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Dunhuang Music Silk Road--the "Dunhuang Music" Chinese Folk music cultural Heritage series activities
Dunhuang Music Silk Road--the "Dunhuang Music" Chinese Folk music cultural Heritage series activities Time: July 23, 2018 Source: Qilu Legal Network Dunhuang, July 23, 2018 electricity-Silk Road Dunhuang, the ancient Hexi corridor on the pearl. Since the Han Dynasty Zhangqian through the central Plains and the western regions of the traffic, through the ages, as a transport hub, Dunhuang is not only a military, economic city, in the cultural and artistic is also the place of Sino-foreign integration. The foreign music form, the musical instrument and the Chinese intrinsic music converge, coexist and develop until the fusion, becomes the Chinese nation Art treasure house the inseparable important constituent. Silk Road theme music, is the countless composers, artists aspire to and favor. For nearly half a century, countless Chinese and foreign composers have put their eyes on the artistic accumulation of this magical land and created a lot of music works of different subjects. It is in this opportunity, from July 16, 2018 to July 22, from the 60 birthday of the Shanghai National Musical Instrument Factory Honor produced, the Chinese Musical Instrument Association, the Dunhuang Municipal party committee propaganda Department, Dunhuang International Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Dunhuang Literature and Art Association, sponsored by Beijing Huaxia Art Communication Center of the whole plan to implement the "Dunhuang music" large-scale Chinese folk music heritage series activities in Dunhuang successfully held. The 7-day event, rich in content, includes lectures of famous cultural masters, concerts of famous musicians, competitions of national Indoor orchestra, field music, film shooting, etc. from theory to practice. brings together the Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China National Song and dance troupe from hundreds of people all over the country folk music people. The "Dunhuang Cup" Chinese National Chamber Music and Orchestra competition is a very meaningful setting for this event, which aims to promote the development of instrumental solo art in the form of band competitions, and to further expand the music community and create new works with Chinese style. To this end, the General Assembly has invited well-known musicians, educators--Rouges, Wu Yuxia, Seinfeld, Zhang Qiang, Wei, 王建华, Ling, Shang, Zhu Jiangpo, Gao Xiaopeng, High micro, conductor Wang Aikang, Wu Qiang, composer Yang Chunlin and so on to carry on the appraisal and the instruction. After fierce competition, respectively selected special award-Jiangnan Yi erhu Ensemble combination, gold-central conservatory recital Five music Pipa orchestra and other categories of awards and groups. Teacher, by precept and deed. During the event, some of the experts also presented the "Dunhuang Music" music Concert for the participants and the Dunhuang people. Zhu Jiangpo, associate professor of Central Conservatory of Music, Professor Wei of Chinese Conservatory of Music, professor of Nanjing Art Institute, Shang, senior associate professor of art and media, Beijing Normal University, Professor Wu Qiang of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Professor Zhang Qiang of Central Conservatory of Music, vice president of the Chinese National Orchestra, Wu Yuxia, Chinese Academy of Drama According to the order of performance, respectively, "Zhao Zhaojun" "Silk Road Camel" "Sword Device" "Tide Amoy" "Sleeve sword and copper a Jinge" "Heart Sutra" "Fire Color Dress Girl" and other traditional and creative repertoire. In addition, Shanghai National musical instrument, a factory under the Dunhuang. The National Chamber Music Group of Shanghai, also dedicated to a significant demonstration of the "Dunhuang" tribute to the "Dunhuang" concert, can be described as brilliant. During the event, Mingsha, a famous scenic spot in Dunhuang, was composed of hundreds of musicians, who took part in the "Desert Chenguang" music film in the Morning light. Activities on the scene, hundreds of people in accordance with guzheng, dulcimer, pipa, Zhongruan, Liuqin, erhu, percussion and other orders, in the General Assembly under the command of the shape of the crescent moon, and behind the Crescent Spring contrast into the Hui, the back leaning against the Mingsha. The members of the orchestra collectively play "The Great Wall of random Thoughts" "Dunhuang charm" with majestic momentum and exquisite strokes of the Chinese national rejuvenation of the firm belief. More than 2000 years ago, the Han Great Wall is still standing in Dunhuang this piece of ancient land, the Chinese nation generations of wage fire, will carry forward this spirit, for this time in Dunhuang music and arts activities left the most beautiful mark. The traveler is boundless, the art sea rafting cannot