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Original musical " Shu nu Zhuo Wenjun" debuted in Cannes, France
Original musical " Shu nu Zhuo Wenjun" debuted in Cannes, France Time: 2018 - 06 - 08 10: 40: 17 source: Chengdu evening news editor: Chen yue On June 5, local time in Cannes, France, supported by the national art fund and directed by the propaganda department of Chengdu municipal party Committee, Chengdu media group co-produced with the people's government of Chenghua district and Sichuan national song and dance troupe a large original musical " Shu nu Zhuo Wenjun", introduced by the memory music park in the eastern suburb of Chengdu national music industry base, was promoted and performed live at the Cannes international music industry Expo in France. This original musical " made in Chengdu" is based on the love story of Zhuo Wenjun, daughter of Zhuo, a wealthy businessman in linqiong, western Han dynasty, and Sima Xiangru, a famous cifu writer and musician. it is a poignant musical epic of fengqiuhuang. Zhuo Wenjun, the daughter of Zhuo Wang sun, an iron smelting magnate in linqiong, Shu county, is one of the four talented women of ancient China. The classic sentence in " white head songs" is just from her hand: " I wish to have one heart and one heart, and I will never leave each other." A love story between her and Sima Xiangru, a famous scholar in Han dynasty, has been talked about so far. Sima Xiangru's poem feng Qiu Huang for her has also become a classic work handed down from generation to generation. The play is based on the romantic and turbulent love story between Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru. In the play, the representative poems, songs and cultural symbols of Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru are naturally and cleverly incorporated into the plot of the characters' story. the essence of the story is displayed in a concentrated way, which enables the audience to appreciate the Excellence of excellent traditional Chinese studies. According to sources, the play is divided into five chapters, namely, green yee's love affair, night rain, wine selling, piano playing, and hoary head singing, as well as prefaces " phoenix flies in the air" and " phoenix and singing" at the end. The reporter learned that the production of the play was started in September 2017, with the head of Sichuan ethnic song and dance troupe, LAN kabuki, as the chief director, the national-level screenwriter Lin Jie as the screenwriter, the national-level composer and famous musician Liu dangqing as the music director, and the young actor Wang Qian as Zhuo Wenjun. At present, it has entered the stage of rehearsal. it is expected to meet the audience at the performance center of memory music park in the eastern suburbs in September this year. after the first performance is completed, it will tour at home and abroad. ( reporter rose )
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Sichuan musicians association holds 8th provincial congress and Ringo is elected chairman of the provincial musicians association
Sichuan musicians association holds 8th provincial congress and Ringo is elected chairman of the provincial musicians association 2018 - 05 - 1206: 28 cover news commentary On may 10 and 11, 2018, the 8th Sichuan musicians association provincial congress was solemnly held in Jintang county, Chengdu city. 156 representatives and special guests from Sichuan music circle gathered to seek common development plans for Sichuan music. The conference elected the 8th presidium of Sichuan musicians association ( hereinafter referred to as " Sichuan musicians association" ). The chairman is ringore; The vice-chairmen are LV xiaoqin ( female ), Liu dangqing, an bingbing ( Manchu ), sun hongbin, Wu yongbo ( yi ), Luo Rong ( female Tujia ), Zhao xiaoyi, Peng Tao, Zeng Qing, and Mulan ( female Tibetan ); Employ Ao Changqun as honorary chairman; Yang xiaolan was appointed deputy secretary general. The conference carefully listened to and considered the report of the 7th chairman of the provincial music association, Ao Changqun, on behalf of the 7th Council and the presidium of the provincial music association entitled " carry forward the past, carry forward the future, forge ahead, forge ahead and create a new chapter in Sichuan music industry". Explanation by vice chairman Zhao zhengji on amending the articles of association of Sichuan musicians association. All the delegates had a heated discussion on the contents of the work report and the revised draft articles of association, and actively offered suggestions on the development of music work and the development of music industry in Sichuan province in the coming period. In recent years, a large number of works showing Bashu's regional characteristics and humanistic features have emerged. These works vividly reflect Sichuan's beautiful mountains and rivers, local conditions and customs, people's life and development changes. Not only that, Sichuan composers have created quite a lot, and the holding of individual works concerts has shown a boom. For example, the concert " I love you and China" by Ao Changqun was held in Shanghai and Chengdu respectively. The symphony " reflections on daliangshan" is performed by the Iowa symphony orchestra