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Alfred Freddy Krupa
Alfred Freddy Krupa (1971) graduated in 1995 at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb (est. 1907 as the Royal College for Arts and Crafts). Krupa also studied Art History (non-degree research) at the University of Zagreb (1997,1998) and in 1998/99 as the postgraduate research student at the Tokyo Gakugei University(東京学芸大学). Since the year 1990 Krupa's work has been exhibited and presented on 6 continents around 90 times.His works have been awarded on many occasions in a number of countries (Belgium, USA, Albania, Croatia, Pakistan, Rwanda etc.) including two times in China for his modern ink paintings (Anshan 2013, Shanghai 2018). Various different artworks of Krupa can be found in a number of important museums/collections like Museo Internazionale dell’Acquarello/International Watercolor Museum, Fabriano - Italy, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)/Franklin Furnace (FF) Artists Book Collection, New York - United States, Pratt Institute/Franklin Furnace Teaching Collection, New York - United States, TATE Britain Library Special Collection, London - United Kingdom, AAL Collection Sans Limite, Santiago - Chile, Museum of Contemporary Art-Collection RARA, Zagreb, Croatia and others. Alfred Krupa is the first living Croatian artist included on the Ranker’s list of famous painters (Reference, Listopedia/Lists of Facts). Berlin/London based ArtFacts.net (the worlds largest online archive of exhibitions) included Alfred Freddy Krupa (as only non-Asian) in the TOP 10 Modern Ink painters, based on his exhibition history.
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Solo exhibitions / Prizes
Solo exhibitions 2018 Colors of the Wind (Boje vjetra) / Gallery Kraluš - Zelina, Croatia 2017 Alfred Freddy Krupa / Gallery of Masterpieces - Zagreb, Croatia 2017 Alfred Freddy Krupa: Modern ink painting and its application in contemporary fashion design / Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia 2016 7th Croatian Watercolor Triennale / Vjekoslav Karas Gallery, Art Gallery of Slavonski Brod - Karlovac, Slavonski Brod, Croatia 2016 European modern ink painting / Dag Hammarskjöld University College of International Relations and Diplomacy - Zagreb, Croatia 2016 European modern ink painting / Preporod Gallery - Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015 “Culture and Landscape of Eastern Caucasus“-virtual one man exhibition / Portal Zagrebački likovni umjetnici/Zagreb Fine Artists - Zagreb, Croatia 2012 20 godina javnog predstavljanja / ZILIK Gallery - Karlovac, Croatia 2011 Izložba slika Krajolici (Exhibition of the landscapes) / Libraries of the City of Zagreb - Dugave Library Exhibition Space - Zagreb, Croatia 2008 ALFRED (FREDDY) KRUPA : izložba crteža i slika (exhibition of drawings and paintings) / Vjekoslav Karas Gallery - Karlovac, Croatia 2008 Alfred Freddy Krupa / Gallery Ciraki - Požega, Croatia 2008 Alfred Freddy Krupa / Galerija Citroen - Zagreb, Croatia 2004 One man show of Alfred Freddy Krupa / SŠDR Gallery Space - Duga Resa, Croatia 2003 Samostalna izložba Alfred Krupa (Freddy) - One man show Alfred Krupa (Freddy) / Youth Library Gallery Space - Karlovac, Croatia 1998 Alfred Freddy Krupa Paintings & Drawings / Home of the Armed Forces of the Croatian Army „Zrinski“ - Karlovac, Croatia 1998 One man show of Alfred Freddy Krupa / The