leave the motherland rich national culture accumulation. The organizers specially invited experts, scholars and participants to go to Subei County and Aksehasak for field music visits. The local matouqin, Taubushur, Dongbula, and other instrumental music, folk songs and dances for investigation and discussion. Because of the complicated development of Mongolian and Kazak in these two places, the formation of their blood and ethnic groups is special, in this historical condition, the birth of music art form and presentation way, has its unique artistic characteristics. The field investigation has an important guiding role in the future analysis of the ethnic and musical characteristics of the region. In order to further enhance the theoretical basis of the participants, in order to better guide the future work deduction and understanding, the famous national musician Professor Cho Jianzhong, the famous composer Dr. Wang Danhong, the Dunhuang cultural scholar Gao Dexiang also brought three art lectures for the participants. Professor Cho Jianzhong's "Starry Sky" gave an overview of the art forms of music on the Silk Road; Dr. Wang Danhong's "traditional culture and music creation", through his own creative process, to explore the relationship between its and Chinese traditional music; Mr. Gao Dexiang's "go into Dunhuang" made the participants to the ancient historical vein of Dunhuang, Geographical nature and cultural and artistic heritage have a comprehensive overview of the understanding, and deepen their impression of the Silk Road music art formation and characteristics. "Dunhuang Music" large-scale Chinese folk music cultural Heritage series activities are a rare national music performances, competitions, field visits, theoretical forum collection of activities. Activities by the participation of experts, Dunhuang propaganda Department, participants of the tacit cooperation and high affirmation. Shanghai Television Art Humanities Channel, Gansu TV, Jiuquan TV and other media are reported on the event. As the original intention of the event, in the party Central Committee "along the way" "National rejuvenation" policy guidelines, to carry forward the traditional Chinese music culture, in the Hundred flowers, Hundred Schools of national music world, "Dunhuang music" large-scale Chinese folk music cultural Heritage series activities for the lofty cause of Chinese folk song, Devote oneself to the strength that should be exhausted.
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The voice of China plays the role of Dunhuang, the opening ceremony of China's national music heritage series and the voice of famous Chinese musicians
The voice of China plays the role of Dunhuang, the opening ceremony of China's national music heritage series and the voice of famous Chinese musicians Time: July 18, 2018 source: Dunhuang grand theater In midsummer, the ancient city of qiannian and Dunhuang, the hub of silk road, welcomed a grand gathering of national music. On July 17, 2018, it was honored by Shanghai national musical instrument factory 1, which just celebrated its 60th birthday. Sponsored by the Chinese musical instrument association, Dunhuang municipal party Committee propaganda department, Dunhuang international cultural development co., ltd., and Dunhuang literature and art association; The " Dunhuang national music" series of large-scale Chinese national music cultural heritage activities planned and implemented by Beijing Huaxia xuanyin art dissemination center kicked off. This activity includes a series of famous lectures, concerts, band rehearsals and demonstration classes, as well as activities such as the Chinese national chamber orchestra and band competition. The purpose of the activity is to use Dunhuang and silk road themes as the starting point, and then to explore and construct a self-examination of Chinese national music aesthetic orientation and cultural confidence. Under the new historical conditions, it is discovered that various possibilities of Chinese music can further spread high-quality Chinese music works and cultivate talents for music creation and performance. Contribute to China's national music cause. To this end, the organizing Committee invited experts such as national musicologist professor Qiao Jianzhong, professor Lu Rirong of Xi' an conservatory of music, professor song Fei, vice-president of the Chinese traditional opera institute, vice-president of the Chinese national orchestra institute Wu Yuxia, professor Zhang Qiang of the central conservatory of music, professor Wei Wei of the Chinese conservatory of music, and professor Wu Qiang of the Shanghai conservatory of music to serve as evaluation and performance experts to guide and demonstrate the participants in an all-round way. On the morning of July 17, the first lecture was given by Mr. Gao dexiang, chairman of Dunhuang scholar Dunhuang culture research association. Mr. Wang's lecture tries to give participants an