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National first-level composer and second-level Professor

Lingor was granted the special expert allowance of the State Council, an outstanding expert of the State Ministry of Culture, a leader of Sichuan's academic and technological field, an expert with outstanding contributions from Sichuan Province, and a member of the Sichuan Expert Review Committee. He is currently the director of the Chinese Musicians Association, the deputy director of the Chinese Sound Association Education Committee, the director of the Chinese Dramatists Association, the director of the Chinese Opera Research Association, the chairman of the Sichuan Quyi Artists Association, the vice-chairman of the Sichuan Musicians Association, the vice-chairman of the Sichuan Dramatists Association and the chairman of the Chengdu Musicians Association. The main works include concert opera "E Jiamei", National Opera "The Wizard of Jiuzhai", opera "Suwu", opera "Dreamchaser", National Opera "Xue Tao", National Opera "Du Shiniang", symphonic poem "Liangshan Sound Painting", orchestral suite "Wind, Flowers, Snow Moon" and "Rural Sound and Country Feelings"; symphonic poem "Impression of Lu Liang" and "Impression of Fengdu", among others, which won international, international, and Fengdu impression. There are more than 100 awards for domestic music works.

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