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String Bosom Friend--Li Honghan erhu concert of teachers and students held successfully
String Bosom Friend--Li Honghan erhu concert of teachers and students held successfully 2018-06-17 15:15 Xian Business Network Xi ' an Business Network (Shang) June 16, 2018 7:30 P.M., Xi ' An Conservatory of Music Hall is packed, by the well-known meticulous painting and bird anna inscribed "string bosom friend" three words especially rhyme. Li Honghan erhu Teachers and students concert by the XI ' an Conservatory of music renowned conductor Gao Wei Stick, the famous flute, pai xiao Performers Gao Chunhua as guide to hear. Famous conductor Congsongpo as an art consultant and joined in the portrait. Musical repertoire Rich performance superb, Li Honghan and his students Shan, Li Yan, Wang Xiaotong, Wu Linjie, Sun Zhe, etc., including solo, ensemble, play and other pieces of music eight, fully demonstrated the Li Honghan more than 10 years of teaching, creation and performance results! The biggest highlight of the concert is the launch of three debut new works, of which "Chang ' an ancient tune", Erhu and the band "Yao Song" is Li Honghan in recent years new creations. In particular, "Yao song" is Northwest music as the material, beautiful melody into the heart, touching to deep, access to the line of experts and scholars alike! The experts and scholars who come to this concert are: Famous musicians Cho Jianzhong, president of Shaanxi National Orchestra Society, Xu Guangming, famous Suona performer, Chang ' an ancient music expert Gioge, Shanxi Ancient Music and Culture Research Institute deputy Dean Liu Gobing, famous composer Guan Ming, China Music Association Erhu Professional Association vice President, Shaanxi Province Erhu Association president Jinwei, Renowned erhu virtuoso, Xi ' an Conservatory of music, the Director of the Department of Huyan Melvin and the Department of Folk music, such as the bow of the teacher! String Bosom Friend--Li Honghan erhu teacher and student concert of the successful holding, continued the Rouges created by the Qin Pai erhu set performance teaching in one of the fine tradition. Brief introduction: Li Honghan, party member, Master of Arts, graduated from the XI ' an Conservatory of music. Xi ' An music institute is currently the ERHU professional teachers, Shaanxi Provincial Folk Orchestra Association, the Chinese Musicians Association erhu member of the Society. Learning from the Qin, successively division from Professor Zhanghuide, Huyan Melvin Professor, and won the Qin Pai Erhu founder Rouges Professor guidance and teachings. He received a master's degree in literature in 2009. After teaching the rigorous and serious, the guidance of the students at all levels of Instrumental Music Contest award, and was named excellent teachers. Has visited many countries to carry out the Exchange performance, many times successfully held individual solo concerts.
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[ national art fund project expert ] - Guan Ming
[ national art fund project expert ] - Guan Ming Hu Qin music talents training January 9 National arts fund project specialist Guan Ming Guan Ming ( 1939 — ) was born in Tanghe, Henan province. he is a national first-class composer. he is a member of the Chinese musicians association, a standing director of the Chinese national orchestra association, vice-chairman of the erhu association of the Chinese musicians association, deputy director and orchestra conductor of the creation and research room of Shaanxi song and dance theater, and vice-chairman and Secretary-General of the Shaanxi national orchestra association. Artistic career He was admitted to Xi' an conservatory of music in 1958, assigned to Shaanxi orchestra after graduation, and merged with Shaanxi song and dance theater in 1963. The main works are: song " please look at my hometown", instrumental music " photo of female militia", " harvest yangko", " small antelope", " fat delivery road" ( cooperation ), flute concerto " spring" ( cooperation ), Ruan quartet " Yu Guan yin", erhu and orchestra " Xikou sentiment rhyme", erhu solo " Hu Ge", etc. Among them, " on the way to delivering fertilizer" was selected as " erhu music collection" ( people's music publishing house ), and " little antelope" and " spring" were selected as " gaoming flute music collection" ( published by people's music publishing house ). Winning tracks In 1983, he participated in the creation of " Tang Chang' an music and dance", among which Zheng song " mo Shang sang", pipa song " spring always in my heart" and dance music " Mao yuan gu" won the Shaanxi province literature and art creation and development award. From 1984 to 1985, he