Gallery Zrinski of the Croatian Army - Karlovac, Croatia 1997 Drawings and Watercolors / Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia 1996 Alfred Freddy Krupa Paintings & Drawings / Gallery Šalom/Croatian-Israeli Society - Zagreb, Croatia 1995 Portrait and Nude 1992-1995 / Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia 1994 Drawings of Alfred F. Krupa / Gallery of the Ozalj Castle (Regional Museum) - Ozalj, Croatia 1992 One man show of Alfred Freddy Krupa / Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia 1990 Alfred Freddy Krupa Drawings / Gradska straža - Karlovac, Croatia Group exhibitions 2019 PRIMER FESTIVAL IWS COSTA RICA ACUARELA TROPICAL / Centro Cultural e Historico Jose Figueres Ferrer - San Ramon, Costa Rica 2018 „Izložba vinorela povodom 50. Izložbe vina kontinentalne Hrvatske" / Museum St. Ivan Zelina - Zelina, Croatia 2018 ”Kroz sliku i riječ” - "Through the image and the word" / Galerija Sunce – URIHO - Zagreb, Croatia 2018 Budapest International Mail Art Exhibition / Stephanie Palace Exhibition Hall - Budapest, Hungary 2018 38. saziv akvarelističke kolonije "Sava" (38th Watercolor painters colony Sava) / City Gallery Slavonski Brod - Slavonski Brod, Croatia 2018 Gojanović - Krupa - Martinović / Europe House Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia 2018 Erotic Art London / Copeland Park - London, United Kingdom 2018 Dirty Show / Russell Industrial Center - Detroit, United States 2018 “Spring International Watercolor Festival 2018”, second edition / FAB Gallery (at the Academy of the Fine Arts ) - Tirana, Albania 2018 “Spring International Watercolor Festival 2018”, second edition & second exhibition / Gallery of Saranda city - Saranda, Albania 2018 High Mountains Flowing Water / Oregon Society of Artists - Portland, United States 2018 Tropical Watercolor / Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano San Pedro y Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamerican - San Jose, Costa Rica 2018 Razstava Hrvaskega drustva likovnih umetnikov Zagreb Mitska dimenzija mesta in urbane legende / Mala galerija EF - Ljubljana, Slovenia 2018 Iws Pakistan 2Nd International Watecolor Biennale / Mehran University Gallery - Jamshoro, Pakistan 2018 Nove perspektive 2018 / New Perspectives 2018 / Europe House Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia 2018 “ACUARELA TROPICAL-extension” / Centro Cultural de la Sabana - San Jose, Costa Rica 2017 Zagrebački ljetni likovni salon 2017. - Zagreb Summer Art Salon 2017 / Gallery Vladimir Filakovac - Zagreb, Croatia 2017 3rd Petrinja Graphic Salon / Gallery »Krsto Hegedušić« - Petrinja, Croatia 2017 Mitska dimenzija grada i urbane legende / Vladimir Filakovac Gallery - Zagreb, Croatia 2017 Vizualne komunikacije i kulturni marketing 2017 - Visual Communication and Cultural Marketing 2017 / Gallery SOL - Zagreb, Croatia 2017 Sesvetski likovni umjetnici i gosti (Sesvete fine artists and guests / Prigorje Regional Museum - Sesvete, Croatia 2017 Feria Internacional de Arte de Medellin / Centro de Convenciones Plaza Mayor de Medellín - Medellin, Colombia 2016 Interkulturalna ART-promocija ZADAR-2016 / National Museum of Zadar - Zadar, Croatia 2016 Galerija remek djela u Centru Cvjetni: Od Bukovca do Dolića / Centar Cvjetni - Zagreb, Croatia 2016 „Creators deserve to be seen“ / Times Square - New York, United States 2016 ”Masters of Watercolor-Elite 2015/2016, / Palace