all-round overview of Dunhuang's ancient history, geographical and natural composition, and cultural and artistic heritage. Deepen the impression of the formation and characteristics of the silk road music art. Furthermore, in the future, with an overview of Dunhuang, I will actually experience the breadth and depth of Dunhuang culture. From " entering" Dunhuang to becoming interested in Dunhuang art, and further inheriting and studying. The opening ceremony of the Dunhuang national music - Chinese national music cultural heritage series was ceremoniously held at the Dunhuang grand theater on the afternoon of July 17, 2017. Relevant experts, Dunhuang city leaders and participants who participated in the activity were all present. The imposing Dunhuang grand theater is located in the complex of the exhibition hall of Dunhuang cultural Expo, which embodies the atmosphere of this ancient city with thousands of years of wind and rain. What is even more rare is that the top performers invited by this activity from various art universities and troupes across the country will present a " concert of famous musicians of national music" here. This concert of famous music is very limited in terms of performance lineup and works. Zhu jiangbo, Wei Wei Wei, Yan aihua, Gao Wei, Wu Qiang, Zhang Qiang, Wu Yuxia, Zhang yongyin, song Fei and other authoritative performers in the domestic folk music field staged traditional works " zhaojun's debut", " big waves washing sand" and modern and contemporary creation tracks " silk road camel bell", " sword device", " heart sutra", " cuff sword and bronze jiajin", " fire - colored coat girl" and so on. At the same time, the concert was attended by Dunhuang shanghaixin yi national chamber orchestra and China Ruan Xian orchestra, two outstanding performers of national chamber music. Under the guarantee of skilled performance techniques, the performers presented a nearly perfect version of the artistic tension of the works. The vast area and ancient history have created the richness of Chinese music, and the inheritance of traditional patterns has received effective attention. Whether it is theoretical style, academic inheritance or non-heritage protection inheritance, it has entered a relatively stable stage. Under this premise, it is very important to effectively construct a new era of " folk music" system. Traditional music has its own fixed geographical environment and humanistic environment. how to separate these " traditional" features and combine them with the various times has attracted more and more attention of the audience, which is further understood and loved. It is the work of modern and contemporary musicians and is also advocated by this activity. This mode is not to replace the fixed tradition, but to construct a presentation mode with Chinese characteristics on the basis of it, so as to facilitate the traditional music to be accepted by more audiences and have the characteristics of " tradition" when it is separated from its inherent environment. In the next few days, orchestras and individuals from all over the world will also hold music art exhibitions. while offering a music audio-visual feast for thousands of years of Dunhuang, they will also make their own unremitting efforts for the national music cause of the motherland.
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Shaanxi Opera Theme Capriccio (stringed quartet) in Rouges 60 years of work concert debut
Shaanxi Opera Theme Capriccio (stringed quartet) in Rouges 60 years of work concert debut Date: January 10, 2018 Source: China erhu Art Net Shaanxi Opera Theme Capriccio (Stringed quartet) Zheng, Rouges Song Playing: National Orchestra of Xian Conservatory of Music Performance: Zhang Bin (erhu), Rubei (cello), Li Jie (dulcimer), Yin Qun (guzheng) 60-year concert debut at Rouges "Shaanxi Opera Theme Capriccio" for the famous composer, Xi ' an Conservatory of music professor Zhaozhen and Rouges 1959 to Shaanxi Opera Qupai as the material creation of the National orchestral music. 1963, the song in the fourth annual "Shanghai Spring" national erhu solo competition to meet with the audience, a great success, known as "Qin Pai Music" representative works. The song is a circulation body form, and has the structural characteristics of the opera plate cavity body. Included in the "Hua Le ceremony · erhu volume." To celebrate the 60 anniversary of Professor Rouges's coaching, the author is specially designed for 1977 level four outstanding Graduates Zhang Bin (erhu), Rubei (cello), Li Jie (dulcimer), Yin Qun (guzheng), music texture, rotation and modulation transformation, slightly stretching than the original erhu song. Four instruments to the theme of the melody of the alternating variations, especially the erhu cello brilliant interpretation of the music, so that the whole song has been integrated with the Chinese and western, interesting effect, become a new creative national chamber music masterpiece.
