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Belichenko & Boukhtiyarova
We are a family of artists. In 1993, met in an artistic college, fell in love and since then have not parted. We lived together, grew up together, and honed our artistic mastership together. During this time, our creative individualities intertwined in a bizarre way, just like our life. Most of the oil paintings we write together, as they say in four hands. For us, this way of creating paintings is the most organic. Each of us is a full co-author of these oil paintings. Starting from the idea to the last brush stroke. We use multi-layer painting technique. First one of us creates the first layer, the second of us creates the next layer, then everything repeats and so on until the oil painting is finished. We think of our creative process as a special spiritual practice in which two people participate, and each of them complements his partner? Such as Yin and Yang, Light and Darkness, the Feminine and Masculine beginnings. Of course, each of us has other personal projects too. We are currently live in France, Carcassonne. Our Paintings are in private Collection around the world. We have participated in solo and collective exhibitions many times. Our paintings were sold many times at Christie's auction.
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