of Congresses - Tirana, Albania 2016 Proljetni salon HDLU Zagreb (The Spring Salon of the Croatian Association of Artists-Zagreb) / Galerija Sunce - Zagreb, Croatia 2016 1st International Watercolor Biennale "Pearls of Peace" / AR Nagory Art Gallery - Jamshoro, Pakistan 2016 1st International Watercolor Festival / Ubeda Old Town Gallery - Ubeda, Spain 2016 International Watercolor exhibition / Artscene Gallery - Karachi, Pakistan 2016 “Freedom of Self Expression” - Budapest International Aquarell Festival / Stephanie Palace Exhibition Hall - Budapest, Hungary 2016 Contemporary International Watercolor / International Art Studio - Valjevo, Serbia 2016 4th International Watercolor Biennal / A Gallery - Belgrade, Serbia 2016 1st Watercolor Spring Festival-”Taste of Albania” / National History Museum - Tirana, Albania 2016 Une sélection d’œuvres abstraites et figuratives (By Francis Parent) / Espace D’Art Contemporain La Vache Noire, Arcueil - Paris, France 2015 „čarolija.stvaranje-magic.creation“ / t.39:gallery - Zagreb, Croatia 2015 Exposure-2015, Sky Collection of Photography / Louvre Museum - Paris, France 2015 „Cest is d'best“- International Street Festival / Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia 2014 Exhibition of selected artwork from the Collection of 110th Brigade of Croatian Army / City Museum of Karlovac - Karlovac, Croatia 2014 With One Stroke / Orange Regional Gallery (ORG) - Orange, NSW, Australia 2013 „Show You Hope“ – Balkan Selection, Global Mobile Exhibition (80 Vragen) / Inkijkmuseum - Eindhoven, Netherlands 2012 Izložba radova karlovaćkih akademskih slikara (Exhibition of the works of the Karlovac academic painters) / Likovni salon (Art Salon) Ljudevit Šestić - Karlovac, Croatia 2008 Krupa & Krupa / LIKUM - Gallery Ulrich - Zagreb, Croatia 2008 1. Petrinjski salon grafike (1st Petrinja Graphic Salon) / Gallery »Krsto Hegedušić« - Petrinja, Croatia 2008 Recentna izložba članova HDLU-a (Recent Exhibition of Members of CAA’s) / Dom hrvatskih likovnih umjetnika/Croatian Association of Artists - Zagreb, Croatia 2008 More, ljudi, obala 2008 (The sea, the people, the coast) / City Museum Šibenik - Šibenik, Croatia 2007 4th Drava Art Annale / Gallery Koprivnica - Koprivnica, Croatia 2004 3rd Croatian Watercolor Triennale / Vjekoslav Karas Gallery, Zvonimir Gallery, Art Gallery of Slavonski Brod - Karlovac, Zagreb, Slavonski Brod, Croatia 2002 Maestral Art Colony Exhibition / Gallery Space - Split, Croatia 2001 Kunstvolle Kraft - neuer Anfang / Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse München - Munich, Germany 2000 „Generacija 90.-tih“ („Generation of 90’s“) / Vjekoslav Karas Gallery - Karlovac, Croatia 2000 An vier Flüssen / Stadtsparkasse Munich - Munich, Germany 1998 1. Hrvatski triennale akvarela 1998 / 1st Croatian Watercolor Triennalee / Vjekoslav Karas Gallery - Karlovac, Zagreb, Slavonski Brod, Croatia 1997 1st Croatian Watercolor Festival - FAH / Gallery Space / Muzejski prostor - Split, Croatia 1997 1. Karlovački likovni tabor (1st Karlovac Art Camp) / Home of the Armed Forces of the Croatian Army „Zrinski“ - Karlovac, Croatia 1997 5th World Triennal of Small Ceramics Zagreb (Painter-Silver Donator) / Dom hrvatskih likovnih umjetnika/Croatian Association of Artists - Zagreb, Croatia 1996 Pisanica s razlogom : iz kolekcije Mirka Azinovića / City of Krapina Gallery - Krapina, Croatia 1995 Croatian Painters / Parktheater