in the United States and so on. Ao Changqun said, " under the new form of comprehensively promoting the music industry and the prosperity and development of the music industry in Sichuan province, it is the duty of our Sichuan musicians to dig deeply into the extensive and profound traditional culture, colorful national culture, and uplifting red culture in Sichuan province, and to use music art forms to tell Sichuan stories and display Sichuan charm. " At the meeting, the newly elected chairman of the provincial association, Ringo, gave a systematic exposition of the work of the provincial association in the next stage. " first of all, we must organize and create more outstanding music works that eulogize the times and the motherland and reflect Sichuan's economic and social development; Second, innovate the mechanism and increase the exploration and cultivation of music talents, especially talents from new literature and art groups. To treat new literature and art organizations, new literature and art groups, new literature and art settlements, and new literature and art individual workers, we should treat them with a new zeal of " not sticking to one pattern and using talents". we should extend our working arms, provide them with care, service, and help around the difficulties and demands of the " four new" groups, unite the whole social forces that climb the peak of literature and art, and jointly make new contributions to the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art in the new era in our country. Thirdly, we will strengthen the construction of music positions and use the association's bulletin " le yuan", website and wechat public number to widely publicize musicians and extensively report music events. " Lin gore said. Ringore also stressed that it is necessary to create authoritative competition platforms such as golden bell award competitions and vocal music competitions, and to continuously introduce new musicians. To expand the scope of literature and art benefiting the people, send cultural activities to the countryside deeper into the grassroots, so that more people can share the fruits of cultural development; Finally, it is necessary to strengthen the association's own construction, build an organizational structure, vigorously develop, unite and rely closely on the vast number of sound association members to lay a solid foundation for the development of music.
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Chain of love movie award announces that skrjgowa " shows love" from afar
Chain of love movie award announces that skrjgowa " shows love" from afar 2018 - 05 - 12 16: 50: 58 source: Netease entertainment Netease entertainment reported on may 12 on the afternoon of may 8, the award ceremony of the first love chain film award commemorating the Wenchuan earthquake decade was held at Chengdu Jinsha theater. The reporter learned that this is a new list of public welfare movies in the world. The preparation of the first love chain movie award took two years, with more than 500 Chinese and foreign movie works participating in the competition. in the end, 32 won the award. the elimination rate was so high that only " Excellence" works were selected. The awards ceremony was full of stars and love. dieter, miuskone brand official, Ningxia and Chen jun, Li zhongyou, director Lin Hong of the film " oriental girl country", Xu Geng, Xu bo, Ma Lun, Chen Guojun, Zhang Huicang, yin yue, Zhang Li, Chen weilin, Liu dangqing and many other leading corporate, film and television and music circles joined hands to witness the birth of " wonderful time and space of love" and dozens of individual awards, unit awards and comprehensive awards for love chain movies in the name of love. In addition to the hundreds of guests present, the organizing Committee for the love chain film award also received congratulatory messages from many well-known filmmakers who were unable to visit the scene for some reason. renowned artist skrjiko even " expressed love" from a distance. As the best actress winner of many awards such as hong kong film awards, China golden rooster award, and the hundred flowers award for popular films, and as an artist of the older generation, siqin gaowa attached great importance to the development of the new generation of film and television arts. she was deeply regretful that she was unable to attend the awards ceremony of the first love chain film award on the spot due to work reasons. For this purpose, a video was specially recorded to express my blessing and support for this love chain movie award. " ten years after Wenchuan earthquake, this land can rise again and hold the love chain movie award ceremony. this is a blessing and a thing that makes me extremely proud as a filmmaker. I hope that such commemorative activities will continue to be held so as to inspire more people to regain their new life. " skrjiko expressed sincere wishes for the award ceremony in the video and hoped that the award ceremony of the" chain of love movie award " would be a complete success. At the same time, she also thanks the audience for their support for the famous director Lin Hong and director of Jinchuan dongnv culture company, Li zhongyou, who is the producer of the movie " the oriental girl country".
