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A very well-known Chinese Dance Artist, president of Central Academy of Drama Department of Ballet, member of Central Academy of Drama Department of Ballet, National first-class performer and has special allowance of the States Council.

She is a member of Chinese Dancers Association Committee on Performing Arts and has been the judge of many national dancing competition. Shen’s dancing art emphasizes the power of one’s mental abilities, which can therefore control one’s hands and feet. Generally speaking, her performance is natural and not artificial or fake. Works such as “The Falling Flowers in Dreams”, “Liren Xing” and “Yian Xinshi” are all directed and edited herself, which highlights the care and thinking for women, reflects the tender heart of a female artist and shows her excellent performing skills. One rare quality of her is that she began to be devoted into academy at her career pinnacle and dedicates herself to Chinese Ballet education. She is not only a leader of Chinese Ballet education discipline, but also an outstanding artist.

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