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Honorary president of Sichuan Poetry Association consultant of Chinese Poetry Society professor of School of literature and journalism of Sichuan University

Professor of School of literature and journalism, Sichuan University, consultant of Chinese Poetry Association, consultant of Sichuan couplet Association, honorary president of Sichuan Poetry Association, winner of the sixth Lu Xun Literature Award. Born in Chengguan Town, Quxian County, Sichuan Province in May 1948, he is the author of "the history of Chinese quatrains", "concise history of Chinese poetry", "seven lectures on poetry appreciation", "ten talks on poetry creation", "Zhou Xiaotian's art record", "Xiao Tian's Poems" (6 volumes), "going into tea - Selected Poems of Zhou Xiaotian" and "selected works of Zhou Xiaotian", The chief editors are Tang poetry appreciation dictionary, Chuci appreciation Dictionary of the book of songs, Yuan Ming Qing poetry appreciation dictionary, classified poetry appreciation of past dynasties (12 volumes) and 100 classic Chinese Poetry Series (9 kinds). He has won the first prize in the first poetry award of poetry journal, the first prize in the fifth Chinese poetry award, and the 2015 outstanding contribution award of poetry in China.

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