Bensheim - Bensheim, Germany 1994 Pisanica s razlogom / Klovićevi dvori Gallery - Zagreb, Croatia 1993 Alfred F. Krupa & Krešimir Borković / Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia 1992 Ratni ZILIK 1992. /Wartime Winter Art Colony 1992 / ZILIK Gallery - Karlovac, Croatia Prizes 2019 TheArtList's Artist of the Month Contest (March)- 3rd place winner- Dallas, Texas, United States 2018 The Royal and Merciful Society of Bearers of Medals and Awards of Belgium (Koninklijke en Menslievende Vereniging van Dragers van Eretekens en Medailles van Belgie) - Knight of the Order of the Belgian Cross (RBK)- Heule, Belgium 2018 2nd International Watercolor Biennale "Pearls of Peace"- Honorable Award- Jamshoro, Pakistan 2018 Inkston's 1st Dog Year Painting Competition- 1st Prize- Shanghai, China 2017 International Watercolor Society (IWS)- Master Watercolor Painter- Hong Kong, China 2017 ART Professionals Worldwide | NOENGA®- 1st Prize 2x (the best Watercolor and the best ink)- United States 2017 Croatian Association of Artists Zagreb- The Annual Award of the Croatian Association of Artists Zagreb for 2016- Zagreb, Croatia 2016 US President Barack Obama- Lifetime Achievement Award- Washington, United States 2016 1st International Watercolor Biennale- Honorable Mention Award- Budapest, Hungary 2016 International Watercolor Festival- Top 20 Watercolor Painters- Tirana, Albania 2016 Carlos Albizu University, Miami Campus- Honorary cooperate professor of fine arts- Miami, United States 2016 Instituto dos Docentes do Magistério Militar do Mato Grosso do Sul- Medal Marshal Trompowsky- Campo Grande, Brazil 2015 Artavita Online Art Contest- Certificate of Excellence - Top 100 Artists (of 485 participants)- Santa Barbara, California, United States 2013 International Chinese Calligraphy Art and Ink Painting Society (ICCPS)- Councillor Special Prize- Anshan, China 2013 HM Jean Baptiste King Kigeli V of Rwanda- H.E. Baron de Krupa & Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Crown of Rwanda- Washington, United States 2002 Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce- Fellow- London, United Kingdom 1998 Government of Japan- Government of Japan Scholarship - Monbusho- Tokyo, Japan 1998 City of Karlovac- Grant for extraordinary achievement- Karlovac, Croatia 1992 City of Karlovac- Talented student scholarship- Karlovac, Croatia Publications 2019 MutualArt-London- Alfred Freddy Krupa 2019 ArtFacts-Berlin- TOP 10 Modern Ink Painters 2019 Alyssa Perrott- A Day With Alfred Freddy Krupa 2019 Gabriel Alfred Krupa- The golden ratio/golden spiral in works of Alfred Freddy Krupa 2019 Croatia Week- First living Croatian artist included on Ranker’s list of famous painters 2019 Lu Shouhui (China)- 阿尔弗雷德•克鲁帕作品欣赏 / Appreciation of Alfred Krupa 2019 每日看艺术 - See art daily- 阿尔弗雷德•克鲁帕作品欣赏 / Appreciation of Alfred Krupa 2018 Josip Grdina- An interview with Alfred Freddy Krupa (in Croatian) 2018 Prabook- Quotes from others about the person 2018 Večernji list (The Evening Newspaper)- Famous watercolor painters at the Zelina vinorels 2018 Hrvatsko slovo (Ante Vranković)- Galerija Kraluš, POU Sv. Ivan Zelina, 15. 2. – 15. 3. 