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Longquanyi District won the four cities of Southwest "Wind • Ya • Chung - Guoxue Classics Reading" Chengdu Division second prize
Recite ancient and modern Chinese classics, heritage thousand years of Chinese context. November 4th, 2017 The Fourth City of Southwest China, "Elegant Elegance - National Classic Reading" The Chengdu Regional Finals was held in Qingbaijiang, Chengdu. Nearly 100 top athletes from 23 teams in Chengdu Division competed against each other in Chengdu. Guoxue recite the peak duel. After field rematch, the finals fierce competition, Longquanyi District sent the group sent reading program "Eternal Love to send hometown nostalgia" to the audience fourth place, won the fourth Southwest four cities, "elegant style - Guoxue Classics Reading" Chengdu Regional finals second prize. Chanting classical communication Wen Jiaotong a total wave of Chinese studies boom From the graceful charm of the poem "蒹 葭" to the "home-from-home" feeling of "serving the country loyally", from the fierceness of "going to wine" to the majestic, indignant, or expensive melodious of Tengwang Pavilion, nearly one hundred readers The audience led the audience through time and space obstruction, a taste of Chinese culture thousands of years of classical Chinese learning essence. "The sea of the moon, the end of the world at this time ... ..." With the LED screen Haoyue sea slowly rising, the group read the program "Eternal Love to send hometown nostalgia" officially unveiled. Month as a medium, with love as a reference, "Today, people do not see the ancient month, according to the ancients this month," round the moon, wild uninhibited wine Li Taibai, indignant Nanli Tang Li Yu, hard to worry The solution of the erudition of the talented woman Li Qingzhao, unscrupulous Su Dongpo one after another onto the stage, the program shows both the "ridiculous go out" bold and arrogant, but also allow people to experience the hateful country's hateful heart, both fresh and meaningful ladylike also have Open-minded to see the open-minded, guzheng long, the moon missing, interspersed with scheduling, the program in the "ancient difficult things, thousands of miles total Chan Juan" repeatedly over the concert suddenly ended, the end of the scene so much to the surprise. Big coffee franchise strength to help send a total of Sinology "nostalgia" It is understood that the "eternal memory of the nostalgia hometown," groups recite the national level screenwriter, director Kim Nae-fan's guidance throughout the script from the creation, the performer scheduling to its choreography by its well-choreographed and designed. The creative team also absorbed many folk reading enthusiasts, including both Longquanyi local recite "enthusiasts", as well as "practicing children" from folk reciting performing organizations Shu people, as well as enterprises involved in cross-border friendship " Hard work. " Creativity from different industries, different areas, but all because of love of Chinese learning, keen classic together together, a common interpretation of the eternal life of the nostalgic plot. When talking about the original intention of this program, Mr. Jin Naifan said that "nostalgia" in the "Eternal Love of the Moon" is not the nostalgia for the hometown in a narrow sense but the sum of all the emotions that people yearned for for thousands of years. The image of "Moon", which can provoke people's emotions, organically connects the common emotions of mankind throughout the ages. All emotions such as affection, love, friendship, home conditions and so on can be expressed in the next months, The sincere and beautiful emotions left over from the next month have added a touch of elegance to the broad Chinese learning tradition. Promote the national heritage lead Longquanyi District out of cultural tradition of a new path "Culture inheritance in the new era needs continuous development and innovation and encourages a more diversified way to interpret the long tradition of Sinology in China," said Peng Hongmei, curator of Longquanyi District Library. At the party's Xi Jinping general secretary's report In the full text, the relentless pursuit of "Green Castle" mentioned in this article emphasizes ecological construction and the construction of beautiful China. This can also be seen as a manifestation of "hometown affection". It can be said that the "eternal love of the moon" Creative arrangement is a brand new attempt to interpret multiculturalism in the new era. Since September this year, the 2017 Longquanyi District read the official season and all the people in the region to meet, "pass the classic reading Longquan" to find Longquan reciter activities Q3 trials in the region set off a heat of learning, urban forest reading tour " Read the bus "to lead the people to experience the fragrance of Longquanyi bird insects and scholarly book sounds," Longquan Memory "drama was launched, the little stage can interpret Longquan wonderful ...... Longquanyi District Library is still building more and more for the whole people Reading platform, and strive to more yuan and new forms to demonstrate the ancient heritage of Longquan the traditional Chinese culture carry forward the heritage. Chengdu Business Daily client reporter Chen Xuezhi
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"Longquan Memory" initiated the establishment of the drama club about Millennium Guiyuan Longquan wonderful
Search Longquan memory, interpretation of Longquan wonderful. October 20, Longquanyi District Party Committee Propaganda Department, Longquanyi style new and Tourism Bureau sponsored by the Longquanyi District Library, Longquanyi District Recitation Association 2017 2017 Longquanyi District to lead all the people to read the season "Longquan Memory" Theater was founded and the first The opening ceremony of the training course was held in Longquanyi District Library. The first training course composed of more than 30 theatrical performance lovers officially opened this longquan memory trip. Longquanyi District's first folk "drama club" Drama "enthusiasts" like this onlookers At the scene, Longquanyi Cultural and New Canton Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Liu Hong on behalf of the organizers hired a national screenwriter, director Jin Naifan Longquanyi District "Longquan Memory" the first honorary president of drama, hired Longquanyi District Library Director Peng Hongmei President.
