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Send "Domestic Dynamic Sample Sampling": Professor He Daxin recommends that the terms "Chinese" and "Mandarin" should be changed to "Chinese"
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing News Professor He Daxin, a doctoral tutor in economics of distribution at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and a scholar of culture, suggested that the terms "Chinese" and "Putonghua" should be replaced by "Chinese" in a unified way, which has a positive impact on expanding Chinese culture in the world Significance, the sooner the more active reform. Professor HE Daxin proposed that the language now used by the Chinese is more commonly referred to as "Chinese," sometimes called "Chinese" in some foreign countries, and officially defined as "Mandarin" in the 1950s. Before the founding of New China, the Kuomintang The government also used the term "Mandarin" to promote it. He Daxin think these words are not conceptually correct from the root. The first is "Chinese." Oracle, unearthed in Yin Ruins, Anyang, Henan Province, proves that as early as 3000 years ago, Chinese ancestors had already created rich and well-shaped texts, while the concept of "Han" emerged more than 2,000 years ago. In 202 BC, Liu Bang established the Western Han Dynasty, after he had been designated as the "King of Han Dynasty" by Xiang Yu as the head of eighteen kings and under the command of "Han China" in Hanzhong, Shu and Bansu. In the past, Han "concept appeared in Chinese history. Our language is still earlier than the text, at least 5000 years of history, the main Chinese language of the ancestors of the Chinese people is called "Chinese" time not yet known as "Chinese" for a long time. Therefore, the use of "Chinese" to define the language used throughout China is at least unsustainable. Moreover, it is easy to cause "political" and "cultural" passive "Chinese" under the new situation. For example, we promote Chinese in ethnic minority areas in Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. The local youth issue this question: I am a Uygur, a Tibetan and a Mongolian. Why do we learn Chinese? Foreign nationals who are keen to learn Chinese also wonder , I learn Chinese, why is it called "Chinese"? Second, the definition of "mandarin" is also lack of scientific. The corresponding word of "Mandarin" is "special language", while the actual corresponding word is the minority language. This produces two drawbacks. One is that it confronts Chinese with other languages of ethnic minorities. The second is that such a concept is not available all over the world. What does "ordinary" mean? How Chinese teachers explain to foreign students that we teach you "Mandarin"; and thirdly, the term "Mandarin" has long since become history, and we can not resume the call of the KMT when it came to power. Moreover, this call has a very strong regional and subjectivity. How do we say to foreigners that we hope you learn our Mandarin? Fourth, the term "Mandarin" is conceptually better than the three words above, but not perfect. "Hua" can not cover the present national population in Chinese history. He Daxin believes that the languages of major countries in the world are generally named after the abbreviation of the country, such as Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Japan. The Chinese name is "中". The concept is very good, big and accurate, and we have been using it , Such as "China and the United States," "Russia," "one China." The most scientific, accurate and viable Chinese language should be called "Chinese." The languages of major countries in the world today include English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, and so on. The Chinese language is called "Chinese" and the language is called "Chinese" , But also with the Chinese text "Chinese" corresponds. He Daxin believes that there are four significant benefits of reunification of Chinese language into "Chinese": one is to conform to and be regulated by the written language of the major countries in the world; the other is to facilitate the study of foreigners and to expand the Chinese language; The impact of the world on the one hand, and the promotion of popularization on the other hand in ethnic minority areas nationwide. The government respects and protects the right of ethnic minorities to use their own language. However, you are the first Chinese to learn how to use the Chinese language. Fourth, it is necessary to check and balance "Taiwan's independence," "Hong Kong independence," "Tibet independence," " "Split activities. The Chinese government can make it clear in these places that since what you said has always been Chinese, why is it not Chinese? He Daxin said that the most obvious deficiency in using "Chinese" is that people are not used to it, mainly because people in China are not used to it. In fact, you do not have to worry about it. Once the global media has been used for three months, the entire world has become accustomed to using the term "Chinese". "Seoul" to "Seoul", "Ceylon" to "Sri Lanka" not all like this? And then, we can enjoy the convenience and benefits of changing to "Chinese". He Dasheng finally said that for thousands of years, Chinese language (here for the time being called Chinese) has played an important role in maintaining unity and national assimilation in China. Many historical facts prove that many Chinese Han people became Chinese because they spoke Chinese . At present, China is entering a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the field of entering a new era, the front line of politics, economy and military is culture, and the culture enters before others can follow. We must stand on the steps of history and the world from the perspective of a big nation and a large nation in order to name our own language and call "Chinese" too stingy. This is a national event. It is believed that once the new naming is achieved, the Chinese language will show unprecedented advantages. He Daxin suggested adopting the "Chinese language" in a unified manner, preferably through the proposal made by the NPC or the CPPCC National Committee in the next term or by the State Council directly using the "State Council Order" to complete the document. He Daxin, 65, a member of the Communist Party of China, has long been engaged in economic and cultural studies and has been teaching doctoral and master students since retirement. In the recent seven or eight years, his main energies have been used to study Chinese history and culture. He is now a member of the Senior Experts Advisory Committee of the Association of Old Scientists in Sichuan Province and enjoys the government subsidy from the State Council. He is also a member of the CPPCC National Committee of the Tenth CPPCC in Sichuan Province, , Director of the proposal committee. (Reporter Zhu Hailei)
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Rooted in a good cultural soil, literary critic He Daxin topic hot topic!