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100,000 yuan per year to support excellent local "music talent studio"
six licensed Music studio Liu party qing music studio. Xiaofeng performance culture industry development co. LTD. Studio music. Yixing music studio. Hana culture and art co. LTD. Picture music studio. Yesterday, in the star (China) music dreamworks exhibition hall at the 2017 chengdu "music talent studio" opening ceremony, the music industry promotion office of chengdu to liu party celebrating music studio gave nameboards studio 6 music talents, and 100000 yuan annually. It is conducive to the gathering of music talents. , deputy director of the music industry promotion office of chengdu Li Tianhao, said the campaign is the government of chengdu's opinion on support for the development of music industry since another achievement, is advantageous to the music talents gathered with more excellent work, music industry development has brought new power for chengdu. Strive to build music talent studio into the core incubation project of chengdu music culture industry. The first batch of "selected six music talent studio outstanding achievements in the development of the music industry, music can drive the chengdu optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in typical demonstration, innovation, leading role in the industry. The studio is located in chengdu, with 1, 2 high-level music professionals and leading role in the development of music industry. A professional training course every two months. It is understood that the music industry promotion association of chengdu will hold a series of training on music production, music education, music literacy, music management, etc. It will also carry out activities such as music studio salon, excellent studio roadshow recommendation, music studio excellent works exhibition, etc. Every two months in the future will also carry out a business and management of studio professional training courses, for music training, music business promotion, music works comment on various aspects such as training guidance. Will invite experts, outstanding musicians, music studio founder and music for their power and training programs, to carry out the discussion at the same time, in order to "study, research, production," trinity, the way for "chengdu music talent studio" to lay the foundation. Chengdu evening news reporter teng Yang.
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"Tianfu ancient town. Sing the world" theme song -- dance dragon
8月11日,由成都市小城镇办、区人民政府主办,区文联承办的“2017‘天府古镇·唱响世界’主题曲全球征歌评选活动”终评环节在成都某宾馆举行。最终,经七位著名音乐人评委评选出“天府古镇.唱响世界”主题曲金奖一名,银奖两名,铜奖三名,优秀歌曲奖六名,优秀歌词奖十名。 获奖名单 ●金奖:《舞火龙》 ●银奖:《道别黄龙溪》、《我的黄龙溪》获得 ●铜奖:《黄龙溪之恋》、《云中鱼》、《溪涧谣》 ●10余首作品获优秀作品奖 终评音乐人阵容 中国流行音乐协会秘书长、人民音乐主编、著名乐评人金兆钧 北京电影学院中国电影音乐研究院副院长、国家一级作曲家张宏光 四川省音乐家协会主席、著名作曲家敖昌群 四川省通俗音乐协会主席、著名作曲家陈川 国家一级编剧、中国音乐家协会会员、著名词作家王持久 中国音乐家协会会员、四川省通俗音乐协会副主席、著名音乐制作人刘党庆 著名歌手、音乐制作人亚东 据了解,自征歌活动开展以来,收到来自加拿大、韩国、日本、新加坡等国家和全国各地的1000余首歌曲,征歌活动也吸引了央广网、四川新闻网、四川日报、成都日报、成都全搜索等近20家媒体的关注,有近百家知名网站纷纷转载,有力推动我区音乐文创产业发展和古镇特色小镇建设。 据悉,在网络进入投票环节时,经“成都全搜索”官方网站数据统计,网络投票活动从8月4零时开始至8月11日零时截止,共计吸引1199210人次参与投票,投票总数高达914259票。 区文联相关负责人表示,目前,“天府古镇.唱响世界”主题曲全球征歌评选活动已告一段落,后续的推广还将继续。我们将开展一系列音乐营销推广活动,制作出品《天府古镇.唱响世界》音乐专辑;举行《天府古镇.唱响世界》专场音乐会;策划《天府古镇.唱响世界》音乐视频推广告等活动,让古镇走向世界,带动双流旅游文化事业长足发展。舞火龙 (引子) 黄龙溪那么哟, 水流长哎, 黄龙人咯, 舞火龙哟。 风敲锣,雷打鼓, 烟火裹着巨龙舞。 地踏歌,天跳舞, 群山呐喊水欢呼。 火龙蜿蜒在多情的乡土, 龙的子孙追寻着光明幸福。 舞火龙,火龙舞, 舞他个长河大江春潮涌; 舞火龙,火龙舞, 舞他个沧海横流太阳红。 你敲锣,我打鼓, 汗珠裹着火龙舞。 敢上天,敢下海, 龙腾海天英雄出。 火龙蜿蜒在多情的乡土, 龙的子孙追寻着光明幸福。 舞火龙,火龙舞, 舞他个长河大江春潮涌; 舞火龙,火龙舞, 舞他个沧海横流太阳红。 记者 刘贤虎 编辑 岳铃 审核 刘云涌
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"Jialing River Spring" pop music festival closes