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"Xia Qing Cup" Sichuan Division finals and awards ceremony was successfully held
On July 4 and 5, the Fifth People's Broadcasting Station "Xia Qing Cup" Reading Contest The Sichuan Division Finals and Awards Ceremony was conducted at the Sichuan Broadcasting and Television Studio S1. The finals were divided into youth groups, adult groups and voice-over groups . The participating works of diverse styles, the overall strength of contestants stronger. After two days of intense competition, the final group and dubbing group of the first, second and third place awards and excellence award. Participants in the recitation and dubbing excellent performance and persistent pursuit, to the judges left a deep and unforgettable impression. Officers attending the award ceremony were Zhang Feng, deputy director of Civilized Affairs Office of Sichuan Province, Liu Jiangang, deputy secretary of Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles groups, Liu Meng and Liu Yaohui, deputy chief editors of Sichuan Radio and Television Station, and leaders of provincial TV and Television Artists Association. Wang Jing, secretary general of the organizing committee of the fifth "Xia Qing Cup" reading contest of the Central People's Broadcasting Station and Hong Yun, a judge of the national finals, came to the stadium for guidance. Sichuan Division events from March 15 this year, the official start, the whole Sichuan total of more than 7,000 people participated in the competition, the number of participants a record "Summer Cup" Sichuan Division record high. The organizer Sichuan Broadcasting and TV Newspaper, in strict accordance with the organizers of the Central People's Broadcasting Station on the activities of the requirements, conscientiously do contestants selection, recommendation and other organizations to implement the work. After the preliminary round, semi-finals, the final selection of the final, a total of 195 groups of works into the finals. The successful holding of this contest not only set a platform for fans of reading in our province to display their own demeanor, but also demonstrated the highest level of reading art in our province and the good image of beautiful, prosperous and harmonious Sichuan. Players must shine stage In the finals, the performance of each group of players are remarkable, all players have come up with their own "unique skills." Players full of passion, a little nervous look behind is filled with confidence. "Military car" "Tsing Yi" "Ode to the Yellow River" "Motherland ah my dear motherland" and other famous classic, and the original poetry "once" "waiting for daddy", etc., with high spirits recitation, either impassioned soul-stirring, but also Gentle soft tempting chic, but also fresh and sweet warm heart, the players a solid professional skills demonstrated most vividly. In the dubbing competition, dubbing players won the applause of the judges and audience bursts of applause. He said: "I usually like ancient poems very much. I have a deep feeling of Du Fu's caring about the country and the people in the" Car dealership "very much. Feelings, I began to prepare the poem to participate in the game 3,4 months ago. "Xiao Yanqiu is a born Tsing Yi embryo .20 years ago, Peking Opera" Benyue "performance, let people know a real Chang E. Can create good people, then she was silent for twenty years ... ..." From the High-tech Zone Li Xinrong Xinhua School dressed in a cheongsam, accompanied by a secluded background music, only 12-year-old her passionate, the wonderful and lost Xiao Yanqiu deduced most vividly. Judges: bright flashing colorful The organizing committee hired a national level screenwriter Jin Naifan, Sichuan Conservatory of Music Master Instructor Professor Wang Shicai, Sichuan Radio and Television Station announcer, the national radio host "Golden Microphone" Award winner Zhao Lanlan, China Television Broadcasting Association presided over the Deputy Director Han Lu, China broadcast presided over the "Golden Microphone Award" winner, well-known children's TV host Chen Yue, Sichuan art talent at the national level, Chinese poetry recital singing expert committee Dong Fan, Sichuan radio and television broadcasting guide, Sichuan TV artists Li Rong, director of the Association's radio host committee, Chen Xumei, host of Sichuan Radio and Television, Xia Jia, host of Chengdu Television's top PARKnSHOP press, and Guo Yue, vice chairman of Chengdu Federation of Literature and Art Party members, together with academic experts Competition jury. Jin