Where did human beings originate? I believe this is a question for many people? At 19:00 on August 19th at 3:00 pm, the "Classic Art Forum" 2017 the thirteenth speakers - the famous literary critic, the former secretary of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television Secretary, Secretary of Xinhua News Agency, Sichuan Branch of the former party secretary, president He Daxin, one by one for you to answer doubts. He Daxin, Southwest University of Finance and Economics doctoral tutor, visiting professor. He worked in Xinhua News Agency from 1983 to 2005 and successively served as a reporter and reporter stationmaster, director, deputy editor-in-chief, vice president and president. Between the 1980s and the early 1990s, the original invention and the first publication of "Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Bypass," "Referee should not play football," "Gold is not a brand name," "Firstborn Republic" and other articles in the People's Daily and Xinhua After its publication, it has become the national public language after many years of its spread. For more than 30 years, he has published more than 30 theses in magazines such as "Economic Studies" and "Chinese Journalists" in addition to news works. He won the first prize of China News Award in 1992 and the second prize of China News Award in 2004. In recent years, He Daxin has been committed to the study of cultural origins and characteristics. In the lecture, when it comes to "the origin of mankind" and "the soil of culture," he proposed: From a biological point of view, humans are animals and are advanced animals evolved from ancient apes; and from a cultural point of view Look, people are plants, what kind of cultural soil, there is what kind of person. The company is located in: What kind of cultural soil, what kind of people? "Human beings originated in Africa and culture grew out of the earth, created by alluvial fans, and stood on hind legs. We are Chinese, speak Chinese and write Chinese characters. From a historical point of view, we are integrated into a multi-ethnic lineage Of our culture, our culture is integrated into the culture of multi-ethnic culture. "He Dasheng on the cultural soil, put forward their own unique views. Benevolent Leshan, wise Le water. He believes that "institutions and institutions are also grown out of the soil, what kind of cultural soil, what kind of person." Different regions, because of its climate, geology, astronomy and other factors, and then have different ways of life As well as living habits, have produced a very different personality. Cultural soil is the mother of many forms of culture. Languages, songs, dances, writing, poetry, music, philosophy, religious practices, cities, lifestyles and modes of production were the first examples of cultural expressions that emerged from the soil . By exemplifying the different personalities and lifestyles of the Yellow River civilization and the Yangtze River civilization, the Eskimos and the Southern Yangtze River tea-picking women, it shows that the cultural expressions they create and love are different. Only the nation, is the world At all times and in all countries, the difference between strength and strength is the military; the difference between rich and poor is the economy; and the one that distinguishes the country, the nation, the city, and the people is culture. He Daxin talked about in the lecture: "Faith is the highest manifestation of culture and religion is the extreme manifestation of culture." The ideas of the ancient sages in China, such as Lao Tzu and Confucius, are profound and profound. They are not only the nation, but also the precious culture of the world heritage. "Cultural renaissance", "religious reform" and the French Enlightenment also have an important influence on the world culture. In the questioning session, we asked questions from the audience about the status quo of "Chinese culture and soil" and "How to make cultural soil more nutritious?" He Daxin