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Famous Chinese dance performance artist, director of the dance drama department of the Central Academy of Drama, member of the Academic Committee of the Central Academy of Drama, and national first-class actor enjoying special government subsidies

Shen Peiyi, a member of the Performing Arts Committee of the Chinese Dancers Association, has served as a judge of the National Dance Competition and the CCTV TV Dance Competition for many times. Shen Peiyi's dance art emphasizes that the body is driven by the spirit from the idea to the charm, and the character shaping is implicit, profound, noble and rigid; Artistic expression is completely natural without being seen in Cape Verde. His self compiled, self directed and self performed works Lirenxing, Yi Anxin, dance poem Falling Flowers in a Dream, etc., focus on the care and thinking of women's lives, reflect the compassion and warm feelings of a female artist, and fully demonstrate her profound artistic skills in dance performance and extraordinary artistic talent. It is even more difficult to appreciate her art life at the peak of its glory day by day. Instead, she devotes her years of stage practice experience to the Chinese dance drama education without reservation. She is the leader of the Chinese dance drama education discipline and an outstanding artist integrating presentation, guidance, teaching and literature.

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