Naifan told reporters: "This time the overall level of youth group recite well, completely beyond my expectations.I participated in the preliminary round of the preliminary examination lot, when I feel not strong, now the level of the finals surprised me." Talking about the areas where recitations need to be improved today, Jin Naifan felt a lot: "Both Du Fu," Wen Guanjun receives Henan and Hebei Provinces, "wrote that" Written in Li Bai 'boat will want to do, suddenly heard onshore singing song' These are the things the poet recites, with Xing blurted out, not to mention a performance reading. Players on the stage reading should pay attention to emotion , Take full advantage of the advantages of the stage, but can not be overwhelming. " Judge Zhao Lanlan fully affirmed the performance of the athletes: "The highlight of the reading contest is twinkling and colorful. All the contestants can select their works according to their own qualities. Most of the recitals chosen by the contestants and the contestants themselves Sound quality, image, tolerance, etc. The recitation of the choice of well-thought-out, and can be created with music, pictures and other scenarios organically integrated, the implementation of personalized reading, leading us to enter, entry, affection, resulting in strong resonance." Judge Dong Fan said: "The material selection is not necessarily unconventional, but we must take the heart .Selection of some players are not suitable for children, they can not understand can not control .A little red dress in the little runner is very good, her original work tells her Dad, this is her side of things, writing is closest to their own people, especially the atmosphere, so that the audience is very easy to resonate, the atmosphere was mobilized, hoping to see some of these works in the future. CCTV broadcast guidance Hongyun as a guest of this contest, the performance of the contestant was full of praise: "I thought the players will have the problem of Sichuan accent, but did not see the game. The players are particularly good selection, give me the impression The more profound is the "big artisan" program, which expresses the eternal spirit of the working class. "In addition, the righteousness shown in the competition has also been appraised by Hong Yun. (Reporter Xie Yingchun Mu Wanrong Wu Yu Bei Wang Yanli Intern Bao Lingli text reporter Tan Tao Intern Bao Lingli / photography)
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Named for the CCTV children's talent talent contest platform
Cover News (Reporter Duane Lake) "Seven, one on the eve of the founding party", Chengdu "Classic Meeting" art performance hall, laughter. Hosted by the Chinese Young Talents Working Committee and jointly supported by CCTV, "2017 First CCTV Starlight Youth Talents Competition" was officially launched here. What is of concern is that the former war banner Repertory Theater famous director, Liu Xiaoqing's old comrade-in-arms Kim Nae-fan to guide children's talented mentor, platform for the children. Jin Naifan scene said that Sichuan art talent from the baby started, is correct. It is a strategic need for talented people to take advantage of the summer vacation time to step up the cultivation of literary and art rookies in Sichuan and to help children and young children with artistic ability to step into the stage of literature and art and realize their dreams and move toward the sacred art hall. "I'm willing to green leaves for children and help them grow." Hosted by the person in charge Li Qing election to reporters, the children's talent contest is to cooperate with CCTV. Organizing Committee invited Li Shuangjiang, Deng Yuhua, Zhu Mingying, Chen Ailian, Zhang Huamin, Hao Aiming, Zhu Lin, Yin Zhiguang and other old artists and cultural celebrities, singers rookie guest judges. Li Qingxuan also introduced: This talent contest is divided into juvenile group 5-17 years old, youth group 18-35 years old two groups, with vocal music, instrumental music, dance, language class four talent categories. Through talent show, inspire the stage performance of young people, will be happy, healthy and harmonious young talents image displayed in front of the audience. Competition produced by the best players, may sign a movie company, conservatism conservatism, becoming a signing singer, the formation of bands, etc., but also to push the CCTV three sets of various variety shows, as well as to participate in the national six major ministries and CCTV organized by the Public welfare activities, more with stars, artists perform on the same stage.