2018. Mistika voda u slikarstvu Alfreda F. Krupe 2018 Goodreads- Author: Alfred Freddy Krupa 2018 Invaluable - Alfred Krupa 2018 Culturenet (The Ministery of Culture of the Republic of Croatia)- Alfred Freddy Krupa: Colours of the wind 2018 Alfred Freddy Krupa- Texts (1994-2017) 2018 Tuen Tony Kwok- 藝苑掇英 Alfred Krupa 阿爾弗雷德·克魯帕 (1971) New Ink Art Neo-Surrealism Croatian 2018 Đorđe Krajišnik- Predodređen za slikanje akvarela - Predestined to paint in watercolor 2018 Ante Vranković- Mysticism of water in painting of Alfred F. Krupa - Mistika voda u slikarstvu Alfreda F. Krupe 2018 Krešimira Gojanović- Intervju sa umjetnikom: akademski slikar Alfred Freddy Krupa 2018 Miroslav Pelikan- Razgovor u povodu – akademski slikar Alfred Krupa 2018 Ranker Reference Team- List of Famous Painters-Who are the top painters in the world? 2018 Đorđe Krajišnik- Objavljena knjiga ‘Tekstovi‘ Alfreda F. Krupe 2018 Danko Merin- Boje vjetra u slikama Alfreda Freddyja Krupe (The colors of wind in paintings of Alfred Freddy Krupa) 2018 Ranker Reference Team- Famous Artists from Croatia 2018 Petar Kolovrat, Karolina Bartulović- Alfred Freddy Krupa - Jutro na Kupi (Morning at the Kupa River) 2018 P BS- Kunst-Schilder: LIST OF ALL PAINTERS 2018 University of Oxford (Bodleian Library-Sackler Library)- Texts (1994-2017) / Alfred Freddy Krupa; translation by Ivančica Benić 2017 AAL Prensa- Alfred Krupa / Alfred Freddy Krupa 2017 ICCPS North America Branch- ICCPS North America Branch - Work Zoom: Alfred Freddy Krupa 2017 Alfred Freddy Krupa- The Theory Of Strings/Theory Of Everything In The Modern (Ink) Painting Practice? 2017 Francesco Scagliola- REDUCING TO DEEPENING/REDUCIR HASTA PROFUNDIZAR 2017 Dinko Neskusil- "He switched the painting knowledge into the photo" 2017 Redaktionelle Wahl- Ausstellung von "mysteriösen Zagreb" und urbanen Legenden in Dubrava Fotogalerie 2017 documenta Kassel- documenta archiv: Alfred Freddy Krupa 2017 Passion for Art (ZzzClan) Arts, Entertainment, Fashion & Social News- Alfred Freddy Krupa (Kruppa) 2017 Stjepan Šešelj- S Neretve i Save, ogledi i zapisi o likovnosti (From Neretva and Sava, articles and notes about fine art) 2017 Lucija Biondić- Hrvatski dizajner kojeg voli svijet 2017 Galerija umjetnina Grada Slavonskog Broda-Art Gallery of the City of Slavonski Brod- http://www.gugsb.hr/2017/06/27/otvorenje-izlozbe-akvarelisticke-kolonije-sava-23-lipnja-2017/ 2017 Skandismjerka Magazine- The painter Alfred Krupa in the Skandismjerka, a popular Croatian enigmatic magazine (no.48, 2017) 2016 GLUO-The Gallery of Fine Arts, Osijek (Vedran Danko)- Akademija likovnih umjetnosti u Zagrebu-Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb 2016 Culturenet (The Ministery of Culture of the Republic of Croatia)- 1st Spring Salon of the Croatian Association of Artists-Zagreb 2016 Jürgen Weichardt- Contemporary Art at the 32.Festival Sarajevo „Winter“ 2016-Zeitgenössische Kunst auf dem 32.Festival Sarajevo „Winter“ 2016 Choses a Savoir ART- Artiste à découvrir: Alfred Krupa 2016 Iva Korbler at nacional.hr- Dinamični i vitalni život Trijenala akvarela/Dynamic and vital life of the Watercolor Triennale 2016 Marquis Whos Who Editorial- Who's Who in American Art 2016 - 36th Edition - Krupa Alfred Freddy 2016 Adore Noir (Mono Chroma) Magazine- Featured photography - Alfred Freddy Krupa 2015 Marinko Leš (Kazalište Magazine for the drama arts 61/62, pg. 129)- Poetika Dramskog studija Gradskog kazališta Zorin dom u Karlovcu (1990./1991. √ 2000./2001.) 2015 Revolutionart Magazine - Revolutionart LIFE 2015 IMDb- Alfred Freddy Krupa STARmeter 2015 SeeMe- The Sky Collection 2015 Institut für Moderne Kunst Nürnberg [Red.]