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Member of China Photographers Association

Liu Jie, born on March 6, 1978. Tourism photographer, freelance writer, photographer of cultural scenery, leader of photography tourism project, national senior photographer, member of China Photographers Association, member of China Photography Works Association, member of China Folk Photographers Association, columnist of China National Geographic, photographer of "beautiful China", top tourist contract writer, gold medal author of Sohu tourism self media (2016 The winner of star map Award), the high-quality author of Tencent travel channel, the high-quality author of Yidian information travel channel, the traveller of tuniu, the inspiration writer of letu.com, the smart traveller of qunar.com, the columnist of many travel media, the signing photographer of gettylmages / CFP, the signing photographer of many professional websites such as panoramic vision, and the official photographer of Subaru China's bipolar crossing.

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