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Looking forward to Zuying Song saying "to get"
On November 26, "2011 Song Zuying Large-scale Personal Music Festival in Chengdu 2011" will be held ceremoniously in the adult center. Yesterday, the newspaper published Xu Pei-dong's composition and lyricist's lyrical lyrics. Song Zuying's first song at the festival will be composed by Chengdu Song "booming fire", aroused strong repercussions among the readers, many enthusiastic citizens have scored newspaper hotline, expressed his love and expectation of the song. "This song is very Chengdu characteristics, our colleagues in the office are singing along with the spectrum of music.I believe Song Zuying's voice, there will be more people like Chengdu, Chengdu travel, feel the fire of Chengdu 's booming fire, booming fire People / booming fire of laughter, thriving city '.I am curious now is that the words of Zuying Song Chengdu' get 'authentic not? "Yesterday, Ms. Wang worked in a travel agency excitedly Reporter said. Sing out the hearts of our people in Sichuan In addition to the general public on this song "booming fire" full of expectations, industry experts also praised. Chengdu Military Region Battle Banner famous theater director Jin Naifan is the organizing committee launched the "I wrote lyrics for Song Zuying activities" judges. For freshly baked this "booming fire", Jin Naifan gave a high rating. "This is a very good work, it is a typical style of folk songs, singing our people in Sichuan, the voice of the audience can make a profound resonance." For the "Chongqing cub" Run lyrics written lyrics, Jin Naifan also impartial evaluation Although the lyrics are simple, they are full of Sichuan features. "Out of touch to outline the life of the Sichuan people, which is good for a newcomer." In Jin Naifan view, "booming fire" style and Song Zuying Song Road fit, very suitable for the Song Zuying concert. "I was fortunate enough to hear the Song Zuying singing this song in advance, personally feel very good .As for where is good, here sold first off, when we arrived at the scene to know." Jin Naifan also mentioned the "prosperous fire" deficiencies, hoping to make this song more perfect. "I think the lyrics of this song are a bit straightforward and plain, and it would be even better if I could portray this heavy historical and cultural city in Chengdu with more meaning." Kim Nae-von said that Xu Pei-dong's music compliments the lyrics Of the deficiencies, will certainly become a popular classic song. Adult Center in the history of the biggest stage Reporter also learned that the music festival yesterday has begun to take the stage. From 8 am onwards, there will be a "large force" entering the adult center and intense efforts will be made to set up a platform. Song Zuying series of touring events this year, with its gorgeous stage effects, brilliant swaying light performance conquered a lot of viewers. 26th Chengdu Festival is no exception. It is understood that this is only the use of the Taiwan station to work on the use of more than 400 staff, rarely seen in other concerts cranes also appeared on the stage and set up as many as 3 Taiwan, which shows the stage of the music festival scale Great. Organizing Committee officials told reporters that the entire stage width of 120 meters, nearly 30 meters high, the stage height of about 2 meters from a main stage and two deputy stage combination of "This is the history of Chengdu Sports Center The biggest stage. "The reason why so many people work hard to build a large-scale stage, in addition to the performance of the team Zuying Song Strict requirements, but also dedicated to the audience a audio-visual feast:" Song Zuying mild and gentle voice, win universal praise Golden melodies are all familiar, but the concert is the stage of the overall art of the show, the audience is not only full of fun, but also to feast for the eyes, a worthwhile trip! "To achieve this goal, just take more time to build Taiwan The concert will be much longer: "A lot of concerts will be enough to enter the show two days in advance, but we will not work. Starting from this morning, the project will need to be completed by the evening of the 25th and a full five days to do this Stage, hoping to achieve the most perfect results. " It is reported that the music festival by the well-known lighting designer in China, the Beijing Olympic Games lighting design Sha Xiaolan lighting team, the famous Chinese audio system He Biao audio production team, as well as participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Wu Mei production, LED screen and other teams together Create. The performance team includes nearly 200 people including symphony orchestra, choir and dance troupe. The performance lineup can be described as high-end quality, luxury team, peak performance, a domestic variety of concerts. Reporter Chen Hui Ru
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