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Professor of Composition Department, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, won the title of "Lifetime Achievement Music Artist" in the Golden Bell Award of Chinese Music, and was listed in more than ten "World Celebrity Lists", "International Cultural Honour Certificate" and "Scarmor Hollywood Award".

Born in a musical family, he joined the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1959 to cooperate with He Zhanhao in the Violin Concerto "Liang Zhu" Fei vocal music world. The "Red Violin Series" and the Violin Concerto "Wang Zhaojun" have become well-known Chinese violin music literature. Violinist Piyankovsky wrote, "I have heard many works of Chinese composers, but none of them can give me the feeling of brilliance like your music. People like you make history, and my heart is so close to the soul of your music." He also created Symphonic poems, chorus and chamber music. His first Oboe Concerto in China [Kuangma] was skillfully integrated with strong national charm and modern composing techniques. He is also an excellent prose writer, and has written "Black Romance" [Three Ears Listen to Music] [Butterfly in Butterfly]

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