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Professor Rouges is invited to be a master of Art direction in our Institute
Professor Rouges is invited to be a master of Art direction in our Institute Time: October 30, 2017 Source: Shaanxi Art Vocational College October 26, our Academy of Instrumental music invited Professor Rouges in our Old Campus Orchestra rehearsal as Art direction master class. The Deputy secretary of the College party committee, Dean Qiangluping, Shilian, deputy director of instrumental music, and all the people's orchestra listened to the Master class. It is reported that Professor Rouges, vice president of the former XI ' an Conservatory of music, has served as deputy Director of the National Music Committee of the Chinese Musicians ' Association, the honorary president of the Chinese Folk Orchestra Society and the President of the Shaanxi National Orchestra Society, is a famous erhu artist, music educator, composer, conductor. The Instrument department invited Professor Rouges to be a master of art direction, one of the important contents of the academic activities of the Department. On that day, the students and teachers of our academy played Rouges's works "Chang ' An," as the opening welcome to his arrival. Professor Rouges the development and change of the folk Music Regiment in our institute and gave the full affirmation. Later, Professor Rouges himself directed the orchestra to rehearse his works, "Chang ' An," and for string music parts, plucked music part, tube Music department, percussion section for detailed analysis and meticulous guidance, in the form of artistic expression of flexible and clever to convey information to every audience, he and teachers and students to interact with each other, and points out the shortcomings in the performance process, using small stories to defuse the students ' tense atmosphere when playing, and he also mentioned to use the form of the performance of live music, express the music conveyed real feelings. Professor Rouges's passion for music and the spirit of serious professionalism infect every teacher and student here. Everyone has said that this art direction master class is not only a wonderful professional guidance course, but also a rich nutrition of the art of spiritual training class. Finally, the folk orchestra teachers and students and Professor Rouges took a photograph. It is understood that Professor Rouges "Qin Pai erhu, Qin Pai folk music and Changan Le faction" special lectures will be held on November 1 15:50 in our small theater, welcome to attend.
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Music talk to 丨 large music cultural interview activities officially launched, 4-bit heavyweight music will come to lecture!
Music talk to 丨 large music cultural interview activities officially launched, 4-bit heavyweight music will come to lecture! Time: July 4, 2017 Source: National Music Art "Chinese folk music must have its own academic history, so it is necessary to record the speech and artistic experience of these experienced people, and give them education and understanding." ” Music, all the heavyweight figures. On the afternoon of June 30, 2017, a large music cultural exchange event to inherit and protect the contemporary music's academic thought, artistic sentiment and spiritual course "music Talk to" press conference was held in Beijing. The first batch of "Chinese folk music Dunhuang Culture Hall" music predecessors and many well-known performers, music theorists, composers, musical instruments and "Music Talk to" project planning team together to witness the search for music root, music soul, Yang music spirit of the moment. This event and the current Chinese traditional culture again rise, it is the important embodiment of Chinese cultural self-confidence and cultural self-consciousness that people re call for Chinese culture and convey the need of national aesthetic spirit, which is closely related to China's soft power, and it will have far-reaching significance in the music industry and even Chinese culture circle. Nearly 30 media, including CCTV, Guangming and Xinhua, have reported on the conference. Mr. Cho Jianzhong, a famous national musician, said in his speech: "The Modern Journey of Chinese national instrumental art from the beginning of the last century to the middle of this century, with the change of system and economic culture of Chinese society, the Art of national instrumental music has stepped into a continuous prosperous period, and in the long history of more than half a century , the practice of a large number of folk music artists is synchronized with this history, they not only witnessed the prosperous times of this folk music, but also integrate their musical life into