gave a satisfactory answer. The soil of Chinese culture now presents a messy and differentiated state. However, Chinese culture needs to go global, blend in with the world culture, absorb the best of its essence, and make its dross so rich in cultural soil that it is prosperous. He Daxin emphasized that the total amount of culture should be narrowed. The people should not be separated too much from one another. Too much emphasis should be placed on the excavation and promotion of the languages and characters of small ethnic groups. We should retain the essence of what we recognize and World cultural integration. Culture first fusion, infection, culture should be used to output the infection. He expressed his approval of the concept of mainstreaming the classic culture. In the interview, the reporter learned that He Dagang held a highly recognized attitude towards the "classical art forum" held by the Classical Department. During the interview, he said: "I think" the classic art pulpit "has been in operation in Chengdu for so long and has a wide range of influence. It mainly manifests in the following three points: First, it builds an elegant palace in Chengdu's cultural life. In the past, classic art was often seen on television and in teaching materials, but in this way it was possible to meet with the public and influence the public. I think this form is particularly good in this way of setting up an elegant temple. Way is to combine economic and cultural factors, the combination of artistic accomplishment, cultural influence and business management, I think this is to explore a path, this path how to go, go to success, I think all Is a major event.Third, it is Chengdu's elegant culture, popular way to influence the public, inviting famous artists are advocating elegant art, to influence the public's cultural cells, art cells, to enhance the culture of the entire city Quality, artistic quality, I think it is a good thing. Hong classic culture, pass the famous Tai Ya, lead the public's bodybuilding. "Classic art forum" accompanied fans over a year time, the forum has been held 31, well received. Today, becoming the most famous art forum in Chengdu.
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Mr. He Daxin made a report on "Culture and Cultural Confidence" for teachers and students of Hehai University
On the afternoon of March 1, Mr. He Daxin, party secretary and director of the former Sichuan Radio, Film and Television Bureau, former director of the Proposal Committee of the Sichuan Provincial CPPCC and doctoral supervisor of the circulation economics of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, came to the second floor of the Conference Center of Jiangning Campus of Hohai University Conduct lectures. The lecture was entitled "Cultural and Cultural Confidence". Guo Jichao, deputy party secretary of the school party, presided over the meeting. He Daxin around the "culture of the importance of individuals and countries," launched a unique cultural perspective for the students about the origins of man. He pointed out that from a cultural perspective, people like plants, what kind of cultural soil, there is what kind of person. He then introduced the background and development of culture in detail from three aspects: "cultural reporter", "historical image of folk custom and culture", "literature and language, and backbone of history and culture". In addition, He pointed out that the distinction between strength and weakness is military; the distinction between rich and rich is economy; and the one that distinguishes the country from the nation, the city and the people is culture. Finally, Mr Ho mentioned that faith is the highest form of culture and that the lecture has a perfect ending. In this lecture, with his witty and erudite presentation, Mr. He carried out a special cultural lecture for his classmates so that everyone could understand more deeply the culture, understand the Chinese culture and strengthen their cultural confidence.
