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Member of China Writers' Association, screenwriter and freelance writer

Wang Tian, female, born in Qu county, Sichuan Province after 70, graduated from the Chinese Department of Sichuan Normal University in 1998. In the same year, she joined the army. She used to be a professional literary writer in the literature and art creation room of Chengdu Military Region and the editor of Southwest Military Literature magazine. She retired in 2017. Now he is a screenwriter and freelance writer. He has published a number of short and medium-sized novels, essays, comments and reportages. He has also published a collection of short and medium-sized novels, such as the train passed the winter, graduation ceremony, March in fog, reportage collection, pierced by a grain of smoke, and a novel, tongpao. He has won the new literary and artistic works award of the whole army, the military short and medium Story Award, the Sichuan Provincial literature award, the new people's literature award, and the Shanghai Literature Award. He is a member of the Chinese writers' Association and a student of the 15th senior research class of Lu Xun College of literature.

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