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Famous Chinese piano educators, professors, recipients of special allowances from the Government of the State Council, lifelong professors of Shenzhen Art School, specially appointed professors of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, visiting professors of conservatories such as the Central Committee, Shanghai and China, members of the Chinese Musicians Association, former vice-chairman of Guangdong Conservatory Association and vice-chairman of Shenzhen Conservatory of Music

Now he is an advisor to the Chinese Piano Association and honorary president of Shenzhen Piano Association. His most famous students, Li Yundi, Chen Sa and Zhang Haochen, have won great prizes in Poland Chopin International Piano Competition, Leeds International Piano Competition, Clayton International Piano Competition and other world top competitions. They have historic significance in the history of Chinese piano education and performance. Later, another group of his students, Zuo Zhang, Xue Tingzhe, Pan Linzi, Gu Jingdan, Du Tianqi, Li Minqian, Xu Qi, and so on, have successively achieved good results in international competitions. A total of 21 people won 63 prizes in International Piano competitions, of which 23 won the first prize. However, Zhaoyi has won various awards from all over the country and provinces and municipalities for her outstanding achievements, such as the National Advanced Cultural Workers, the "District Yongxi Excellent Music Education Award" of the Ministry of Culture, the Provincial and Municipal Excellent Teachers Awards of Sichuan, Guangdong and Shenzhen, the May Day Labor Medal of Guangdong Province, the civilized citizens of Shenzhen and 30 outstanding figures of Shenzhen in the past 30 years.

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