went to Japan and hong kong to perform as the band leader and conductor with the " Tang Chang' an music and dance" troupe. The national orchestral suite " Wang Baochuan" ( cooperation ) won the third prize of Shaanxi province's first art festival. Ruan family quartet " Yu Guan yin" recorded CD in hong kong; Erhu and band " orchid flower" won the third prize of the 3rd national music awards. More than ten performers at home and abroad recorded various tapes, and were selected as teaching materials in national music colleges and universities. they were also included in books such as " national erhu test score collection" and " selection of Chinese ethnic instrumental music" ( edited by Li ling ), eight of the Chinese and foreign music books. Create theme music for TV scenery films such as " soaring nanzheng", " chenggu is a good place", " Xiangxi cave" and the movie " watching the moon on the 15th of the first month". Published papers Published papers include " Qin erhu and Yan yue scale", " disorderly play of erhu music creation", " talking from the small flower drum", " erhu master walking from the fertile soil of national music", " orchid flower creation documentary", " pride of national music - Liu Tianhua", " analysis of contemporary erhu music creation", " beginning with the autumn moon in the Han palace", " river water and horse racing" and their inspiration to us, " several issues worthy of attention in erhu music creation", " Chinese erhu Chinese cuisine" and the analysis of " Qin erhu" music creation and so on. Shaanxi TV station and other news media featured their deeds.
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Yantai Folk music Bloom 17 City Hua Yun National Orchestra Ring Bohai Tour finale
Yantai Folk music Bloom 17 City Hua Yun National Orchestra Ring Bohai Tour finale Source: Jiaodong Online 2017-10-24 Thousand-tone million law played the national Music of China, the great beauty of the Chinese culture to write the rhyme. Folk music like a roll of real history to explain the general colorful and attractive, for the general public to show a three-dimensional sound poetry painting, bearing the urban cultural construction of an important part of the vast audience of the idea of enlightenment, personality and sublimation of emotion, etc. play an active role. In recent years, Yantai as the National Public Culture Service System demonstration area, the unremitting promotion outstanding traditional culture development, the active declaration National Art Fund and the harvest is abundant, only the city cultural centers in two years time has 4 projects to be selected the National Art Fund, has achieved the historic breakthrough. The tour of the four provinces of the Bohai Sea (city) is a tour of Huimin, a journey of friendship, and a strong impetus to the regional excellent public cultural resources to build and share, promote the common people, and constantly promote the Bohai Sea Area outstanding traditional culture development. is not only a milestone in the development of the city's cultural undertakings, but also jiaodong culture, Yantai Cultural exchange milestone. Hua Yun National Orchestra rooted in Jiaodong culture, heritage of traditional culture, to a trace of bamboo prop up "Yantai Folk music" banner, rely on a sound to build Yantai "folk music Township", a strong impetus to the booming music industry in Yantai. Yantai Hua Yun National Orchestra was founded in 2012, the orchestra members are composed of Yantai professional and professional music workers. Since its inception, the orchestra has been holding concerts in the spring and New Year concerts every year in Yantai Grand Theatre, Weihai Grand Theatre, Binzhou Medical College, Fuji Kang, Culture Square, and went to Le Mans, Angers, Laval and Nantes in the French Loire region for theatrical performances and cultural exchanges. The orchestra has always been based on the Deep National Music Foundation, the creation adapted "Le mountain • rang zhuang" "Haiyang big Yangko" and so on unique jiaodong characteristic national music work, has successfully performed "Beijing Good news to reaches" "very" "the loess Situation" and so on classic group goods. After years of development, gradually formed to play the classic national music, the original national music supplemented by the unique performance style. Over the years, the orchestra is committed to public cultural activities, members of the orchestra are joined as cultural volunteers, concert tickets free to the community, in the promotion of traditional Chinese culture has played an important role. Orchestra Conductor Li Yusheng: national level composer, renowned erhu performer, Yantai Hua Yun National Orchestra art director, who has served as vice president