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Unlock Chinese Culture Genes and Explore Chinese Culture Soil
In May 2016, the Student Affairs Office launched a series of three seminars on "Culture and Soil Theory" at the Jincheng Lecture Hall. He was the tutor of doctor of circulation economics in Southwest University of Finance and Economics, former party secretary and president of Sichuan Branch of Xinhua News Agency, party secretary and director of Sichuan Radio, Film and Television Bureau, and visiting scholar of the National Education Foundation of China. State Council special government allowance. He is a senior reporter as well as an executive, academic and academic tutor. Due to his different identities and roles in his decades of experience, He Daxin possesses extensive knowledge accumulation, profound cultural accumulation, keen insight into social phenomena and deep analysis. He said: Any kind of cultural phenomenon, including literature, philosophy, music, clothes, language, customs, decoration, food and drink, is a plant growing out of the cultural soil of that country or nation - that is, cultural soil theory . Furthermore, what teachers bring to teachers and students a refreshing view: From a cultural point of view, people are not animals, but plants; what kind of elements in the cultural soil where people live, what kind of gene it forms. He taught Chinese teachers and students three cultural time soil, analyzed the Chinese cultural genes, including the origin of the culture, the specific cultural soil, cultural tension, as well as personal thinking of what the teacher of culture Four parts. In various parts of the lectures, Mr. He lectured extensively on various topics such as humanities, history, geography, philosophy, literature, anthropology, economics and so on in folk customs, literature and language, Chinese culture, religion and American culture Discipline of knowledge through communication, poetry come in handy, there are all kinds of interesting regional culture interspersed among them. Speaking of music part, teacher He even hummed the music of all parts of the country on the scene, the audience listened with great interest. For related majors, they broaden their professional knowledge; for non-related majors, they accepted a very complete knowledge of humanity. In addition to explaining the knowledge, Teacher He gave young students some advice. For example, the comparison between people should be "the quality of thinking." For our own culture, we do not always have to "understand", but we must "know" ...... This series of lectures is not just a cultural The spread of knowledge, it is even a collision of thinking. The purpose of introducing this series of lectures by the Student Affairs Office is to help needy students improve their humanistic accomplishments, widen their thinking and enhance their thinking. Explore excellent culture and enhance the ideological taste, the college will continue to launch high-quality lectures to help students with the internalization of humanistic literacy to enhance the overall ability and ideological self-cultivation, enhance the personal charisma and self-confidence of college students.
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He Daxin: roaring a throat for China's hydropower
In a solidified and stable society, journalists are a special kind of profession. They can carry out cross-sectoral, trans-regional, inter-provincial, trans-national and inter-administrative levels to the white areas, restricted areas, dangerous areas, special zones, public hot spots, difficulties and blind spots that most people can not get into. Investigation, interview. They can come into contact with all kinds of benevolent civilians and can draw a closed-ended inside story from politicians' mouths. They can scrape out the secrets of wealth to be paid off from the brains of the business tycoons. From a criminally criminally convicted criminal Guessed in the eyes of that bit has not vanished conscience. In short, the reporter lived a career "tramp" career, immortals, tigers, dogs three images co-exist at the same time. Like the lone wolves in the desert steppe, they flew from one foraging point to another for food, chewing the blood, bones and crusts of the captured prey. For most people, life has only one attitude, but journalists can choose to adopt another attitude in this attitude, with their suspicious eyes, sharp observation, unique writing, dipped in blood, Dipped in tears, dipped in sweat, sketched out a major event naked carcass, sketched the strongest of the times a heavy pace. He Daxin, a Shenyang native of Liaoning Province, first served as a reporter at Xinhua News Agency's Liaoning Branch, later as vice president of Hebei Branch of Xinhua News Agency, and later as the president of Xinhua News Agency's Sichuan Branch. In this position, he worked for eight years. Encircling, point, song, sigh news events are many, what is most proud of what Daxin is a roar for China's hydropower a throat. Tian Bingxin: On October 18, 2002, Xinhua News Agency sent a speech to the world "Xiluodu over the Three Gorges Power Station, Xiangjiaba power station officially approved by the state, Southwest China will rise a hydropower plateau." Prior to this, Pubugou Hydropower Station has been approved to start the project and start preparation. Since then, a number of giant power stations such as Jinping, Wudongde and Baihetan have also formally started or started the demonstration. I have heard that you participated in the demonstration of this huge project with over 100 billion yuan investment from