know tired, Gently fly the classic sink. Today Eve evening Taiwan will be? Jun and Liang Zhu, talk to each other right. Shu Ling Ling Han cold water, Vocal soundless condensate. An eternal story, a gentle, affectionate melody, touched the hearts of many musicians. The violin concerto "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" is one of the best musical works of our country that dazzles the admirer. At 3:00 pm on July 2, Mr. Chen Gang, a contemporary Chinese famous symphony composer, came to Chengdu Classic Art Theater. From Liang Zhu's "Bomb," he took you into the love world of "Butterfly Lovers" and experienced the magic of music. Charm ...... Concerned about the WeChat public number "Classic Meeting" to receive free tickets. Chen Gang Introduction: Chen Gang, born in Shanghai in 1935, is a famous Chinese contemporary symphony composer. In the early years, he studied under his father Chen Gexin and Hungarian pianist Vara learning composition and piano. After entering the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1955, he studied under the direction of Dean Ding Shande and Soviet music expert Arzaymanov in composing music and theory. As early as during her studies, he became famous both in China and abroad for his violin concerto "Butterfly Lovers" with Ho Zhahao. The most widely circulated Chinese symphony has won five gold and platinum records. It is understood that the famous classic art forum is sponsored by Chengdu Federation of Literature and "National Grand Theater" magazine, Chengdu Classic Culture Communication Co., Ltd. hosted large-scale public welfare art forum, the forum aims to build a healthy society, carry forward the classic culture, rich Civic life content, improve the aesthetic concept of the people, encourage people to spare time to actively engage in healthy cultural activities.
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The famous composer Chen gang of chengdu opened a lecture from liang zhu.
July 2, 2016 huaxi metropolis daily: famous composer Chen gang chengdu opened a lecture from liang zhu "bang".
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God 60 years ago, spike a large
Current "Star Party" Guest Introduction: Chen Gang is one of the most famous contemporary composers in China. In his early years, he studied composition and piano with his father, Chen Gexin and Hungarian pianist Vara. After entering the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1955, he studied under the direction of Dean Ding Shande and Soviet music expert Arzanimanov to study composition and theory. As early as studying, he is renowned for his violin concerto "Butterfly Lovers" with Ho Cha Ho. The most widely circulated Chinese symphony has won five gold and platinum records. However, tonight, we do not chat with teacher Chen Gang, we talk to him Shanghai old song! Want to know the most up-to-date radio on the beach - glass radio it? Want to know "rose roses I love you", "Night Shanghai" and other song creators? All wonderful at Tonight 19:35 Charm music star party!
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