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Inheritance of the world's founder/executive director

Inherit the founder/executive director of the world, master of landscape architecture, senior engineer of landscape architecture, member of China Landscape Architecture Society. Chen Jiajing believes that inheriting landscape is not only to inherit and continue our landscape industry, but also to innovate and update the ideas and techniques of the landscape industry which is developing today. Inheritance of the world, this sentence not only interprets the heritage of landscape, but also shows our company's attitude in the landscape industry. The representative works include: Bailuwan Wetland Park in Jinjiang District of Chengdu, Ya'an Daxing Wetland Park, Central Park Landscape Design of Pengshan Industrial New Town, Road Greening Planning and Design of Sichuan-Shaanxi Avenue on G108 Line, Eco-cultural Tourism Landscape Planning of Shangbao Ancient Country in Hunan (where Dad went to shoot).

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