start to finish and conducted a serious interview in the face of very controversial conditions. We calmly analyzed and dared to speak out to the highest standards of the party and the country's state of affairs. Own opinion As a reporter, it is exciting, right? He Daxin: You have also been a reporter at Xinhua News Agency. I believe you and I will share the same feeling. All of us engage in news. In fact, there is only one of the greatest reporters in the world. Her name is history. She is too fair, too unkind, too calm, too long. Tian Bingxin: In fact, when a reporter not only reported the truth, but you also saw the truth behind the truth and made a prediction in advance, what is your participation in the so-called Chunjiang Plumbing Duck Prophet? Huge project demonstration and investigation process? He Daxin: I left Hebei on June 27, 1998 and went to Sichuan to perform my duties. A week ago, on June 19, when people had not yet arrived in Sichuan, they took the position of acting president of Sichuan Branch and their deputy chief editor of Sichuan Branch when they were in Beijing. Soon he was comrade Jin Xiaoming, vice president of Henan Branch Participated in the editorial by the agency editor in chief of the South Beach, led by Comrade Ertan completion of the first unit of the unit reported key deployment of power generation. Shortly after arriving in Sichuan, I was there to celebrate and witness the majesty of Ertan Power Station. Since then, in more than a year's time, he went to Ertan for four trips and wrote a long message of "Bravely Going Global" in late 1999 (Xinhua Daily Telegraph, December 23, 1999, "," Panzhihua Daily "are published in a prominent position in the headlines). Early 2000 Written internal reference draft "West to East should expand their horizons focus on coordinated support", published in the "dynamic domestic sample" on. In my opinion, Ertan Power Station uses the World Bank loan, the main project and the international bidding of major equipment. It adopts the internationally-accepted Fiddick terms and manages in accordance with the international normative project management mode and cultivates a group of professionals who understand technology, good management, markets and pioneering Consciousness of complex talents, accumulated in the market economy under the conditions of construction and management of giant hydropower project experience, Ertan construction is extremely successful, for the construction of giant power station in China a good start. However, as Ertan six units are connected to one another in succession, public opinion and some experts are also beginning to pay attention to the phenomenon of abandoning water and causing losses caused by the sale of electricity in Ertan. Tian Bingxin: In recent years, with the great strides in China's economy and society, due to the differences in natural conditions, resources and history, China's development is uneven and the gap between north and south is great. In such a gap, the release of any red tape is like a small sailing boat in the middle of anger. Some see the head and some see the tail. Around these gaps, many Chinese economists have emerged Some say good, others say bad; some say right, others say no. Especially in Beijing, the capital of China, there are also a group of scholars gathered in this capital. They live in the capital just a short way from Tiananmen Square to give top-notch comments. They also have more chances to speak to high-level officials. In a certain period of time and under certain circumstances, Very large. He Daxin: This is the case, on the Ertan Hydropower Station, controversial. Beijing has a well-known scholar. After a period of research, he published an article titled "The Three Major Development Projects in Western China on April 15, 2000, at the 27th issue of the" China's National Conditions Analysis and Research Report "provided to the top decision-making body of the Central Government. Principle - Ertan Hydropower Project Serious Losses Research Report "(then published). The article fairly evaluated the construction and management of Ertan hydropower station, objectively demonstrated and analyzed its loss phenomenon and reasons, and also put forward some very insightful suggestions. Unfortunately, the article concludes: Ertan current situation is entirely due to human factors, is a typical failure of the policy, the failure of the program and the failure of the system. The article suggests: "In handling the issue of Ertan, the Central Government must have authority, speak to count, and regulation and control measures. Ertan is the largest project invested by the World Bank in China and the efficiency of Ertan Project is directly related to Whether the debt repayment can be repaid on schedule or on an interest-rate basis directly involves China's international credit problems. To this end, the Central Government must take decisive and resolute measures. In the event of non-compliance, not only should the State Power Company and local leaders be held accountable, And should be deducted from the corresponding financial transfer payments in Sichuan and Chongqing, Sichuan and Chongqing will no longer invest in new projects. Tian Bingxin: The scholar's speech has played a role? He Daxin: still have a role. China's officialdom has always had unspoken rules at work. The scholar's definition of the above recommendation is one thing, but the consequences are quite different. Although under the premise of "if", the concept of "no longer investing in new projects in both places in Sichuan and Chongqing" has played a marvelous role. At