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Famous Chinese dance performers, director of the Department of Dance and Drama of the Central Academy of Drama, member of the Academic Committee of the Central Academy of Drama, and first-class national actors with special allowances from the State Government

Shen Peiyi, a member of the Performing Arts Committee of the Chinese Dancer Association, has served as a judge of the National Dance Competition and CCTV Dance Competition for many times. Shen Peiyi's dance art emphasizes that the body is driven by the spirit from the idea, and the figure is deep-seated, noble and rigid, and the artistic expression is natural without a guijiao. His self-compiled, self-directed and self-directed works, such as Li Pedestrian, Yi An Xin Ming, Dance Poetry Dream Flowers, focus on the care and reflection of women's life, reflecting the compassion and tender feelings of a female artist, fully demonstrating her deep artistic skills and outstanding artistic talent in dance performance. It is even more precious that she devoted herself to her academic career during the period when her artistic life became more and more brilliant. She devoted her accumulated experience of stage practice to the cause of Chinese dance drama education without reservation. She is the leader of the subject of Chinese dance drama education and an outstanding artist who integrates appearance, guidance, Teaching and writing.

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