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A very well-known Chinese piano educator, professor, who has special government allowance of the State Council. Except from life-time professor at Shenzhen Art School, Distinguished professor at Sichuan Conservatory of Music, he is also a visiting professor at music colleges in Beijing, Shanghai and other places.

He is now counsellor at Chinese Musicians' Association, and honorary chairman of Shenzhen Piano Society. His most famous students including Li Yundi, Chen Sa, Zhang Haochen have won prizes in world-class competitions like International Chopin Piano Competition and Leeds International Pianoforte Competition and The Cliburn International Piano Competition, which is of great significance in Chinese piano education and playing history. Afterwards, his students such as Zuo Zhang, Xue Tingzhe, Pan Linzi, Gu Jingdan, Du Tianqi, Li Wenjuan, Xu Qi have great achievements in international piano competitions one after another. In total, there are 21 people winning 63 prizes in different kinds of international piano competitions and 23 of them have won the first place. Dan is awarded with prizes nationally because of his great achievements , such as Excellent Worker, “Quyongxi Outstanding Music Education Awards”presented by the Ministry of Education, one of “Outstanding Teachers” in Sichuan, Guangdong, and Shenzhen, and he also has gained Labor Medal, one of “The Civilized Citizens in Shenzhen”, and “Shenzhen’s 30 Outstanding Figures in Recent 30 Years”

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