the very least, it has affected the work of the relevant state ministries and commissions on the implementation of water conservancy projects in Sichuan and Chongqing, Decision making of the abundant large hydropower project in Sichuan Province. Sure enough, after the above statements were made, more than a year's time, the relevant state departments failed to approve any of several major hydropower projects that Sichuan Province has already reported. "More hydropower in Sichuan." For a time, at some levels in Chinese society there was a saying that now looks like a joke, then quite marketable. Sichuan Province is in a hurry, some state departments and some leaders in Sichuan Province are anxious. In May 2000, Zou Guangyan, deputy governor of capital construction in Sichuan Province, sent me to his office, vociferously refuting this argument. Tian Bingxin: Do you agree with this refute? He Daxin: This one thing to talk about in late January 1999 one thing, I travel to Sichuan Province with the investigation and study of five cities in southern Sichuan. In a dinner in Yibin City, I just took the plate full of vegetables, has been sitting next to a table of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Xie Shijie greeted me to sit beside him, has been the governor to now Zhang Zhongwei sitting in the other One side. Soon afterwards, Xie Shijie said to me: Now there is a saying that in the near future in the southwestern region should not be easy on the big hydropower, I think, not on the big hydropower, one from the national layout, we should look from the perspective of the national energy allocation southwest Hydropower; second is to look at hydropower from a long-term point of view, can not focus on immediate benefits. Dah Sing, can you take the time out of their own fencing engage in a research. Governor Zhang Zhongwei also took the words, generally expressed the same meaning. I listened, a kind of feeling to eat beef jerky, more chewy taste, but also out of courtesy, promised to study the subject as soon as possible. Tian Bingxin: This is again the difference between Xinhua News Agency and local media. We can jump out of a province and a district and stand on a more open perspective to see the issue. He Daxin: Yes, Ertan Hydropower Station in the end losses and losses, Southwest especially in Sichuan can not easily re-large hydropower project can hold the word. I have done a careful sort of these. I have a copy of a letter that was written by the then head of the provincial party committee in July 2000 to the then Premier Zhu Rongji of the State Council. In the letter, he wrote: "... Recently, there was a lot of discussion between Ertan Hydropower Station and Ertan Hydropower Station on its production and capability. I think there should be an objective analysis. When such a large unit is put into operation, there is a digestion process (the same in the whole world) Coupled with the Chongqing draw, the original distribution of electricity to Chongqing is two-thirds, and now less than one-third of electricity .... Sichuan hydropower resources in the unified power market in order to balance the resources The rational allocation, .... " Tian Bingxin: Now popular one sentence: the details determine the success or failure. In fact, let me say that the overall situation determines the success or failure, a high degree of success or failure. Details are the things the performer takes notice of, the big picture, and the height of what policy makers are paying attention to. What is your point of view to sort out? He Daxin: first out of Sichuan to speak Mandarin. Up till now, it has been actively advocated that the Sichuan Dashujang hydropower project is mostly the Sichuan people or the leader who is working in Sichuan. Will the voice from this platform be "Sichuan dialect"? As a Xinhua News Agency reporter who shoulders the solemn function of the party Central Committee and the important functions of the State News Agency, he is working in Sichuan Province. He and the experts who work in Beijing and specialize in macroeconomics can even argue with the decision-making chiefs at the highest level. Have to speak for the place, to the country to project, fight for suspicion of interest? I myself must go out of this misunderstanding. Before I put into a detailed interview, I gradually cleared out four points: First, hydropower in Sichuan is not hydropower in Sichuan. It is hydropower in China. Like hydropower in Heilongjiang, coal in Shanxi and natural gas in Xinjiang, it must not be surnamed Black , Jin, new, and are surnamed "country." Important resources must be considered from the perspective of comprehensive national configuration; second, the key areas for electricity use in China are in the east, while the resources are mainly concentrated in the west and the western regions should consider the overall development layout; thirdly, China is a large water resources country and now the generating capacity of five Four out of four thermal power, the structure is very unreasonable. As the first choice of giant power station with an installed capacity of more than 3 million kilowatts in China, its losses are characterized by its own system and rules and its laws and regulations on hydropower generation. Should be objective analysis. My heart is selfless world wide, established a national point of view, we can do that out of Sichuan to speak Mandarin. I think. Second, face the scholar objectively. To put it bluntly, is it possible to refute the scholar's point of view. In the meantime, I had never known myself as a scholar, nor did I offend