- Drucksachendossier : Alfred Freddy Krupa 2015 Synapse - Australia- Collaboration between art and science 2015 Marin Bakić- SpiKA: Alfred Freddy Krupa o svom djedu, umjetničkom radu, porijeklu, viteškim redovima i kako je postao poglavica 2015 Sonja Švec Španjol- Monografija/Monograph Alfred Freddy Krupa 2014 Željko Mavretić- Zbirka Mavretić : karlovačko slikarstvo 20. stoljeća : crteži i grafike : izbor / Collection Mavretić: 20th century painting of Karlovac: drawings and prints: selection 2014 Culturenet (The Ministery of Culture of the Republic of Croatia)- Exhibition and promotion of the monograph "Alfred Freddy Krupa" 2014 Zvonimir Gerber, Višnja Lasić, Alfred Freddy Krupa- Alfred Freddy Krupa 2014 Revolutionart Magazine - Revolutionart 47 - HONOR & GLORY 2014 KAfotka- Alfred Freddy Krupa I KAfotka 2013 Capitol Festival- The selection of authors' names presented for 20 years through continuous operation Capitol Festival - the first auction house in Croatia 2013 Culturenet (The Ministery of Culture of the Republic of Croatia)- Alfred Freddy Krupa awarded in China 2013 Alfred Freddy Krupa- Sumi-e from the Perspective of a Traditional Academically-trained European Artist 2013 Dr. Andreas Beyer, Dr. Bénédicte Savoy, Dr. Wolf Tegethoff (Hrsg.)- Alfred Freddy Krupa 2013 Božica Rataić- Rad Alfreda Krupe u stalnom fundusu naše najviše akademske institucije-The work of Alfred Krupa is in the permanent collection of our highest academic institution 2012 Culturenet (The Ministery of Culture of the Republic of Croatia)- Exhibition of Alfred Freddy Krupa in Karlovac 2012 Stanko Špoljarić- Izložba Alfreda Freddya Krupe u Karlovcu 2012 Spomenka Podboj (Glas narodne diplomacije 4/II, 2012)- Djelovanje Hrvatsko-izraelskog društva – PRIJATELJSTVO BEZ GRANICA 2008 Boris Vrga, Zvonimir Martinović- "Veliki pokupski grafičari : iz zbirke Dr. Borisa Vrge"/"Great graphic artists from the Kupa river region: from the collection of Dr. Boris Vrga" 2008 The group of authors- Karlovački leksikon (The Lexicon of Karlovac) 2008 Mladen Muić- LIKOVNI PARADOKSI MOTIVIRANI NEUMITNIM PITANJEM TKO SMO I ŠTO SMO NA OVOM SVIJETU! - Art paradoxes motivated with inexorable questions who we are and what we are in this world! 2008 Lidija Ivančević Španiček - Akvareli i crteži Alfreda (Freddya) Krupe (Watercolors and drawings of Alfred Freddy Krupa) 2007 Badan Rynkowych Institute (Warsaw)- Opinie internautów o Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie, nagrodzonym projekcie budynku i wirtualnym Forum sztuki (Internet users' opinions about the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the awarded building project and the virtual Art Forum) 2002 Željko Mavretić- Karlovački razgovori 2002 The group of authors- Akademija likovnih umjetnosti u Zagrebu (1907.-1997.)) 2001 Gaby Hildenbrandt - Leute von Welt 1998 Društvo hrvatskih književnika, Istarski ogranak (Society of Croatian Writers, Branch of Istria)- Nova Istra, Izd. 1-2 1997 Tomislav Lalin et al.