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The eighth prize winner of Humanities and Social Sciences, consultant of China Guanzi Culture Promotion Association, associate professor of School of humanities, Southwest Jiaotong University

Li renfei, male, born in 1963, is the winner of the 8th humanities and Social Sciences Award. He graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University and is now an associate professor of Humanities College of Southwest Jiaotong University. He is also a distinguished researcher of Shandong Qi Culture Research Institute, a consultant of China Guanzi Culture Promotion Association, and a distinguished researcher of cultural soft power center of Peking University. He lectured two national level excellent courses, such as Guanzhong's management thought, Chinese traditional clothing culture, etc., and toured hundreds of Party and government organs, Party schools, universities and state-owned enterprises all year round to teach Guanzhong, the famous Prime Minister of the spring and Autumn period, Guanzhong's management thought, Guanzhong's economic thought, Jiang Ziya's great strategy, Yan Ying's leadership wisdom, etc Lectures and courses such as legalist thought, great clue of Chinese history, soft power, efficient communication, eloquence training, etc.

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