of Yantai Musical theater, Yantai Musicians Association. In the 80 's, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture to Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and other African countries, has 3 times with a group to perform in Japan. Lifelong commitment to the excavation and creation of national music, 1994 original works "Haiyang Yangge" won the first prize of Shenyang International Yangko Festival Golden Rose Award, 2011 published "Take Shandong to see Shandong"--Li Yusheng Music Works, the original works in 2016, "Le Mountain ·" Successful declaration of the National Art Fund. Special guest Li Mei: national level actor, graduated from the China Conservatory of Music, has been in the Chinese film National Orchestra and the Chinese Broadcasting National Orchestra as the chief and soloist. Over the years active in the major well-known concert halls, playing a variety of erhu instruments, performance footprints reached more than 30 countries and regions. Many times to the United States to participate in Chinese New Year concert and Symphony China's tour, was given the "Sino-American Friendship Messenger" title. Her first transplant of the full version of the Erhu concerto "Liang Zhu" 2013 at the National Grand Theatre debut success, and invited to participate in the 2016 China's five National Symphony Spring, invited to participate in the seventh annual Beijing International Film Festival, recording a large number of records. The album "Attractions" was selected as the top ten national record prize for Fever, and her album "String", which she collaborated with the Czech Kanak Checkers Symphony Orchestra, was the first person to record the album with the world famous Symphony Orchestra. Her music is full of pure, playing more free rhyme, is China's outstanding erhu Virtuoso, erhu master. Special guest Hou Qinghua: national level performer, famous Sanxian performer. 1982 participated in the national instrumental competition won the performance award, 1995 to participate in the Beijing International Chinese musical instrument solo competition, "Dai Top Chimera" won the first prize. 2013, organized by the propaganda music "flower" and other four works in the Ministry of Culture sponsored folk music competition won the Gold Award. During the 2006, the National Orchestra of Shandong Song and Dance Theater, the famous composer Liu Wenjin created the National Orchestra "the Soul of Taishan" and in Shandong debut, 2010 rate orchestra to the Grand Theater, the Shanghai World Expo and the Paris UNESCO headquarters performance. has been invited to visit more than 10 countries and regions to perform, 2002 on behalf of Chinese artists to visit, in Vienna Golden Hall solo "Dai Ding Chimera", won high praise. Invited guests Wang Yan: Shandong Texans, Yantai Peking Opera Academy Outstanding Young actors, Zhang sent to Tsing Yi. 2007, the Peking Opera Zhang sent famous Dong Trina, Zhang Xihao as division, Zhang sent the third generation of descendants. 2012 won the seventh CCTV National Youth actor TV Competition "Bronze Award", 2014 won the fifth National Opera Red Plum Contest "Gold", 2016 won the sixth opera in Shandong province Red Plum Contest "Gold Award", won the national Outstanding Young Peking Opera actor "Bright Color Youth" outstanding performances Award 2017 starring in the large-scale modern Chong Pai Peking Opera "Yantai Liberation" was selected "the eight Chinese Peking Opera Art Festival". Make a play "Qinxianglian" "Champion Media" "Poetry Will" "Yutang Spring" "Wangjiang Pavilion" "Spring and Autumn with" "Sha Jia Bang" and so on. Track list: 1, folk music ensemble "Beijing Good News to reaches" Composition: Ma Hong, Zheng 2, folk music Ensemble "at the Opportune times" composer: Zhao Jiping 3, flute solo "yearning" Composition: Chixiang Adapter: Li Yusheng: Qutongliang 4, the modern Peking Opera excerpt "Hope Beijing more make me add strength" allocation: Han Zhicheng singing: Wang (Invited) Jinghu: Wu Jing 5, Sanxian solo "Dai Ding Yue" Composition: Xiao Jiang, Hou Qinghua play: Hou Qinghua (Invited) 6, folk music ensemble "Hero Song" Composition: Zhao Jiping Halftime break 7, Fall Hu Association played "Le Mountain ·" Music composer: Li Yusheng, Luan Ceremony adapter: Li Yusheng Playing: Luan Ceremony 8, folk music ensemble "disorderly Cloud Fly"-selected from the modern Peking Opera "Cuckoo Mountain" arrangement: Peng Xiuwen 9, Suona Solo "Guanzhong Feeling" composing: Liangxin: King laugh 10, folk music ensemble "Silk Road" Composition: Jiang Ying 11, erhu playing "very narrative song" Composition: Guan Ming: Li Mei (invited) 12, folk music Ensemble "Haiyang Yangge" composing, orchestration: Li Yusheng
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