Original title: "Jialing River Spring" popular music festival closed three singers award The first "Jialing River Spring" C-pop Popular music festival, attracted more than 200 experts, musicians, singers gathered. In the Chinese pop Music Invitational Tournament, Huimin show, China pop Music Summit Forum, awards ceremony, collecting folk songs and other series of activities, the recent closing in Nanchong. The Summit Forum explores the development of Chinese pop music June 11 to 17th, by the Sichuan Provincial Musicians Association, the CPC Nanchong Municipal party Committee, hosted by the Ministry of Nanchong Federation, the City Musicians Association of the first "Jialing River Spring" C-pop Popular music festival held in Nanchong, more than 200 experts, musicians, singers gathered in Nanchong. During the period, the Chinese pop Music Summit Forum has brought together a number of experts, musicians. Centering on "The thinking of popular music creation and Marketization", "the integration and development of pop music industry and the cross-border", "talent cultivation and employment in pop music industry" three themes, from the Chinese Musicians Association, the Chinese Musicians Association popular Music Society and Sichuan, Yunnan, Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong and other musicians Association of relevant experts had a heated discussion. Sichuan Province Popular Music Association vice President, Secretary General Liu Paqing pointed out that pop music must be close to the times, innovative forms of expression, constantly pushing people to push songs, to create music brand activities, to form industrial influence. Some famous musicians, Xiao Ke optimistic about college students in Nanchong 16th night, the first "Jialing River Spring" C-pop Popular music Festival Awards party held. Sichuan team's Gan, Zhang Qiang, Beijing team's Huang Jiaxin won the personal singing Group grand prize, the combination singing group grand prize is the Sichuan team "Yi Mengshan combination" obtains. As the host of the Nanchong team, in the music festival performance, Gish You SIP won a personal singing group gold, He Yilei, Wang Rui won personal singing group silver. This festival, attracted a lot of "big coffee", once for the Beijing Olympic theme song "Beijing Welcomes You" composition of the famous music people Xiao Ke came to Nanchong. "It feels like the overall performance of this pop festival singer is great." Singers in the interpretation of some difficult songs, grasp also more and more good, this is a trend of development. When it comes to the music festival, Xiao Ke keeps on praising. This is the first time he came to Nanchong, the impression of Nanchong is very good. "The city is very good, the people are very warm, the city architecture and cultural atmosphere are more characteristics, is a very cultural taste, very casual city." ” At the awards party, Moone, a female college student from the Music Institute of Xihua Normal University, was favored by Xiao Ke for her excellent performance. Xiao Ke through the organizing committee to get in touch with Moone, and meet for a brief conversation, finally the two sides left contact with each other. Huaxi City Reading reporter Sheiji
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Li Ting, caoping and Liu dangqing on Yi Red
Sichuan Liangshan state song and dance troupe staged the opera "Yi Red", in November 8, 9th night in Hongshan Auditorium. Writer Li Ting said, in the "Yi Red" creation process, I put a lot of emotion. Several reasons, I 16 years old to participate in the work is Liangshan ensemble actor, I carry luggage on the tractor with the teacher in the size of Liangshan left a youthful footprint. The story of Shanhai Alliance was heard in childhood but did not understand the profound significance of this legend. To the Yi nationality I have my angle of view--the angle of the sentiment. I have my interpretation--the reading of mountains outside the mountain. So this creation "Yi Red" although difficult, because we want to present such an epic story on the stage, finally I choose small also have my reason, write true our enemy but reportage even documentary, so must write the character Destiny character emotion. In the process of folk songs, there is a real detail shook my heart, is the small Dan was killed, his wife in order to protect the red flag left by General Liu, hiding, and finally the red flag sewn in their own pleated, so this red flag into the whole story of the soul. Regardless of Red Army warriors, Yi Youth Latie and Nicole Rikissa all for this red flag gave life. Small Dan grandson Woolong said his grandmother regardless of life to protect the red flag is to his grandfather to Liu General's commitment, "Rosy clouds drift wild geese fly, Shanhai Alliance write Immortal Carol, the generals left the flag Yi people took over Yi Family Brother collection reunion