others; secondly, I had not been superficial enough to roar a celebrity, but at that time I had the idea that the scholar was a famous economist, But also occupy an important position in the macroeconomic theory is indeed a high theory, a great contribution to the country, I learned less. However, for some time, the scholar said that China's hydropower, the textile industry in China, and the losses caused by official corruption to the national economy, are quite scrupulous. I think, as an expert in macroeconomics, if the middleman and the microeconomy are equally proficient and can always say good words, then he is not an expert but an immortal. More importantly, using objective laws and facts to refute Mr. Hu's viewpoint is absolutely not in the face of this scholarly individual, but entirely from the national interest. This is the highest interest, a journalist and a scholar of the relationship, in comparison, insignificant. The scholar holds a "cautious" attitude towards Sheung Shui Power. The starting point is that the country is protected from losses. My attitude towards "China Power" is "positive." The starting point is that China needs electricity and needs to adjust its power pattern. It is also for the sake of protecting the country from losses. The "prudent" and "positive" starting points are good, but as the official language, the appearance is beautiful, and the philosophical thinking and objective effects are quite different. Tian Bingxin: during that time the mood is more complicated? He Daxin: In one sentence, you can suffocate people without saying anything. Tian Bingxin: For this survey, how many times have you gone to Ertan? He Daxin: before and after five or six times. But I went to Ertan for the fifth time, but for the first time I came to Ertan with the question "Is there more hydropower in Sichuan?" If you do not understand Ertan, you will not be able to answer this question. Ertan is located 30 kilometers upstream of the confluence of the Yalong River and the entire Shajiang River in the mountain west of Panzhihua. Since more than two years ago, I have come to Ertan four times, the first high dam in Asia, the six hydroelectric generating units with installed capacities of 550,000 kilowatts respectively, the central command system for power stations, the high voltage transmission system, Reservoir areas and flood gates and other natural conditions and Ertan company's management has been familiar with, no longer see and ask, I sink, calm down, closely linked to this purpose, interviewed when Ertan hydropower development limited liability Liu Junfeng, general manager of the company. Liu mainly introduced to me the position of Ertan in the national hydropower and the role it plays in sending electricity from west to east. He interviewed Sun Zhongbi, the former vice chairman of Ertan Development Co., Ltd. and Liu Junfeng's predecessor. Sun introduced in detail the construction loans and taxation situation of Ertan, with particular emphasis on the causes of Ertan losses. He interviewed several senior engineers from Chengdu Exploration and Design Institute of State Power Company, who introduced the functional features of Ertan Hydropower Station As well as the other important hydropower projects in Sichuan. Later, he went to Panzhihua where he interviewed Qin Wanxiang, party secretary of the party. Qin Shuji introduced me to the positive effect of Ertan Hydropower Station's construction and power generation on Panzhihua's economic development and environmental protection. Tian Bingxin: This is the advantage of Xinhua News Agency research, fast, accurate, no scholar pretense, there is no bureaucratic layers of petition, reporting, can be said to reflect China's most convenient "Ho Chi Minh trail." How long have you interviewed in Ertan? He Daxin: four days. Four interviewed all day, I was like a hard cup of liquor, my head a little swollen, something more good, go back to Chengdu and then screening it. After returning to Chengdu, I interviewed Zou Guangyan, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, Li Yaping, Deputy Director of Provincial Development and Planning Commission, and Shi Wanjian, General Manager of Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd. They introduced me rationally to the layout and development of hydropower in Sichuan province. As well as the relationship between power generation and power grid construction. Vice Governor Zou Guangyan is a Shandong Han, full of Shandong, he is very familiar with the macro situation, a large set of land to tell me the great potential of Sichuan Electric Power and the role of national economic development; northeast fellow Shiwanjian is a power pass, he has Article reasonably put forward how to deal with the development of several Southwest hydropower relations. Breaking up, not only instructed the company propaganda department Jiang Yu gave me a lot of relevant information, also recommended to me a few famous ministries and commissions in the country's power company and several well-known power experts. Strike while it is hot. I flew non-stop to the capital, according to Shi Wanjian general manager of the recommendation interviewed several national ministries and power companies, experts. After that, I came to the Ministry of Water Resources to find the current Deputy Minister of Water Resources. Previously, he served as deputy governor of Sichuan province is right book. When he was working in Sichuan, he had to go to Tibet to visit the areas of aid to Tibet and work out together in the suburbs for his fitness.
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