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A pigeon, a female painter of the Yi nationality. Born in Liangshan, Sichuan, in 1948, she graduated from the national class of Sichuan Fine Art Institute in 1964 and was selected to work in the Sichuan branch of the Chinese Artists Association. The work has been awarded the first prize, the Bronze Award and the outstanding work award of the national art exhibition jointly awarded by the Chinese Artists Association of the Ministry of culture four times. The silver medal of the national art exhibition and the outstanding works award of the national minority painting exhibition. The Fifth International printmaking competition is Honours (with Xu Kuang) and China Lu Xun print award. Many works have been published at home and abroad, and more than 30 prints have been collected at home and abroad. It is now the director of the China American Association, the deputy director of the Chinese Art Association printmaking Committee, the national first class artist, the special subsidy expert of the State Council, the chairman of the Sichuan Association for the United States, the director of the Shenzhou printmaking Museum, and the vice president of the Chinese national Painting Academy.

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