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[Ge Jialin file]
[Ge Jialin file] A famous Chinese freelance photographer. Born in 1938, graduated from the Engineering University in 1961, engaged in technology photography, film photography, stunt photography, art photography and advertising photography for more than 50 years. He once worked in scientific research, scientific and technological information, and film studios. He used to be the director of the photography department of the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Poetry and Calligraphy. Photographic Society of America.lnc. Photographic member, Hong Kong "China Tourism" pictorial special photojournalist, freelance writer. It has been photographed in Tibet and Xinjiang in western China for three years. It has crossed the Ali no-man's land three times and arrived at the 6200-meter area of Everest and the Yangtze River and the source of the Yellow River seven times. Participated in mountaineering activities many times. In 1982, he participated in the rescue of Japanese mountaineer Matsuda Hiroshi and climbed the main peak of the Hengduan Mountains. His works are published in Hong Kong's "China Tourism" pictorial, "Hong Kong Photography Pictorial", Taiwan "Dadi" magazine, "Reader's Digest", and Japan's "4x4 Cross-country Magazine"... domestic and foreign publications have been published many times and for a long time. In 1986, he organized the "Five-Year-wide Photography Comprehensive Investigation Team of the Motherland". The motorcycle was circled around China for a week and was called the "Chinese Adventure Photographer" by the Japanese. In 1996, "China's Fifth Art Festival - Century Brilliance" served as the head of photography. In August 1998, the "The Song of Everest" photography computer production exhibition was held in Chengdu (there was no digital camera at the time), and the song "The Song of Everest" was published with the Umax1 scanner and the title of the book by Mr. Chen Fuli. Album. Later, he held a digital production exhibition of "Chinese Painting and Sichuan Famous Works" with Apple and EPSON. In 2004, he was selected as "China's Excellent Photographer" by the China Art Photography Association. The "Chinese Literature and Art Outstanding Achievement Award Organizing Committee" awarded the honorary title of "Chinese Literature and Art Lifelong Achievement Artist". In the same year, the Tibetan Humanities Photography Exhibition entitled "Face of Tibet" was held at the "East Asian Research Center" in Concord, USA. The New York Times published a column review article.
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