them, for example, "Music Talk to" the first quarter of the four folk music invited to the elderly, there are more than 60 years of participation and practice, their folk music life, has become the second half of the 20th century to the new century, the epitome of Chinese folk music art. Their experiences and experiences, has long been a great wealth of Chinese national instrumental art, the interview, not only let the contemporary audience understand their personal "past", can also comb out the Chinese national instrumental Art "Past", this is the plan so to "look back" the root cause. Ancient cloud: Think of the past, chasing newcomers, not serious "think to", "Come" Can not "chasing"! Finally, I would like to say that the ultimate objective of the "music" scheme is that we should bear the responsibility of the Chinese cultural heritage. Any culture of a nation, is through the generations of the nation's achievements, but the endless succession of activities, can support the Chinese culture of the building, can highlight the Chinese music spirit! ” Large-scale music cultural interview Exchange Project "Music" by the Chinese Folk Orchestra Society musical Instrument Reform Production Professional Committee, Tian Bo and Sound International Cultural Communication Organization, Shanghai National Musical Instrument Factory launched jointly, is a document in line with the music cultural heritage "selves" faith, Around the contemporary many music predecessors ' contribution and experience as well as to the music historical development sentiment and the academic achievement, the objective of the interview is to locate the music cultural Exchange Heritage Project, which was launched by senior music over the age of 80 years, with a unique humanistic perspective and heavy academic atmosphere, aiming to promote Chinese traditional culture, Bearing in mind the outstanding contributions to the cause of national music. The project is a quarterly, 4 each season, 4-6 lectures per person, is an important measure of the protection and transmission of folk music and rescue operations. "This is an unprecedented grand plan for Chinese folk music, and it is a cultural treasure trove of people's lifelong intelligence and creation left to posterity," said Liu Geosheng, a famous musical historian, at the press conference. ” · Music talk to 丨 large music cultural interview Conference
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Professor Rouges's 60 anniversary concert and seminar held successfully
Professor Rouges's 60 anniversary concert and seminar held successfully Time: October 26, 2014 Source: Chinese folk music magazine October 2014 19, 20th, Xi ' An Conservatory of Music held a "Professor Rouges 60 years of work Concert" and "Lu-Rong music creation and music Education Ideas Seminar", focused on the 60-year Professor Rouges in performance, education, theory, creativity, command, social activities and other aspects of the fruitful results achieved. On the evening of October 19, "Professor Rouges's 60-year concert" was held at the Art Center of Xian Conservatory of Music, and the concert of Qin Feng Qin rhyme was memorable and filled with warm feelings of teachers and students. Before the concert began to hold a Rouges research on the collection and "Chang ' an Le Rhyme" (CD), "Music Talk to", "Qin Pai erhu Art Research Literature Theory", "Qin Yu 10--Baton Rong Erhu works selected" signing and selling ceremony. At the beginning of the concert, in recognition of Professor Rouges's outstanding contribution to the development of Shaanxi and even the national instrumental arts, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture, Liu Quan, representative of Shaanxi provincial government for Professor Rouges awarded the "Shaanxi Province lifelong Artist Achievement Award", which is the highest individual in Shaanxi literary LU is a lifelong commitment to the arts education and creation and cultural popularization of the cause of respect and appreciation. The concert brings together the classic works of Mr. Rouges in the past 60 years, which are diverse in style, rich in form and beautiful in melody. Both Rouges Professor Qin Pai erhu of the mountain as a "fan Hu," "Shaanxi Opera Theme Capriccio", also has the creation of Music ensemble, ensemble, and other forms of work, such as "Beyond the Love" (Trio), "Xintianyou" (erhu solo), "Qu Yin" (erhu and band), and plucked music ensemble "Miss", "endeavor", As well as the national orchestral Ensemble "Chang ' An Festival" (cooperation with Zhao Jiping), "Celebration Overture" (cooperation with Zhang Dalong), "The sacrificial song of Xuan Zang" and so on. These works not only reflect Professor Rouges's artistic achievements in music creation, but also highlight its historical