commitment." Yi has a lot of special customs, such as changing children's skirts, pole-bar wine, torch, crying, and cutting the threshold, etc. The advantage of the Liangshan ensemble is that there are a group of excellent singers and dancers who have the songs and dances to express these customs. When I put these customs organically in the fate of the people, the stage is more abundant. At the same time, I think the current management of the culture in Liangshan is very open-minded, they did not force me to write this writing that, but very respect for the creation of art, so I have a lot of space to through the little people's emotional fate to show this historical figures and events. Director Caoping stressed that "Shanhai alliance" is a heavy historical theme, involving a lot of historical figures, "Yi Red" to choose to fictional little people, Yi Girl ni Zahan, Red Red and the Yi Young man Latie 3 people between the family, friendship, love story to present, in fact, can well reflect the times of humanity and emotion, Reflect the spirit of that great age. All the actors in the show are vocal or dancers of the Liangshan State Ensemble, previously did not have a professional musical performance skills, most people are basically from zero to learn the stage performance of musicals, just rehearse, they can not even talk, walking, in these, the Yi actor Many people usually communicate in the Yi language, Mandarin is not standard. This May, after the play into rehearsal, the first is to arrange 1 hours a day to teach them to recite tongue twisters, a sentence to learn Mandarin. And although they are good at Yi Folk songs, but some people do not know staff, which also allows us to give them emergency lessons. When the actors first saw their lines, they laughed and let go, not accustomed to the expression of the opera. As a result, no one can read the script until the rehearsal begins. As a result, I did not think that the first rehearsal of all the actors really threw out the script, seriously really played up, so that the actor on the stage is a real feeling, the original ecological performance, so that the audience more sense of generation. Composer Liu Paqing says as the music composing of Yi Red Opera, I was very excited when I first received this script, because Yi is a dancing nationality, has rich folk song and dance and folk art, Yi's musical is gorgeous, I have contacted Yi Music many years ago, the Yi People's music element is very rich, There are many classical folk songs sung widely in the Southwest, torch torches, 赶圩 return ah miles, Yi song cousin, Luo Lotus, a Girl, Cry wedding song, bi-mo chanting, Bhutto Gaoqiang and so on, singing simple, emotional open, broad range, rich, strong national characteristics, special instruments have mouth strings, yueqin, vertical flute, Bite flute, gourd sheng, horse stance, etc., for the Yi Red Opera composition provides a lot of music material, laid a good music foundation. It was the first time I tried to create a national opera, as a standard opera body, in people's impression, or stay in the western traditional style, can grasp the national characteristics, write beautiful melody, catchy, so that ordinary people can understand the style, is my creative key idea. After a short period of folk songs in the Yi area, I decided to use the Long march of the Red Army across the Yi area, and the Yi people knot deep friendship famous song "Multicolored Rosy Clouds" variation as the opening and ending, Yi Authentic original ecological singing as a whole play through, with mouth strings, Mabul, yueqin, bite flute, Miss Bhutto Gaoqiang, cry to marry song to Dot, To create a life scene for the Yi people, play with a national style of the melody of the narrative creation, which also adopted a number of fashionable elements as a polishing, the actor also used the Liangshan national song and dance troupe of the people who are good at the folk singing, and strive to achieve the effect of popular tastes, of course, as a modern national opera creation, a trial Also hope to be able to get experts and peer recognition, in order to create a Chinese opera with national characteristics. (Feeds by Sichuan Liangshan state song and dance troupe)
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