- Preface to the exhibition catalog "1st Croatian Watercolor Festival: FAH 97 " 1996 Danko Plevnik, Andreas Berlakovich- Trenuci života (Moments of Life) 1995 Almir Fakić- Ja i ti / I and You 1995 Darko Lisac (Karlovački tjednik, pg. 10)- Izložba Alfreda Krupe Portret i akt (One man show of Alfred Krupa "Portrait and Nude") 1995 Radio Television Karlovac (RTK)- Portrait & Nude (1992-1995) 1994 Željko Mavretić, Alfred Freddy Krupa- “You waved the stars to go“ 1994 Željko Mavretić- Lopti se vrti u glavi 1994 Tihana Kostadin- Nekoliko novih projekata (A few new projects) 1994 Alfred Freddy Krupa, Danko Fajt, Mladen Muić, Marija Furlić- A small recent collection of drawings = Mala recentna kolekcija crteža 1993 Tihana Kostadin (Karlovački tjednik, 20.05.1993.,pg.10)- Gaudeamus Gallery Duga Resa: Alfred Freddy Krupa" 1993 Karlovac Weekly (pg. 9)- Slikarska škola u Ozlja (The school of painting in Ozalj) 1992 Tihana Prister (Karlovački tjednik, 09.07.1992.. pg.7)- Alfred-Fredi Krupa exhibits (Izlaže Alfred-Fredi Krupa) 1992 Tihana Prister - Kist zamijenio puškom (He replaced the brush with the rifle) 1990 Mladen Muić- Večernji List (Evening Newspaper): Krupini crteži/Krupas drawings 1990 Mirjana Grbac-Pismetrović- Umjetnost kao terapija Permanent collections 2018 La Vache Noire Contemporary Art Collection - Paris, France 2018 Erotic Art London (Collection), United Kingdom 2017 Kabinet akvarela/Watercolor Cabinet (Galerija umjetnina Grada Slavonskog Broda - Art Gallery of the City of Slavonski Brod), Croatia 2016 documenta kassel library , Germany VizArt Watercolor Collection – Tirana, Albania Artoteka Bela Krajina, Črnomelj, Slovenia International Collection of Portraits-HM King Kigeli V, United States City Museum of Karlovac Collection of Drawings and Watercolors, Croatia New Sky Art Gallery, Myanmar (Burma) Museum of the Una-Sana Canton, Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina Stadtsparkasse/City Savings Bank , München, Germany Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia Collection of paintings and drawings of the Royal Lithuanian Union of Nobility, Vilnius, Lithuania Artoteka Bela Krajina, Črnomelj, Slovenia Museo Internazionale dell’Acquarello/International Watercolor Museum, Fabriano, Italy The Alfredo Guati Rojo National Watercolor Museum (Museo Nacional de Acuarela Alfredo Guati Rojo), Mexico City, Mexico Museum of Contemporary Art-Collection RARA, Zagreb, Croatia Modern Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts – Dept. of Prints and Drawings, Zagreb, Croatia Stadtverwaltung-City Council, München, Germany TATE Britain Library Special Collection, London, United Kingdom Inkijkmuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands Silesian Museum in Katowice, Poland Pratt Institute/Franklin Furnace Teaching Collection, New York, United States Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)/Franklin Furnace (FF) Artists Book Collection, New York, United States Orange Regional Art Gallery, Orange, NSW, Australia Arte Al Limite Permanent Collection of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile Residencies 2018 Zelinski vinoreli (Vinorels of Zelina) - Sv. Ivan Zelina, Croatia 2017 38th Watercolor Colony "Sava" (Akvarelistička kolonija "Sava") - Slavonski Brod, Croatia 2005 11. SLIKARSKA KOLONIJA AKVARELISTA (11th Watercolor painters colony) ˝SLAVINO PROLJEĆE˝ - OZALJ 2005. - Ozalj, Croatia 1998 Postgraduate research in Japanese painting - Tokyo Gakugei University - Tokyo, Japan 1997 9th Art Colony (Likovna kolonija) MAESTRAL - Split (Kaštel Lukšić), Croatia 1997 SULS '97 - Varaždin, Croatia 1994 21st ZILIK (Winter Art Colony) - Karlovac, Croatia 1993 Selce '93 (org. KLUB 90) - Selce, Croatia 1992 Ratni ZILIK 1992. / Wartime Winter Art Colony 1992 - Selce, Croatia 1992 Jastrebarsko '92 - Jastrebarsko, Croatia
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