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International exhibitions:
International exhibitions: an exhibition of watercolors in Fabriano Italy (2016, 2017, 2018) (exhibition, catalog, diploma) Exhibition of watercolors in Karachi Pakistan (2016) I Watercolor Festival in Ukraine Kyiv (Interwatercolor Fest, 2016) ( exhibition, catalog, diploma) Plein air. I Budapest, international exhibition Budapest International exhibition of watercolor Mail Art Exhibition (exhibition, catalog, diploma ) 2018, ( I Art friendship World 2019) 1st International Watercolors Festival Prague (The work was included in the top 100 best watercolors of the world) 2018(exhibition, catalog, diploma) V International Biennial Watercolors Belgrade (Serbia) 2018 ( "First Gallery of watercolors") (exhibition,catalog) Odessa, (November 2018 Plein air)- II International Biennale "Sea of Watercolors" (exhibition and catalog,diploma ) Participant of two International plein airs in Zaporizhzhya (2011, 2012, exhibition and catalog, diploma) and Watercolor Festival InArteFabriano 2016, 2017, 2018
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