and heavy show his music style across the three-qin land of regional characteristics, but also embodies his foothold in the Shaanxi local culture, and constantly absorb the essence of local folk music, and creative application of personal intelligence, in the long-term exploration and hard work , and finally created the "Qin Pai erhu" and "Chang ' an Le faction" of the development process. Professor Rouges has brought together a number of outstanding students, renowned conductor, music director of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Yan Huichang, and served as the conductor of the concert. Central Conservatory of Music youth Erhu Phoenix Brilliant interpretation of the "xintianyou", Singapore Chinese Orchestra erhu Zhang Bin, Singapore Guzheng Association President Yin Qun, the United States Baltimore Symphony Orchestra cellist Rubei, dulcimer performers, Shaanxi Blue Sea Breeze Investment Management Co., Ltd. Managing director Li Jie premiere of the new quartet by Professor Rouges, "Shaanxi Opera Theme Capriccio," Rouges several Gaotu, Xi ' an Conservatory of music professor Jinwei playing "Qujiang Yin", Huyan Melvin Professor, Niu associate Professor playing a new erhu ensemble "Fan Hu," Zhang Jinwen Associate professor, Marseille, Guochen, Wang Han and other young erhu rookie performance of the "Great Beyond Love" for the audience dedicated a rich style, beautiful melody, quite the time features of the folk music boutique. In the audience's enthusiastic cheers, the 82-Year-old Mr. Lu's vigorous on the podium, personally swing, added a passionate and lively national orchestral "flower". October 20 all day, "Lu-Rouges music creation and music education thought Seminar" in XI ' an Conservatory of Music fifth, the second floor conference room, from all over the country experts and scholars and Professor several generations of students gathered together. The seminar was chaired by Roy, the former deputy Dean of Xi ' an Conservatory of music, Professor Wang Ping of the discipline of Xi ' an Conservatory of music, Professor Liu Geosheng of Music Institute of Shandong Normal University, music editor of Shanghai Music Publishing house Fangliping, Professor Li Jianxiong of Wuhan Conservatory of Music Yuefeng, professor of Music College of Nanjing Normal University, professor of Central Conservatory of Music, Liu Changfu, professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Lu Xiaolu, professor of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Lin Cong, professor of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Liang, professor of Music School of the University of Tainan Art, Euguang, consultant of Taiwan Music Society, Hongcheyan, head of Taiwan's Hsinchu City Youth Orchestra, Professor Yang Guangxin of the PLA Art Institute, Vice President of China Erhu Society, art Director of Oriental Performing Arts Group Perivascular, associate professor of Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Zhang Ming, music Institute of Harbin Normal University, Yangliang, Ningxia Erhu Association, Professor Wang Zhenjie, Tokyo Music University, Japan, Xu Chongxian, director of Chinese Erhu Museum, president of Chinese Traditional Music Society, Cho Jianzhong, composer, and professor Zhang Dalong of Music College of Capital Normal University, made a keynote speech on Professor Rouges's teaching thoughts and music creation. The National nine music colleges and universities, the University of Music, many educators, theorists, composers, Xi ' an Conservatory of music teachers and students, as well as the "People's Music" "Chinese Music," "Chinese Music" magazine and other media hundred people attended. Professor Rouges's music thought seminar aroused wide concern in the industry, and many scholars wrote to summarize or explore Professor Rouges's art of the 60. The seminar covers three areas. First, the honourable gentleman in the creation, the theory, the performance, teaching and other aspects of the artistic achievements, based on the Qin, land reclamation, cultivation, educating people, a new, and hold up the banner of folk music, and secondly, admire the heart of the man often bosom, broad-minded to moral people, set an example of the benchmark; third, admire Mr. Spare no expense at home and abroad to carry forward music, training talent. The seminar especially in the "Qin Pai erhu" "Qin Pai Folk Music" "Chang ' an Le faction" played a pioneering, the foundation-laying function was reviewed and summarized, each expert and scholar reviewed the relationship between teachers and students, Chi, and friends, including professional teaching, music creation and subject construction, and Rouges. Fully commend Professor Rouges's contribution to the creation and development of these areas.
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"Academic Anniversary" Our Academy 65 Anniversary series Academic Forum Sixth: Rouges Music creation and music Education Thought symposium held
"Academic Anniversary" Our Academy 65 Anniversary series Academic Forum Sixth: Rouges Music creation and music Education Thought symposium held Time: October 22, 2014 Source: Xi ' an Conservatory of music October 19, 2014, Professor Rouges's 60-year concert was held at our Art Center concert hall, hosted by Xi ' An Conservatory of Music and culture Department of Shaanxi province. Professor Liu Quan, director of Shaanxi Provincial Culture Hall, attended the concert and awarded Professor Rouges "Shaanxi Province lifelong Art Achievement Award" in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Shaanxi local music. Many well-known performers participated in the performance, the famous conductor, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra art Director Yan Huichang, young conductor Shosu as the conductor. The concert includes the National orchestral Ensemble, the Unison, the solo, the duet, the trio, the Quartet, the Erhu and the orchestra and all the playing forms, which not only show the diachronic of Rouges music creation, but also highlight the synchronic and regional characteristics of the music style across the three-Qin land. This music is Professor Rouges's 60 years of music creation results of a concentrated performance, reflecting his base in Shaanxi local music theme, the creation of "Qin Pai erhu" and "Chang ' an Le faction" of the development process, witnessed his national music creation in the field of outstanding achievements. Before the concert, held a Rouges research and CD Album ("Chang ' an Le Yun" (CD), "Music Talk to", "Qin Pai erhu Art Research Literary Theory", "Qin Yu 10") signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Professor Li Cun, vice director of the Northwest National Music Research Center, and Professor Wang Ping, Secretary of Discipline Inspection, said that our distinguished Professor Cho Jianzhong and composer Jingjianxia attended the signing ceremony. In accordance with the wishes of Professor Rouges, the sale of all the money donated to the college. The next day, "Lu-Japan-Rong music creation and music education Thought Seminar" held in our hospital. From the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and other nearly 30 well-known experts and scholars, this paper focuses on the outstanding achievements made by Professor Rouges in the fields of teaching, playing, writing, directing and researching of national instrumental music, especially in the pioneering and groundbreaking role played by "Qin Pai erhu", "Qin Pai folk Music" and "Chang ' an Le faction". The content mainly involves Professor Rouges in the professional teaching, the achievements of music creation and subject construction have fully affirmed Professor Rouges's contribution to the creation and development of "Qin Pai erhu", and positively appraised Professor Rouges's promotion and great influence on the construction of local music culture and the development of Chinese folk music in Shaanxi province. On the occasion of the 65 anniversary of the construction of the XI ' an Conservatory of music, the event "Professor Rouges's 60-year concert" and "Lu-ri rong music creation and music education thought Seminar" is not only a summary of Professor Rouges's colorful and innovative music education life, At the same time, to explore the future of national music teaching to promote the further development of Shaanxi National music to provide new ideas. The seminar was presided over by Professor Roy of our Institute, and the Secretary for Discipline inspection, Wang Ping, said that the folk music department, the Department of Music, the orchestra, the Northwest National Musical Research Center and other departments involved in the discussion.
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The latest report of artist Rouges in Bo Bao artist net
The latest report of artist Rouges in Bo Bao artist net Report date: March 28, 2011 Source: Bo Bao Information Network Hometown of Hubei June Xian Danjiangkou May 1949 to participate in literary work, 1954 graduated from the Department of Music, Northwest Art Institute. He served as Vice Dean of Xi ' an Conservatory of music and is currently a postgraduate tutor and adjunct professor of Xian Jiaotong University. Deputy Director of the National Music Committee of China Musicians ' Association, vice President of China National Orchestra Society, consultant of Shaanxi Musicians Association, President of Shaanxi National Orchestra Society, Shaanxi Provincial song and Dance Theatre National Symphony Orchestra Art Advisor, Malaysian Academy of arts consultant, etc. He engaged in art education more than 40, set the teaching performance of the command in a body, training a group of excellent erhu teaching talent and young musicians. The main thesis has music education in the status of Chinese higher music colleges and universities the standardization and diversification of the national Rhetoric Orchestra construction of the style and techniques of erhu works in Shaanxi province the historical achievements of inheriting and developing national music and its practical significance chang ' an ancient music to the world and specialized baton Rong Erhu art. His unique style of playing and writing is hailed as the founder of Qin Pai Erhu. The main works have erhu fan Hu tune the theme of Capriccio xintianyou Joy of the Qin Chuan Qu Yin trio of love butterfly Love Flower quintet Manshui look for national orchestral song and the Wind and sand Chang ' an cooperation celebration overture, such as Acacia. He commanded the performance of the 20 dozen national orchestral works, was the income of Chinese folk music selected tapes CD Publishing in addition to the yellow Earth and other 10 dozen film and television film Command soundtrack. He has been invited to visit Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions for lectures and cultural exchanges, 1991 in Paris to guide the recording of China Changan Ancient Music album CD, Paris Charlie, Cowes Academic Awards. 1992 State Council awarded the country has outstanding contribution experts title, the main life story of the Chinese contemporary artists of the famous Dictionary of the World's outstanding Chinese education experts, Cambridge University International Figures autobiography Center American Abi World Cultural celebrity record.
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